GQ and Details to Get Own Websites

Conde Nast is dismantling in October in favor of separate sites for its two major men's publications:

Chan "The move marks a partial dismantling of Conde Nast's strategy of creating web-only brands to house magazine content, such as, and, and the realization that in many cases the best brand for the web is the one that's been successful in print.

The move comes in the midst of a terrible advertising climate and companywide budget cuts, and on the heels of the repositioning of one of its men's titles, Men's Vogue, as a twice-a-year supplement late last year.

Indeed, Conde Nast Digital president Sarah Chubb said Conde Nast couldn't justify three men's fashion titles on the web, and it didn't really make sense to do so because lifestyle content from GQ was already the main traffic driver for Further, the view among Conde Nast execs is that a unified print-web brand will be an easier sell to brand advertisers."


  1. crispy says

    The VP of Conde Nast Online has also announced they’ll be developing Friendster profiles for each of their magazine titles.

    As for long term strategy, over the next few years they intend to roll-out exciting new MySpace pages.

  2. Paul R says

    Damn Crispy, you are funny.

    So they’ve decided the US doesn’t need three male fashion magazines? Wow. Do the queens running the show ever leave NYC? About 99% of American men, gay or straight, don’t need one fashion magazine. Maybe they should consider focusing on content instead of one-page celebrity interviews and overpriced toiletries.

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