Neda: An Iranian Woman’s Death Touches Millions

Here's the uncensored footage. Be warned. It's extremely graphic and disturbing.

CNN coverage:

Footage of Neda before her murder:


  1. elcamino says

    Thank you for posting this: fighting against theocracy and fascism is a noble effort.

  2. Willie says

    Of course NEDA is not her real name – but it is one that we should remember.

    Every day we wake and enter this violent world is a day of bravery.

  3. Mike in the Tundra says

    I couldn’t make myself watch the videos. It’s very sad, but as Soulbrotha said, let’s hope her death isn’t in vain.

  4. Sargon Bighorn says

    Elcamino makes the point! From what I understand, Iran is run by Religious leaders. Please don’t let America be run by Religious Fanatics. Freedom and Justice are not the ideals of Religious Radical Fanatics like Mormons and Muslims in Iran and similar entities. I have no problem labeling them as such and I won’t apologize. Look at what they do, NOT what they say.

  5. James says

    It’s a shame she died but Iran routinely kills gay people and no one seems to care. Why should I care about this?

  6. Bosie says

    Neda, Neda, Neda…your name is louder than bullest, your name if freedom to the Iranian people…YOU are the messenger to the world. Prayers with her family.

  7. Sahar Pishgar says

    Don’t know why someone would say “Neda is not her real name”. It’s a classic name, WTF? Not all people are given religiously rooted names at birth. Most in fact use classic Iranian names rather than Arabic Koran-ic names.

    (Neda is phonetically pronounced NayDAH)

    There were earlier reports (the day of the shooting) that stated Neda was 14 years old and her name: Neda Duric.

    What is truly disturbing in all of this, is the fact that Mousavi is not the nice guy that Iran would benefit from any more than Ahmadinejad.

    Mousavi was the radical that instigated the US Hostage drama, instigated the nuclear program and in the early days of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s coup/take over of the young democracy elected to office…it was Mousavi who prompted the nation to go nuclear via the black market.

    It’s possible the nation sees Mousavi as having evolved from his early Islamic radical mindset but I’ve not seen it to know.

    Also, ex-President Rafsanjani’s sister has been arrested and three more of his women relatives along with her.

    What people here don’t realize, Rafsanjani is considered what we’d call more moderate/liberal than his radical/fanatic cleric brethren . . . his more ‘modern’ take on social and cultural mores and his link to supporting Mousavi can give impetus to thinking maybe, just maybe…Mousavi has evolved away from his younger years as a rabid radical violent POS.

  8. Sahar Pishgar says

    FYI: Rafsanjani has some seriously hostile opposition within his own tribe (the Afshars) and family relatives.

    His mother and father were known as “dehoti” …what here in US would be “poor white trash” (his name is actually Hashemian via his father), the Rafsanjani of his name is from his hometown roots, village of Rafsanjan; an agricultural area in the State of Kerman at the edge of the Dasht de Lut salt flats.

    The Hashemian family were very poor, his only avenue for higher education was via religious academies. Once ordained his religious moniker became “Hashemian Rafsanjani”

    As in all revolutions through out history, it is the poorest among the population who rise to the highest levels of hatred, violence and hostility towards those who oppress and impoverished the people. Rafsanjani’s earliest hostilities were based against the class system and his family poverty

    Once he and his clerics created the coup that ousted the original democracy after the Shah, he obtained vast wealth (many in the family attest that he was the key beneficiary of black market sales of museums that were pillaged)

    It was his amassing wealth in a suspicious manner (and not sharing like Robin Hood) that created a thrum of ‘opposition’ against him.

    Another issue that plagued him: his own mother was a well know opium addict yet opium addicts (previously legal to be so) were being executed under his governing while his mother’s addiction was allowed.

  9. jimmyboyo says


    – Iran nuke program started under the SHAH with US backing, tools, equipment, expertise, and blessing. Congress tried to pass a bill outlawing US sharing of nuke tech with other countries specificaly citing the shah and Iran, but repub FORD vetoed it

    – The nuke program never ended. It did suffer a bit of decline during the revolution and wasn’t started back up, just dusted off as in what thay already had under the SHAH with full US backing was simply dusted off

    – Mousavi is NOT ahmadine-crazy. Mousavi has publicly stated that he wishes to be more open to the west. That denying the halocaust is foolish. That Iran should have freedom of religion giving more freedoms to Persian Jews…Persian Ba-hai (spl chk) etc. Has publicly up[ to just a few days ago stated that he is more than willing to abide by the nuke non proliferation treaty and be fully open to UN investigators. He does not call for the destruction of Isreal. Has publicly stated that the Iranian gov should NOT!!!!!!!! finance and or train Hezbollah or Hamas anymore. yes, it is mostly because he thinks the money should be spent on the Iranian people but that is far different than the current regime.

    -Unconfirmed rumors!!! Rafsanjani is supposedly trying to get the council in Qom to remove the whole idea of a single supreme leader all together and replace it with the council in Qom of 86 religious clerics sort of along the lines our senate but more religious with executive power centered on the president with ahmadine crazy out.

  10. jimmyboyo says


    I would say Rafsanjani is more of a centrist. mousavi a conservative reformist. The most liberal being Karoubi

    They are all united against ahmadine-crazy (especialy rafsanjani who has always hated him)

  11. Hussain A. says

    What did the Tamils achieve by protesting against the atrocities in Srilanka for 73 days in Westminster? The whole world turned a blind eye or did a weak protest to the abuses and genocide in Srilanka. It would be hypocritical for the West, its media and USA to think anything better would come out of the Iranian protest. Human rights abuses and freedom should not be condoned only when it suits world powers.

  12. Hussain A. says

    well, back to the subject.

    It is very obvious that today Iran’s old faction Political and Religious combined government style could no long work for their society.
    It is also very obvious that the Iranian need a second revolution to separate those religious Ayatollahs from the government to form a true democratic regime.