1. Danny says

    Andy(T)…I love when NY A-Gays circle jerk each other. I’m sure Andy(C) appreciates the exposure.

  2. JayDub says

    Nice! Thanks for posting, otherwise I wouldn’t have seen this. Who the hell follows Kella Ripa?

  3. cd says

    this is the kind of photo you replay over and over in your mind, even if you’re not obsessive compulsive. Now i see what Daniel Craiga and Liam Neeson see in him, a perfect thirty something. AC, keep smiling.

  4. Kyle Sullivan says

    Yes, Andy Cohen’s pretty — though Ben Cohen, the British Rugby player is prettier — but just who the hell is he that we should be recognizing his name?

  5. Beef and Fur says

    Do you watch Project Runway or Top Chef?

    Andy is the Senior Vice President of Production and Programming for Bravo, oh and he’s openly gay.

  6. paul c says

    Do they have gays in the Hamptons?

    Do they have Jews in the Hamptons?

    Does Andy Cohen come off as needy as fuck?

  7. Ray says

    Andy T, please stop giving this pathetic, annoying famewhore more coverage. We ARE SICK OF HIM…His stupid vapid shows on Bravo, his annoying “talk show” persona and just plain old narcissistic aura.

  8. redbearded says

    Thank you for reminding all us gays that we are supposed to only be attracted to impossibly skinny hairless “Twinks.” What were we thinking?!?

  9. David in Houston says

    He’s got a nice bod. But he is EXTREMELY annoying on TV. Unless you stick a gag-ball in his mouth, I’d take a pass.

  10. says

    Ever since Project Runway left Bravo, I don’t watch that network often enough for me to be sick of him. He’s hot though for a guy his age… nice cum gutters.

  11. jp says

    Pretty good body, but he’s sucking in his stomach with everything he’s got. Not staged at all.

  12. Terry says

    ZOMG he is not fat! So he doesn’t have 6% body fat; he’s still cute and hunky. Of course, he’s a vapid douchebag, but I’d push him into the pool, tear off his trunks and finger his blowhole anyday….

  13. JohnnyP says

    wow. (most of) you guys are SO bitter! he’s not fat, not sucking it in and not annoying at all. I think he’s great and funny. Who cares if he’s promoting himself. Who doesn’t? 😀

  14. Chitown Kev says

    Well. Andy Cohen is a pleasure to look at, I must say, but when he opens his mouth TO TALK (can’t speak to anything else that he opens his mouth for) it’s a turnoff. Nice to look at, though.

  15. says

    JOhn, he hired himself to host the “reunion” specials of all the Bravo reality show. He’s not as terrible as everyone makes it out to be, but the money would be wisely spent on a professional host.

  16. Ew says

    The most annoying man on television – hooray. Can we get the blonde queer eye guy back? At least he had personality.

  17. Ew says

    Oh and I agree, he is sucking it in for dear life – you can tell by the huge crease all the way straight across his abdomen about 2 inches above his belly button. That is not ab outline, that is SUCK IT IN crease.
    Tres’ annoying.

  18. Oscar in Miami Beach says

    He’s nice and refreshing.Why are there so many queens that are so envious of other gays that make it?.They must love the color GREEN.Shame on them.I know they are bitches but can’t do themselves or by that account others.Ha,ha,ha…Nice going Andy C.

  19. iMark says

    Andy C v.Perez Hilton

    Andy wins the fameho competition in every category..prettier, smarter, hunkier, sexier

    bottoms up….

  20. Ray says

    Hey Oscar B and all the other Andy Cohen defenders: Yeah, you can all stare into a big black hole of vanity and shameless self-promotion with no talent whatsoever and keep saying “OH, he’s not annoying. Oh he’s hot. Oh he’s “made it!” as long as you want. The big gaping black hole is still going to be a big black hole!

  21. Marie says

    Who cares? He’s still a sleaze-ball on a sleazy, lowbrow cable channel. I really despise those reunion shows he hosts. Or basically anything he does with those goofy, wild eyes of his. So for those of you drooling over this photo, imagine how dull the conversation. But enjoy the fantasy. :)

  22. Ray says

    Nice bod. On a high profile show. Swimming in the Hamptons and being followed by Kelly Ripa. Cleary successful. I’ll take him. If anyone wants to put their achievments up against his, then I’m all ears. Sure, it would be great if we could all cure cancer, but I never wanted to be Mother Theresa.

    sometimes you just want a nice life….

  23. atlantaguy says

    I agree with “chitown kev”: Andy is one of the better looking guys out there. But yeah, when that mouth opens – ugh. Mr. Winkie crawls back up into my stomach like a turtle. It’s like a flaming valley boy-meets-gay jewish teen girl comes flying out of his mouth. Double ugh ugh, and an “ick”.

    Sorry Andy – you need to butch it WAY up for the personality to match that bod!