Anchorage Mayor Vetoes Gay Rights Ordinance

An ordinance banning discrimination against LGBT people passed earlier this week by the Anchorage Assembly following month of debate was vetoed by Mayor Dan Sullivan:

Sullivan "In a statement…Sullivan said he sees no need for the measure. 'My review shows that there is clearly a lack of quantifiable evidence
necessitating this ordinance,' the mayor said. 'My review also shows
that the vast majority of those who communicated their position on the
ordinance are in opposition.' Sullivan said he had received almost 2,500 comments as he was considering whether to let the measure stand. He said he will have no further comment today. The measure was the subject of intense public interest and debate all
summer. The Assembly approved a compromise measure last week by a 7-4

The Assembly can override Sullivan's veto with eight votes. They have three weeks.


  1. John M says

    So when do WE get to vote on making it legal to discriminate against him?

    These things always anger me for two reasons, how people thinking a majority wins vote on legalized discrimination is not a horrible idea and how those voting against it don’t see how ridiculous and evil it is to vote for discriminating against another group is? It makes me wonder if the majority of the US wasn’t christian if they would be OK with use outlawing christianity if it was “the will of the people”.

  2. Andrew says

    Mayor Dan Sullivan = Catholic.

    Stop acting so god-damned surprised. Religion hates homosexuals.

  3. says

    You know, as bad as I feel about living in California (after dealing with prop 8), I’m very happy I’m not in Alaska.

  4. says

    If there’s no need for it, what’s the harm in signing it?

    Wonder how long it took his lackeys to come up with that excuse? Rat bastard.

  5. Bayley says

    Alaska gays…speak out, speak up, let your voices be heard!

    I never realized equality was deemed a battle to be fought, but if they want to call it a “cultural war”…then we must come out on top and we can’t do it unless we get active.

    I wish there was contact info for the 11 member assembly in Anchorage to touch base with…emails? #?

  6. says

    How many things has this mayor signed and Anchorage otherwise passed that had “no need.” How many city ordinances have been wasted on honoring such and such a day on such and such a person?

    Why can’t bigots just be honest?

  7. AHCB says

    “Has anything good ever come from Alaska? Worthless.”

    Wonderful things have come from Alaska…this is not one of them. Being gay in AK is not as easy as it might be other places, but we still choose to live here because it is an amazing place with unrivaled natural beauty so lay off the “Everything in Alaska sucks” please…it does no one any good and changes no minds for the better. Our terrible spokespeople have given AK a bad name unfortunately.

    The last mayor (now Senator) would have supported this, the acting mayor who introduced the measure is a supporter and appeared at Pride…we unfortunately got stuck with this new guy just in time to screw stuff up.

    This has been the most contentious piece of muni business I can remember with the local mega churches bussing people in to harass the people who gave hours of heartfelt testimony which I think helped sway the council members to approve the measure (which was a surprise, I thought it would fail before it got to the mayor). Considering Sullivan’s father vetoed a similar measure in 1975 when he was mayor I wasn’t surprised in the least. It is a shame, Sullivan owns a great bar downtown that I will no longer step foot in.

  8. says

    There will come a day when we will have had enough, when we will finally get riled up enough to react to things we don’t like the same way the haters do. I don’t mean idiotic Townhall Teabaggers, I mean massive letter writing campaigns, organizing, FUCK IT Bar sit ins of bars owned by Homophobes in Downtown Anchorage.

    When we have finally taken enough to say enough?

    For whatever reason, this has really pissed me off. I just came from A Democratic Black Caucus mtg where I had barely gotten the words out to ask for an endorsement of the National Equality March before everyone in the room said, “Yes! Of course! Can I be on a committee?” and then I come home and read this shit.

    I am tired of this.

  9. Kurt says

    Nothing speaks louder than the (somewhat) mighty dollar. If we work together and withhold our dollars, then these leaders might listen. In Alaska’s case, tourism is the big money maker next to oil. Stop taking cruises and traveling there. Encourage tour operators like Atlantis not to book cruises there. Ban travel and hotel stays to Anchorage (including flights).

  10. Fenrox says

    Why do stupid people read laws like that and see only a ridiculous extreme? It’s to protect gays from being fired for being gay, not a legal mandate to never fire gay people. Unfortunately the root of all these problems is education, something our president probably wont get to.

  11. mike says

    Only 2,500 comments against? That’s hardly a majority. The guy’s a coward. Shame about Alaska. It was once very “live-and-let-live” libertarian.

  12. hinbww says

    Religion does not hates homosexuals. David was gay and God loved him because God made him just like he did with the rest of us.

  13. Forrest says

    Wish he would be an honest bigot and say he vetoed because he agrees with discrimination against gays. Not this BS about there being no need. If there is a lack of documented cases that is because there is no law in place to remedy violations, hence the need for such an ordinances.

  14. says

    As long as we continue being the children meekly looking up to the adults, begging and pleading for the cookies – rhythmically and incessantly like children do – we will always be submissive and powerless to the adults’ final wishes.

    GROW UP !

    We GIVE away our power through our asking.

    Why not empower ourselves and TELL the adults, as other adults, TELL them what we are due. A “demand” is just a loud, whining beg unless you are backing it up with something tangible, like refusing to file your taxes with the I.R.S. until ALL families and children have access to the same legal protections under the law.

  15. Jerry6 says

    Let’s see — Alaska was bought from the Russians for a pittance. Obviously, they have been laughing all the way to the bank ever since. At least we have to go through Canada to get there. That way we can’t accidentally get there without going through customs.