1. Nelson says

    Yea! Now how about reopening the club Roxy on 18th street. I live in midtown east over on east 57th and it would be nice to have some interesting nightlife entertainment for gay men in this goddamn city.The gayness of “New Yawk” has been robbed from this town and seems to be getting more anti-gay each year.These F**king communty boards are doing all they can to push the quality of life for us REAL “New Yawkers” out of the city so it is more comfortable for the over-privilaged white snobby heterosexuals,there is no sense of community here these days and gay life in New York has gotten harder to enjoy.

    So lovely that they think that pathetic attempt to draw gay dollars this pride will change the minds of what gay & lesbian people think of New York nowadays.I recently heard that back in May,NYPD were scamming gay men on Christopher street at the park literally across from Stonewall,falsely arresting them.40 mother f**king years later and we are still having this problem with these assholes.

    And some of you actually think Bloomberg is a friend to our community? HA!!! make me laugh. Christine Quinn aint even on our side.Their alleged support for marriage equality dont mean shit if they cant even accommodate gay and lesbian citizens of New York City and its gay visitors.

  2. says

    Is this where Manhattan-ites go to peer into nearby residential windows?

    I don’t get this at all. If it was populated with green space, bike trail, basketball and tennis courts I could get it, but it looks like the boardwalk…

  3. el polacko says

    shouldn’t it more properly be called a walkway.. or maybe a promenade ? it’s certainly stretching the definition of a ‘park’.