1. Anon says

    Why exactly did they name their clothing brand after a skin blemish? Is there some obscure secondary definition of the word acne I don’t know, or does it mean something else in another language? My dictionary says the word comes from the Greek for “facial eruption,” which is just a lovely image…

  2. Shawn says

    “My dictionary says the word comes from the Greek for ‘facial eruption,’ which is just a lovely image…

    Well I’m sure a lot of people’s heads are exploding…

  3. says

    That is NOT Freddie Stroma I’m sorry to say. Perez Hilton is the one who broke this story and was immediately contacted by Acne underwear to correct his mis-reporting. Which goes to show you why Perez should be banned from the internet when he causes Towleroad to reprint inaccurate stores.

  4. says

    Per Hilton’s site, it was one of Stroma’s reps says that it’s not him, not ACNE. Now, if you are in the hottest movie right now, geared at a general audience, and suddenly your naked buns appear on the internet, what do you expect? Maybe some damage control by your reps? I’m not saying it is him, but I would believe a company rep more than an actors rep. The company has been smart and hasn’t said anything yet. They are getting free publicity.

  5. Ashley says

    It’s true that this isn’t Freddie Stroma :( If u still have ur doubts remember that Freddie has light blond hair and pale skin-the guy in this video had darker hair and darker skin. But the other video of Freddie dancing in underwear for the same company is him :)

  6. Gabe R L says

    I’m inclined to believe it is him, though it may not be. I’ve seen pics of him with his hair cut down to the roots, looking light brown, and with a suntan about the color of the skin in the vid.

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