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Baptist Preacher to Congregation: 'When I go to Bed at Night [I] Pray for Barack Obama to Die and Go to Hell'


Here's one more hate group hiding behind a cross. Via Good as You comes this clip of homophobic Pastor Steven Anderson giving his sermon at Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona. Says Anderson: "When I go to bed at night Steven L. Anderson will pray for Barack Obama to die and go to hell."


And here is an older video (via pam's house blend) of Anderson being heckled at his church for preaching against Obama, and then telling the heckler to get the hell out, and another of Anderson arguing that he's not a racist and Obama is white.

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  1. This guy epitomizes a typical CHINO ...

    Christian In Name Only.

    Check him out when he was 17:

    That haircute TOTALLY shows he is gay. And have you see his "wife". Geez, some German woman who is just as much of a bigot/racist/homophobe like she is. Hope they expose them for the FRAUDS they both are!

    Poor children.

    Posted by: FunMe | Aug 25, 2009 3:07:34 PM

  2. Basically, anyone who prays AGAINST someone and not for them is completely missing the point of God=Love.

    Posted by: Jon | Aug 25, 2009 3:15:42 PM

  3. First off JohninManhattan, who are you to call anyone "sick" for following their religious/spiritual beliefs? That says far more about your own poor self image as a gay man who can't stand up and be who you are without this second grade name calling. You need some self-image help. Seek counseling.

    Secondly, we are making far more out of this wackadoodle than need be. Listen to the YouTube videos. This guy has like six people in his congregation and one or two heckle him! Even of his racist ilk no one believes this man is a man of God. Let him rant and rave in the desert like a hot gust of wind. That's all the power he has. Clearly Christ has not given him any. And I'm certainly not going to give him any. He's a clown. Laugh at him.

    Posted by: Bart | Aug 25, 2009 3:15:51 PM

  4. omg retarded.

    Posted by: Alex Paris | Aug 25, 2009 3:38:29 PM

  5. I wonder how many are in his congergation. I would think and hope the higher ups in the Baptist church would put a stop to this. It would be interesting to see footage of how many he addresses. FOX news will be picking him up soon to host a Sunday morning show. They have Huckabee doing a show. He perfect for the FOX news viewers.

    Posted by: Mike | Aug 25, 2009 3:48:25 PM

  6. Since hell doesn't exist, and the closest thing we have to a "hell" is the world that these religious finatics create for the rest of us to have to live through...well his prayers for Obama to die and go to hell will be just one more thing that wont come to pass. Just a wind bag talking out of his ass and hoping that others will take him and his childish frustrations seriously.

    Posted by: john | Aug 25, 2009 3:49:04 PM

  7. Sunlight is the best disinfectant. The more media spotlights this kind of craziness and bigotry the more everyday people rethink their positions, and in the end we win.

    And would it surprise no one if months from now Pastor Anderson is caught with his pants down or on his kness or both "helping" a member of his flock.

    Posted by: daivd in iowa | Aug 25, 2009 4:19:56 PM

  8. Jesus would never pray for anyone to die and go to hell.

    But I'm not Jesus, and I don't believe in him either, so I'm going to pray for Steven Anderson to die and go to Hell. Soon.

    Posted by: Attmay | Aug 25, 2009 4:50:10 PM

  9. How Christian.

    Posted by: 2nd Class Citizen | Aug 25, 2009 4:57:55 PM

  10. Bart, thank you for the intelligent comment. This strange man in Arizona is no more a Christian than the avowed atheists and religion-haters who post here. It is likely his church is his own creation having no affiliation with any mainstream Baptist group ala the Phelps nutters.

    Slightly off-topic but is that former beauty queen/model or whatever on that clip from MSNBC supposed to be a credible news anchor? No wonder I can't stomach cable news.

    Posted by: Contrarian | Aug 25, 2009 8:24:04 PM

  11. Baptists SHOUT what other Christians THINK.

    Posted by: Andrew | Aug 25, 2009 10:32:12 PM

  12. I don't mind this ignorant S.O.B. destroying the reputation of the "Baptists", as they don't deserve much of a reputation after their support of slavery and segregation.
    But as a devout promoter of Jesus of Nazareth, one of the greatest liberal clergymen of all time, I plead with with all of the so-called "Christians" like Steve Anderson to stop claiming to represent Jesus when they campaign against issues that Jesus said absolutely NOTHING, i.e. abortion, homosexuality and publicly supported religion.
    See how very LIBERAL Jesus actually was at
    http://LiberalsLikeJesus.Org/Christlike.html (click on my name).

    Posted by: Rev. Ray Dubuque | Aug 26, 2009 10:06:12 AM

  13. American Christianity is so completely lost. Guys like this, they're not Christian, they're modern day Pharisees. They take a religion born out of love and compassion and turned it into a weapon to fuck over people they don't like. Jesus, if he were to return to Earth, would be humiliated that all of this had been done in his name. Actually, what would Jesus do to these horrible people? I suspect it would make running the money changers out of the temple look like a picnic.

    Posted by: Christopher | Aug 26, 2009 6:16:58 PM

  14. Gotta love that old time religion. Isn't he a lovely, inspiring christian?

    Posted by: Tom | Aug 27, 2009 2:59:47 AM

  15. Seditionist, racist PIG!

    Posted by: Jennifer | Aug 27, 2009 10:32:40 AM

  16. Liar. That clip does not claim Obama is white - he said Obama is 1/2 black and 1/2 white (the truth) and you are taking this out of context. LIAR.

    Posted by: Liar Liar Pantz Fire | Aug 27, 2009 5:45:13 PM

  17. Nice church. Not. Tool.

    Posted by: nicholas | Sep 1, 2009 6:37:22 PM

  18. This man claims to be christian but look what spews from his ungodly mouth

    Posted by: Stephen | Jul 10, 2010 3:38:09 AM

  19. Praying that someone will die has exactly the same value as praying that someone will live - NONE! As a kid I was always reprimanded if, when I got mad, I'd say "I wish you were dead". Well, not a single one of those I "wished" dead ever died - or at least never died in close enough proximity to my wishing it that I could take the credit (or blame) for it. I love it when those who self-identify as Christian start on the hatred and bigotry rates because it is only further proof of their inability to even practice the beliefs of their own religion - thus voiding any credibility they might have. Keep on ranting Steven you're looking like a real honest to goodness Christian there - Jesus would be so proud.

    Posted by: Tyron | Nov 7, 2011 1:00:54 PM

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