1. Dave says

    We really hate this woman. However – it’s time to give her some “angel action” and just turn our backs on her. If we ignore her, so will everyone else – Perez actually gave her a platform, which gives all of the sidelined on-the-fence potential supporters a reason to stay on the sidelines or choose the wrong side.

  2. Kevin says

    At the 5:00 mark, the reason she was asked to do only two appearances between the Miss CA pageant and the Miss USA pageant is that she was busy getting breast implants.

  3. hephaestion says

    Former Miss California Carrie Prejean has been given her own TV show on the Big Hair Bigots Network, which was to start today. Unfortunately, they had to postpone today’s show because her first guest, James von Brunn, could not make it to the Big Hair Bigot studios for the interview.

    She has announced plans to initiate a Big Burqa Bigot Network in Afghanistan, since she heard that overprivileged, spiteful, spoiled, lazy, dumb blonde bimbos are popular there.

  4. Zach says

    The post-Trump decision narrative is pretty clear. Prejean rightly thought she came away the victor from the dispute, but wrongly thought that meant that she could then dictate terms to her bosses. I don’t think many will be terribly surprised – she was brimming with insolence at the press conference after Trump’s decision. Diplomacy is not this woman’s strong suit.

  5. says

    Regardless of her prop 8 opinions, Miss Plastique over-played her hand. She thought she was entitled to call the shots and found out the hard way that if you want to play hardball with Mr. Trump you’re likely to get canned. Plain and simple.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t her job just a one-year appointment? I have plenty of expertise, seniority, and recognition in my field, and if I acted like that I’d be out on my ass. She truly is a stupid bitch if she didn’t realize how very expendable she was. Sorry… IS.

  6. David in Houston says

    I’m not even going to bother watching her 7 minutes of lies (yet again with no one there to give a rebuttal). If there were any truth to the idea that she was fired because of her anti-gay comments, then why didn’t Trump fire her when he had the opportunity during the topless photo scandal?

  7. mrmnyc says

    “Tolerance is a 2-way street.”
    Does she not even HEAR what she is saying? I love it when these bigots play the role of victim.
    Good riddance.

  8. Mike says

    She’s had a great deal more than her 15 minutes of fame. Way past time for us all to move on and as a previous commenter wrote, “ignore her”. The wingnuts will latch on to her just as they have with Palin, etc. and try to keep her in the press. Nothing we can do about that, but the fact that they have this woman as their spokesperson speaks volumes about them. I refuse to watch the above clip and this is the last article I will read about her. It’s spam!

  9. Jedd says

    What a brat. I’m surprised at the way she conducts herself on email. It’s email but you should be professional and courteous since it’s work you’re still discussing. What a spoiled brat.

  10. JTlvr says

    Bigheaded Carrie Prejean and her big ignorant mouth has become too haughty. She can blame the gays or her dreadfully inarticulate answer, but she disobeyed the Miss USA Organization’s Golden Rule: Trumping her REAL lord and master — DONALD TRUMP.

  11. expedito says

    As dumb and bigotted as she appears, what struck me the most is Matt Lauer’s pathetic interview. Did he choose to ignore the totally uncooperative and insubordinate emails she sent her boss? Or didn’t he know about them because he didn’t do some basic journalistic research?

    It’s kind of sad when a beauty contest bimbo has more intellect than a network TV interviewer. But they both have something in common: neither one was hired for his/her brains.

  12. K says

    Clearly there really was no need for Keith Lewis to go on and gather further justification. He wasted his time. Her use of “ur” and run-on sentences should have been enough to fire her.

  13. Richie says

    Another pandering interview from Matt Lauer – is this the third or fourth time now that he’s literally sat there like a lapdog and let Carrie say anything she wants with no challenging or rebuttals.

    Interesting that he was a lot tougher when interviewing the other side of the argument – Perez / Shanna / Keith

  14. Reggie says

    They missed, and injected the silicone into her head… thus swelling that part of her body. Reading her emails show how out of control she really was. Arrogance, thy name is Prejean!

  15. Marty says

    Her arrogance is immeasurable! Those e-mails show someone telling their BOSS that they have to clear it with HER before she will agree to do any of the work assigned her! There is no employer on this planet that would find that acceptable. Just like her incapacity to grasp that it was not her opinion on “opposite marriage” that could be alienating other people, just her personality. She has been saying that she indeed honored her contractual duties, but she had better be careful because that is provable one way or the other. Like a different morning co-host mused this morning, Trump is sure to be “a far from silent partner” about this once she stops bringing USEFUL publicity to his pageant.

  16. Tralfaz says

    Didn’t we have someone that worked for the Miss Cal peeps post here?

    If I recall he said everything that we are now seeing.

    She’s a selfish bitch and a lying sack of shit.

  17. Wayne says

    Why is this even news? She’s a beauty queen, er, make that former beauty queen… what does she have to say that’s so important? The press is who’s giving her the bully pulpit, including this blog. Ignore her. It’s the best way to ensure that she’s history.

  18. Katie says

    When I first saw the clips from the pageant I was astonished that I, as a Californian, was being represented by this woman, who could not form a coherent sentence. The media went after her, as one would expect, but all of the attention that Prejean is garnering makes me wonder if this was all a publicity stunt for the Donald as GMA suggests. Why would the media care otherwise?

  19. dctopman says

    We need to let Special Olympics know that we will not financially support their organization if they invite people like her to present medals at their summer games.

    Cary McPartlin,
    Senior Manager, Media & Public Relations,
    Phone number# 1 (202) 628-3630 or 1 (800) 700-8585 x-1298

    Any other groups who hire her need to be told the same thing.

  20. RB says

    Isn’t her 15 minutes up? I am sick of listening to her! She offers nothing new or exciting. Can’t she just go away? Thanks Perez for creating this monster!!!

  21. says

    Justice will be even more served if, in the Miss Universe pageant, Miss USA wins. That would have meant that the runner up (Prejean) would become Miss USA. That will no longer happen. Ohhh the karma!!!

  22. LeeBo says

    Anyone who saw Ms. Prejean’s response to the gay marriage question knows that she stumbled very badly. She gave incorrect information (that is, everyone in HER country has the choice to marry whomever they want). No one really cares about her opinion on gay marriage. She was judged on her delivery, which was mediocre at best (and I am being very generous). The poise was not there. Her character and morals are woefully lacking. She did not deserve either title. Her behavior and attitude are reminiscent of Anita Bryant. The more this person speaks, the more obvious it becomes just how pathetic she really is. Let’s hope she continues to put that BIG foot in her mouth. She may actually be helping the Gay cause.

  23. ML says

    So… what do you do when you are runner up in a contest? Make a statement that will get you TONS of national and dare I say, international coverage. I can’t stand what she said, but honestly, from a marketing standpoint, she is brilliant. More press coverage from her statement than the actual winner… who was who? See my point?

    Thank goodness she only gets 15 minutes of fame… hopefully the flame is starting to burn out.

  24. ChrisM says

    Prejean is a perfect example of why they call them beauty pagants and not brain pageants. And what ever respect I previously had for Matt Lauer is long gone – he makes Mary Hart look like Mike Wallace!

  25. Scott says

    Freedom of speech is part of what makes this country great.

    What ex-Miss CA was too stupid to realize is that as Miss CA, she was representing a “brand” name. Which means she does what she is told, which also includes when to open her mouth, and when to keep it shut. That’s the price she knowingly paid when she signed on the dotted line of her contract. That’s the business world.

    Perez asked her a hot-button question that she should have answered with tact and grace. She chose not to, and as the media frenzy followed, she dug her own hateful little grave, and blamed the gays.

    It’s too bad she chose to represent Christians, instead of PEOPLE and HER COUNTRY when Perez asked her the question.

  26. says

    Former Miss California Carrie Prejean has been given her own TV show on the Big Hair Bigots Network, which was to start today. Unfortunately, they had to postpone today’s show because her first guest, James von Brunn, could not make it to the Big Hair Bigot studios for the interview.
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