1. says

    ooh, a smoking picture.. those are ALWAYS sexy and by sexy i mean disgusting. When’s the modeling world gonna realize that smoking is not attractive.

  2. Paul R says

    I find it interesting that he’s half Arabic, but they dyed his hair to make him look Aryan. And it worked.

  3. cd says

    ever think maybe they call him an Arabic name to make him exotic? Looks very Iowa.

  4. mike says

    I think all these anti-smoker qveens should STFU. It’s an adult pleasure and not everybody smokes like brick chimneys. I know it’s trendy to be anti-smoking but, you know, um, let it rest. I don’t smoke but I don’t care if anybody does smoke.

  5. Dave says

    As sexy as a block of cream cheese sitting atop a slab of balsa wood. How about some pictures of hot men for a change, rather than skinny, hairless boys?

  6. says

    All skinny hairless boys with fat dicks are trapped in my harem — just to save the planet from the sight ot them, mind you.