Activists to Picket Obama in Moscow in Solidarity with U.S. Gays

Russian gay activist Nikolai Alexeyev announced that President Obama will face a protest when he arrives in Moscow on July 7 during a State visit:

Alexeyev "And they will be
using a variation on the Obama campaign slogan 'Yes We Can', Nikolai
Alekseev revealed in Geneva this morning. 'We want to
express our solidarity with US gay activists who are planning similar
protests in Washington DC, Chicago and other cities in the coming months,'
he said...In Russia, gay
activists are also campaigning for gay marriage, Mr. Alekseev pointed out. 'Last month, a
female couple was denied registration of their marriage by the Marriage
Office in Moscow
.  The couple are
planning to fly to Toronto in August to get married – and then campaign for
the recognition of their marriage when they are back in Russia. Before they fly
to Canada, the couple is expected to take part in the July 7 protest in
Moscow,' he said. Mr. Alekseev
admitted that the permission to stage a small protest rally outside the US
Embassy in Moscow was 'highly unlikely'.…'However, there
is a chance as the protest will be aimed more at the situation in the US,'
he said.  'And the presidential
media pack will be in town.' He said that the
application will be lodged with the Prefecture of the Central Administrative
Area of Moscow fifteen days before the planned event."


  1. ichabod says

    I find this incredibly moving.

    My thanks to you, Mr. Alexeyev, and to all who join you in protesting.

  2. Lar says

    I find this incredibly shallow.

    There was a gay rights demonstration in Moscow a few weeks ago in which dozens of peaceful activists were arrested, with police using violent tactics.

    And people decide to protest…Obama? Sure.

  3. MammaRice says

    @LAR: Are you suprised? I’ve been kinda disapponinted at “us” queens lately. We are starting and winning the fight for gay marriage and equality rights all over the US-specifically because of the new blood in the oval office..and we wanna protest Obama? shame on us. Equal rights takes time. Period. (take a look at black history if you want proof.)

  4. Warren says

    We are winning gay marriage and equality DESPITE new blood in the oval office. Equal rights take time, yes, but equal rights also takes leadership, which the president has be completely devoid of on this issue, even to the point of making fun of us, having a 90 second photo op in what was supposed to a 10 minute meeting, showing a tepid response in his official white house interview with brian williams, not moving an inch on ENDA, DODT, the Uniting Families Act, the hate crimes act. WHERE IS OUR FIERCE ADVOCATE???

    I know where: watching a Broadway show in NYC and chowing down burgers, that’s where.

  5. Donald says

    I for one–and for many people–am incredibly disillusioned by this president who promised equality and change.

    We get snickers (and not the good candy kind) and please-be-quiet.

    And I was so gullible to campaign for him and donate upwards of three figures of my money to him. What an idiot I am.

  6. paul c says

    “We are starting and winning the fight for gay marriage and equality rights all over the US-specifically because of the new blood in the oval office”

    Mammarice, you are so delusional that it’s embarrassing and uncomfortable to even read what you wrote.

    Perhaps the gays of Russia are hoping for reciprocity – that American gays will also protest for the Russians. That’s also embarrassingly delusional. Americans are as selfish as fuck, and gays take that to the Nth degree.

  7. Chitown Kev says

    Nikolai Alexesyev is a brave man. I’ve heard that he withstood hours of interrogation and constant anti-gay slurs when he was arrested at Europride. And he’s willing to go through that again.

    Gay life in Russia is no cocktail party for him, that’s for sure. And we should applaud him.

  8. Joel says

    don’t forget his joke at the correspondent’s dinner over iowa… thats the biggest recognition we’ve seen from Obama about the progress that has been made in recent months. the fact that russians even realize how little he has done and how much he has not lived up to his word or expectations is very telling about our current situation with this administration. i remain skeptical.

  9. Jeanne says

    I know I shouldn’t think so negatively, but I am really afraid that someday this brave amazing man will get shot, just like Markelov, just like Politkovskaya. I just pray it never comes to that.

    Kudos to him, standing up for people.

  10. says

    I think that their time would be better spent protesting against the dictator running their country instead of downing our President.

    Guess what folks, you need to get off your asses and go local in the fight for equal rights. Stop bitching about Obama and do your own shit. Get on the phone with YOUR reps and try to figure out a way to get things right. We did in Nevada and it worked. Get your local chamber of commerce to understand how much gay dollars mean in your community. Work on the office staff of a local pol. anything, just stop waiting for Obama to do everything for you RIGHT NOW!

    I really believe that he knows the country’s mood is changing and it will be a lot easier to get “our” agenda across once even the Republicans (and the media who really want a good long and nasty fight) realize that the country is more than ready for equal rights.

  11. says

    (An atheistic) Amen Derek.

    Look at what the Repugs are doing re: Sotomayor. Gingrich claims that she’s faking her broken ankle, etc. Unbelievable.

    Yes, I’d like to see Obama be more fierce, but he’s also a sly politician.