1. nic says

    the guy has self-confidence, presence, and talent. it doesn’t hurt that he’s adorable and has beautiful, big eyes. i enjoyed this performance. it made me smile. thanx.

  2. Billy says

    The guy is adorable and I wish him all the success in the world, but that was nothing special at all. And I think everyone will find that out when they see him perform something else.

  3. says

    I just want to tell you guys something: in case you didn’t know, The X Factor is NOT, I repeat, NOT the British version of American Idol. The British version of Idol (Pop Idol, the originator of all the Idol series) was canceled following its second season in 2003. Simon Cowell wanted more autonomy over the winner, so he created the X Factor instead, which is like Idol but allows for soloists, duos, and groups. Don’t confuse the two formats, okay? Thanks, kids.

  4. John says

    I’ve actually seen him sing at the karaoke night he hosts, only a couple of months ago, and have seen him about since.

    If people are wondering why he felt the need to “sell” his story, well he’s made no secret about being gay (the bi thing is clearly just to ease people into the idea – PR damamge limitation of sorts) so he might as well be the one to say it and make some money from it.

    Good luck to him.

  5. Nikki x says

    i think danni was wrong for saying what she did on the show 2nite, and i dont think danyl has nothing to be ashamed for! its about singing not what sexuality u are.. so dani keep ur comments to yourself!!

  6. says

    who cares what he goes for? & what he says is right, doesnt matter so long as you like the person!
    danni minogue had NO right what so EVER in bringing up his sexuality in his performance tonight,

  7. Mark says

    Danny sould keep her big mouth shut and leave the poor lad alone!

    This lad can sing (un-like here!) she’s only where she is because of her sister, so has no right to knock him.

  8. Maria says

    I’m quite disappointed with the minogue woman… hello!? 21st century? we are, or should be, waaay past what sexuality singers are… to be honest i’ve lost my respect for her judgement, i thought she was more educated than that (and I don’t just mean in manners) he did fantastic with a very difficult song which i bet he hated (hence the detail at the end throwing the mic stand)
    ps: cocky?! i thought this was x factor!

  9. stepz says

    danny is such a cow she has no right.
    to danny: Sexuality has nothing to do with singing or proforming leve him alone and go and get a few singing lessons

  10. Bob Down says

    He’s gorgeous and talented.. but I’m so sick of young gay men using the current “acceptability” of bisexuality to keep one foot in the closet. I haven’t met a single young man in the past five years who’s said he’s gay.. it’s sad to think how past generations fought for equality and now this generation who have it handed to them on plate are so lilly livered and ungrateful.
    DANYL… YOU ARE GAY!!! Get over it already.

  11. Rob says

    Who really cares about someone’s sexuality these days. I’ve always found people who criticise someone for that a bit odd.

    That said Dannii Minogues comments are a disgrace, and considering she has built her career around support from the gay community, well she should be ashamed of such cheap tactics. And then she should be sacked. And deported.

  12. DAVID says

    Loved the performance at the live show. That is what is called “making a song your own.” I don’t think the throwing the mic stand was done in disgust of the song or as a show of cockiness… the song is about determination. Throwing the mic stand showed just how determined the character in the song is, as well as how determined Danyl is.

    And Dannii was completely out of line in making those comments. It totally took away from the performance (i.e. people are talking more about what she said than how GREAT the performance was, and it WAS great), and I think she should make a public apology.

  13. Elle says

    What is really troublesome is gay men always calling out bisexual men for being “in the closet” or using bisexuality as a “likability cover.” Isn’t it possible, surely, that men can be actually bisexual? Why do gay men, especially, seem to be incredulous at the idea that a man can like men and women? Truly, while Danyl’s sexuality is of no business of any of ours (and irrelevant to his talent), it is completely anti-progressive to be constantly slighting bisexuality. The B in LBTG is just as important as the G, and just as worthy as a sexual orientation, guys!

  14. Matthew Bradbry says

    Guys – Dannii is a BIG supporter of the GAY community – yes I agree it was awkward , it was live television , she really didn’t think what she would say and how it could come across (She is human and an apology is needed to the people she upset). I really don’t think Danyl who’s already told the papers he’s Bi was hurt as much as Louis and Cheryl’s comments (Mostly Louis) telling him – He did say ” I am not ashamed” – it was probably Simon who told him to change the lyrics… anyone lets get back to the program it is a talent competition – I thought he was off key at the start in some places, and pulled it back at the end, completely nailing the end note and he is a great entertainer , he’s definitely riveting to watch.. (His good looks help) – I have heard way better versions than this, one my a 11 year old girl at the time: or how about: (14 years old)
    Secondly – What about Louis and Cheryl’s comments (Mostly Louis) telling him you are one of the most over confident people in the competition and you need to become more likeable??? whatever Louis , that is nasty!! And it’s way more hurtful, unless I am missing something going on behind the scenes ?
    BTW – I am GAY I am not offended, unless I was in the CLOSEST , which it appears Danyl is NOT and is out and proud!

  15. Jon says

    Danyl Johnson is super-hot and a gorgeous singer. The fact that he is openly LBGT means I’ll also be watching for his album to purchase. If he were to stick that song on an album, hell, I vote for him including two versions. :) Two further thoughts:

    1. People should respect him for being bi if that’s how he sees himself and wants other people to consider him. Towleroad posters who question his sexuality do the LGBT community a disservice.

    If someone is bi, it arguably takes more courage for them to come out as bi than for gay guys to come out as gay; bisexuals may not absolutely need to come out at all because they can quietly choose the gender society directs them to. We owe respect to those bisexuals who do come out as who they are.

    Furthermore, some of the “gay” guys who first come out as “bi” really are genuinely discovering/exploring what their sexuality is; we should be supportive of the way someone wants to identify himself. Even the “gay” guys who initially come out as “bi” first for the wrong reasons deserve respect for the way they identify themselves during that given period of time.

    2. Maybe Ms. Minogue did nothing wrong at all? Why should talk about already-disclosed (or not) sexuality be so problematic? Yeah, sexuality is a charged issue and a lot of people are inappropriately biased against it. How can we change that if we make the subject taboo? Simon’s more normative “let’s not talk about sexuality at all” stance would seem to do the lgbt community just as much (or more?) disservice. Still, Simon does appropriately keep the focus on the performance.

    On some level, Ms. Minogue would seem to have made a progressive point: Danyl, it’s ok to not change the gender in a song if the reason you do it is to conform to societal expectations.

    I’m ambivalent as to Ms. Minogue’s error here. Granted, it would be a tad gauche to criticize even an openly gay performer for singing a song directed towards a woman; it’s a performance already, plus sexuality and emotions are kind of fluid. From this perspective, Ms. Minogue’s comments arguably seem to pigeonhole Danyl in, say non-straight acting roles… a traditional bias problem of elites in the entertainment industry. Yet again, maybe Ms. Minogue raised Danyl’s profile in a good way…I certainly had not heard of him before.

    I’m a fan. (And I’m still a fan of Danni, too.)

  16. Clive says

    Simon Cowell can shove his ‘outrage’ attitude. Is he trying to imply that gay and bi guys are bad people? Minogue had a valid point – why change the lyric if it fits for the singer. And she wasn’t judging his abilities on that, just curious. If anything, being gay on that show means you end up being more successful!

    Minogue – This is a judge giving good advice. Such as “don’t be fake”. “Don’t tell lies”. “Don’t base your future career on a lie”. It didn’t harm Stephen Gately of Boyzone. It seems Simon Cowell is of the “don’t ask don’t tell” doctrine. That might be okay for the interim (where US military Generals are concerned, stopping them throwing a soldier out because they don’t know) BUT it isn’t good advice in the long term – to live a lie. And it isn’t good advice when your audience are youngsters, not 60-year-old Generals. What Minogue did was good advice from a judge, who, with her sister, know the territory, have been there done that, and have an enormous het as well as gay following.

    The all-male band All-American Rejects did the Britney Spears hit Womanizer WITHOUT changing the lyrics. Check it out –

  17. Lonwabo says

    I am a 16 yrs guy who lives in south africa,i am bisexual but my parents don’t knw that as you exposed your self could u please give me some advise on how i can tell my parents plz urz loid

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