News: Dwan Prince, Puerto Vallarta, Attack Dogs, Brian Boitano


Former Republican staffer Jason Wetherington, who boasted about sleeping with Florida governor Charlie Crist, charged with grand larceny, dealing in stolen property, and false verification of ownership after theft of engagement and wedding rings from pastor's daughter.



It would be very cool to witness the annual sardine migration in the Philippines.


Candy Bra: Loco Mama has a hit on her hands..


Dwan Prince, victim of brutal 2005 anti-gay assault in NYC, claims changed sexual orientation and writes letter to attacker in prison, taking blame for the attack.


Gay bashing case in Utah delayed after victims fail to show in court


Brian Boitano does not want to be perceived as gay.


Marietta, Georgia columnist suggests setting attack dogs on men cruising in public parks: "With a little instruction, dogs could be taught to severely dislike the gay lovers in Burruss and Wildwood and bite them in the fanny and do what City Council should have done years ago – chase them off to Atlanta where they belong."


NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg tweets.


Jennifer Hudson is a mother.



Teen claims gay panic in Puerto Vallarta murder: "According to published reports in the Mexican media, the body of the
victim, Sergio Daniel Baltasar Guerra, was found  early Sunday morning,
August 9, near the seahorse statue, on Los Muertos beach, just south of
the gay Blue Chairs section of that beach.  The victim was between
25-30 years old and had been a manager at a local supermarket."


Brokeback Mountain shirts featured in Western pop culture exhibit at L.A. Autry museum.


News flash: gaydar tougher to use than you think.


Closet still familiar to many in the Philippines and Malta.


CIRCUS: Crazy claims she's the mother of all three of Michael Jackson's children, and that she and MJ are the biological parents of Tom Cruise's child, Connor Cruise.



Milo Ventimiglia is in a jam.


Despite resolution from the American Psychological Association, "ex-gay" therapy continues in El Paso, Texas.


Facial asymmetry in men linked to greater risk for dementia?


Portland Mayor Sam Adams recall campaign faces challenge: "With another 56 days to go, they’ll have to gather 786 signatures per
day in order to meet their goal of 50,000. So far, they've been
operating with an average of 176 signatures a day, according to our
calculations. They now need to increase their rate of collection by a
whopping 345 percent to meet the deadline."


Justin Timberlake to release his own scent.


ACLU reaches settlement with Yulee High School in Florida over Gay-Straight Alliance: "Earlier this year, the ACLU filed the lawsuit on behalf of a student
who was denied a request to form the GSA at Yulee Middle School and
Yulee High School the following year. As part of the agreement,
the district must prohibit any discrimination against the club and the
students and faculty members associated with it.The district must also allow the club to meet on campus and to use the name Gay-Straight Alliance.The district has also been ordered to pay $40,000 in court costs associated with the case."


  1. RB says

    “Marietta, Georgia columnist suggests setting attack dogs on men cruising in public parks”

    Only in Cobb County! If everyone in Marietta, Cobb County, had there way there would be no one living there that wasn’t good faithful christians. Cobb is also home to Kennesaw, where everyone is required by law to own a gun. Whoever this columnist is they probably just don’t get it that gay people are everywhere. Of course the county, bordering Atlanta to the North, has always tried to keep out that “certain undesirable element”, you know, like us, black people, latinos, etc. Just another example of how good christian people live their lives and cause no harm to those around them. Nothing really wrong with that is there? Whatever!!!

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    “Marietta, Georgia columnist suggests setting attack dogs on men cruising in public parks”

    Will they have enough hospital space to accomodate all the local clergy with dog bites?

  3. says

    Re: Gaydar. So the NYP thinks that metrosexuals were the first generation of straight men to preen and dandy it up? LOL. And we wonder why Americans are so clueless about history (cultural and otherwise).

  4. says

    Why on earth would anyone think Brian Boitano is gay? Just because he’s a figure skater who’s now hosting a Food Network show out of his San Francisco home? Why, when you see and hear him on TV he’s obviously straight as an arrow. He’s practically Clint Eastwood on ice. I can’t imagine why he’d be afraid to answer questions about his personal life.

  5. elcamino says

    Poor Dwan Prince. There’s just no part of that story that doesn’t make it one of the most pathetic I’ve ever read. Poor guy. I hope he finds some peace.

  6. bading says

    Pescador Island in the Moalboal marine sanctuary off the Island of Cebu, is renowned for its estimated 2,500 species of fish. SO GO!

    Pinoy (Filipino) lesbians do have some political visibility in groups such as The ‘Babaylan Group’ (the name is from pre-Hispanic cross-dressing priests) at the University of the Philippines, ‘CLIC’ (Cannot Live In the Closet) in the main city of Manila, ‘Lesbond’ in the summer mountain resort city of Bagiuo and ‘The Group’ in the southern city of Davao. Here in the U.S. there is ‘Kilawin Kolektibo’ (literally the ‘ceviche collective’ with ‘Tibo’ being Pinoy slang for lesbian). And yes, while the most visible exemplars of ‘baklas’ or ‘badings’ (gay men) are in couture and coiffure, the majority are office workers, doctors, nurses, soldiers (even a 4-star Brigadier General) and the like.

    The difficulty here is in transposing the notion of being ‘out’ onto a culture that does not necessarily fall within the monolithic model of ‘gayness’. Certainly not in the politicized manner that it is usually defined in the west.

    I myself know some flamboyantly gay Pinoy men who are accepted as such by their wives and children. So go figure…

  7. says

    Ummm…the story about the Diocese of San Joaquin is from 2007…

    Meantime back here in 2009, the renegades lost a lawsuit with the national church regarding the property they tried to steal (California ruled it is rightfully the property of The Episcopal Church), the bishop was deposed, and on July 23rd of this year, the diocese rejoined the Episcopal Church during its annual convention.

  8. PM says

    The Dwan Prince saga truly is pitiable/pitiful.

    I find it strangely adorable that the owner specifically prohibits the Brokeback Shirts ever being un-entwined.

  9. Stephen says

    What’s sad about Dwan Prince is that we will read about him
    again… in the obituary. Either his attacker will kill him succesfully this time or he’ll end up commiting suicide.

  10. Ford says

    haha gaydar has pretty much nothing to do with how a guy dresses or presents himself…its the sublte things..but str8 people wouldnt know anything about all has to obvious to them.

  11. GregV says

    Ford, that’s a good point. When I was in Junior High, you were assumed (almost always by mistake) to be gay if you wore green on Thursdays, used a certain urinal or wore an earring.
    It wasn’t until AFTER I came out of the closet that I realized how many gay people I already knew, and I started noticing in them the “clues” that straight people don’t know anything about.

  12. Paul R says

    Not to mention that the article on gaydar was written by a straight woman. I’ve always thought gaydar was mainly something that gays used to identify one another, not something straight women used to filter potential dates.

    That said, she does make a valid point about how difficult it is to determine the sexual interests of tons of men out there, especially in major cities. I have a major crush on a guy at the dog park, and despite three long conversations and fairly leading questions on my part, I still have no idea if he’s gay or straight. It reminds me of a skit from Kids in the Hall.

  13. says

    @ ELCAMINO: you said what I was thinking as I read Dwan’s story. So sad.

    @ PAUL R: If you’re ready to take the plunge, just ask, “Can I ask you out on a date?” This kind of neutralizes the question and gives him a number of options for answering.

  14. David says

    Regarding Marietta Daily Journal and Dick Yarbrough’ column suggesting the use of attack dogs on gays in the park. And to chase them back to Atlanta where they belong.

    I am, and you can too, contact the editor to express your concern and request that he be reprimanded / fired for suggesting the use of violence here:

    Kim Isaza
    770-427-9431 (They can transfer you to her phone via this number)

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