1. Drake says

    Is Towleroad being paid to run all this “Bruno” crap everyday ??? Really, enough is enuff. I expect a constant dribble of this kind of fluff from Perez Hilton or some Hollywood PR shop, but GIVE US A BREAK . Stop all your Bruno promo every day!

  2. rich says

    Enough with Baron-Cohen. He’s an unfunny ass, and he’s not doing us any favors.


  3. Rad says

    I have to agree with Drake; this is getting to be long in the tooth.

    Drake, look on the bright side; once the movie is released, Baron Cohen will be into something else and gay “Bruno” will be dropped faster than the “Obama Pride” sticker.

  4. Matt says

    This Bruno crap was funny for about 5 seconds. I can’t wait for the movie to come out so that we don’t have to hear about his annoying media stunts anymore.

  5. crispy says

    You guys might want to avoid Towleroad tomorrow. I heard that Bruno will be visiting Tehran to help hang gay Muslims. And on Friday, he’ll be in Wyoming marching on the grave of Matthew Shepard.

  6. northerner says

    The movie is a commercial enterprise. If its makers want publicity, let them buy an ad.

  7. Dave says

    Yes, Andy is clearly getting paid for this ridiculous, nonstop promotion. Apparently, he doesn’t respect his readers enough to tag these posts as “sponsored.”

  8. says

    Absolutely cannot wait to see this movie! Bruno is an awesome satirical character. And people ARE allowed to satirise gays, just like every other grouping of people is satirised. Cohen is a comic genius as far as I’m concerned.

  9. Matt says

    Many, including myself, are simply wondering why Towleroad follows his every move. He is a commercial creation and these posts are pure promotion.

    And, regarding your satire comment: This would ring more true if it were a gay man creating the character. Seeing as it’s a straight man, I think it’s open for debate. If this were a white man “satirizing” another race in such a stereotypical and unflattering way, it would not be acceptable.

  10. Paul R says

    I’m actually getting more tired of the Bruno debates than anything else. Talk about repetitive.

  11. crispy says

    You must be new here.

    Brokeback Mountain, Banksy, Robert Pattinson, Carrie Prejean, Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham… Towleroad has run far most posts about those topics. Posting updates is sorta the point of a blog. If you don’t like it, you and the other losers here could go somewhere else. I suggest the mall… maybe you could buy yourselves a sense of humor.

    PS: You don’t have a clue what satire is. When you get done at the mall, go back to high school.

  12. Terrance says

    Quite frankly, deep down, every time I see these “Bruno” posts, I really really wish that Sacha Baron Cohen would one day get very, very SEVERELY gay-bashed while in character, with the cameras rolling.

    Let him walk a mile in those particular shoes, (or limp? carted off to the hospital?) then we’ll all see just how god-damned funny it all is.

    It would be a real “learning moment” and a “life lesson” all rolled up in one (not to mention great publicity for the movie and get across a point about the realities of some peoples’ lives) hey, everyone wins….!

    If there were no Matthew Shepard, I suppose that horrible Bruno character would probably be so much funnier.

    You know, like how goose-stepping and ‘Seig Heil’-ing like a Nazi would also be funny, but for a few “minor” mishaps at some place called Aushwitz or Buchenwald….

    /end rant.

  13. TikiHead says

    “And, regarding your satire comment: This would ring more true if it were a gay man creating the character. Seeing as it’s a straight man, I think it’s open for debate. If this were a white man “satirizing” another race in such a stereotypical and unflattering way, it would not be acceptable.”

    Kinda like Joe Plotnick portraying Evie
    Harris, a woman… wait. Is that OK, or is he guilty of ‘blackface’ minstrelsy? I have read that argument on feminist blogs like ‘Alas a Blog’

  14. D.R.H. says

    I can’t believe people have their panties in such a twist about a movie they’ve never seen. Maybe y’all should watch it first then cast your judgements.

  15. Paul R says

    So if he were gay, it would be fine for him to play this character? Or would you bitches be moaning about him being a self-loathing stereotype?

    Again: do you really know anyone who actually acts like this? Do you think antigay people will go see a movie about a flaming Austrian fashion critic? Have you seen this movie? No, no, and no.

  16. says

    He is amazing talented, a major talent, frighteningly funny & I feel confident that this movie will expose homophobia in the USA the way that Borat exposed ignorence & bigotry. Plus… he is sexy.
    Lighten Up! The trailors are funny!

  17. el polacko says

    i find cohen’s confrontational comedy amusing.. he certainly has balls.. but could the timing be any worse in america for the release of this film about a silly flamer? americans have no context for this character other than their dearly held stereotype that all gay men are effeminate and not worthy of being taken seriously.
    even if audiences do show up, they will be laughing AT bruno, not championing him.

  18. says

    Spend some time reading postmodern criticism and the impact of absurdity and you’ll realize just how sharp Sacha Baron Cohen is. Indeed, it would require a tremendous leap for any reasonable audience member to envision being proud or comfortably associated with the targets Bruno zeroes in on throughout the film. As usual, Cohen manages epiphany-raising revelations. For those Ron Paul supporters, take particular note of the sequence in which he calls Bruno a “queer” in an extremely angry, denigrating tone. Like Borat, Bruno calls out the incipient insidious roots of bigotry and racism. The onus is clearly placed upon those who continue to abide and tolerate — especially implicitly — the worst aspects of homophobia and bigotry. Set aside your delicate sensibilities, brush up on the effectiveness of uninhibited satire, and take a much broader, deeper comprehensive perspective. Laughing about these absurd situations might bring us directly to the absurdity of the social structures, mentalities, and official status quo that still holds back the fairness, equality, and freedom that justifiably should belong to all of us.

  19. willie says

    keep it up Andy — your comments section should not be appeased…. a major talent and a major motion picture make a funny movie aiming to poke fun at homophobia (and silly trendoid fabu-fashion queens) …. and they still whine. I think the joke is hitting so close to home they can not see it. Team Sacha.

  20. willie says

    It just hit me … the towleroad comments section is SISSYPHOBIC …. oh now the straights will think we are all like him!

  21. nic says

    the purpose of parody is to confront absurdity with absurdity. is “bruno” over the top? yes. but, so are the people who would like to beat him (and, perhaps beat him to death). some of the comments on this thread prove his point: people are stupid, whether straight or not.

  22. Mike V says

    This character is hurting the gay community so much. I hope the film gets awful reviews. Baron Cohen should take a break too.

  23. Grego says

    Bruno is neither news nor comedic. Banner advertisements would be more interesting… and more socially relevent.

  24. brentbent says

    generic snark whine #5452 of how subject is destroying the gay rights movement.

  25. ben says

    Jeez guys chill the hell out. This is relevant news, it’s a huge huge huge movie and these stunts are hilarious and worth watching. Such fun. Andy, I’m glad you’re posting this stuff because it’s so funny and I love hearing about all these stunts.