News: Jason Biggs, Uganda, Brian Epstein, Zimbabwe, Rihanna

RoadSTUDY: Circumcision ineffective in protecting gay men from HIV/AIDS.

Mayermugshot RoadJohn Mayer offers $25,000 reward for vintage mugshot.

RoadCalvin College professors demand campus discussion following memo from Board of Trustees telling them it is "unacceptable" for them to advocate for LGBT issues and marriage equality: "About 130 of the campus' 300 faculty attended a meeting this week to
discuss the memo. Karin Maag, vice chairwoman of the Faculty Senate,
said there are concerns about both the content of the letter and the
process by which the policy was determined."

RoadGay teacher reinstated in Oklahoma City.

RoadBrody Jenner tasered following fight with Joe Francis.

RoadGhana paper discovers gay underground parties.

RoadMomentum building on ENDA, says Barney Frank's transgender policy adviser Diego Sanchez: [Barney]'s called on the entire community since [2007] to lobby, work — and the
community has said, 'OK, we've got one game plan, and it's Barney. There's broader support this time."

RoadUgandan "Ex-gay" leader George Oundo caught taking boys to his house to be "sodomized".

Rihanna RoadRihanna channels Grace Jones for Italian Vogue.

RoadAmerican Pie star Jason Biggs departs Spain after almost having his face ripped off by a monkey.

RoadVictory Fund endorses eight new candidates: Simone Bell – Georgia House of Representatives,

Fred Chang – Port Orchard, Wash. City Council,

David Cicilline — Mayor, Providence, Rhode Island,

Daniel Dromm – New York City Council,

Rosie Mendez — New York City Council,

Eric Morrow – East Point, Ga. City Council,

Ken Reeves – Cambridge, Mass. City Council,

Amaad Rivera — Springfield, Mass. City Council.

RoadA Life in the Day: Gay Beatles manager Brian Epstein is subject of new film.

RoadWashington Post posts fluffy profile on National Organization for Marriage executive director Brian Brown. Article.

TrevordonovanRoad 90210's hottest new piece, Trevor Donovan.

RoadT-shirt says Legalize It.

RoadSean Chapin on channeling anger over Prop 8.

RoadLowell, Massachusetts teen faces civil rights charges for hurling slurs at drag queens.

RoadGroups protest lack of Obama movement on immigration reform. Immigration Equality hosting September 14 reception in Washington D.C.

RoadEnglewood, Colorado Episcopal Church dissolves over gay controversy: "Even though these traditional, loyal and older
Episcopalians did not object to the church's growing acceptance of
openly gay clergy, they say, their former priest did."

RoadZimbabwe's Mugabe government in alleged cover-up after minister of state John Nkomo sexually assaults young man and forces him to flee the country.


  1. crispy says

    Good lord, that pasty boy is fine. I swear to stick with him thru his melanoma treatment.

  2. dctopman says

    Zimbabwe, Uganda and Ghana all in the same post? Something is happening on the African Continent…not sure what…

  3. says

    “Rihanna CHANNELING Grace Jones” has to be the single most generous choice of words in all of 2009!

    It’s an out and out rip-off… she and Vogue should have done the RIGHT thing and invited Grace Jones to share the cover with Rihanna.

  4. ricardo says

    considering the nauseating crap that passes for substance these days in the realm of peeping tom idiots and hateful, bigoted scumbags and the obvious moronic script they’ve been delivering for years ++ — it’s amusing that one has to channel a certain artist — since some are now being raised on limited vision and creative blockage, it’s not surprising that a relatively talented photographer is channeling — since, the prudes on this piece of shit venture radio are limited by so much — it amazes me that they call los angeles the entertainment capital of the world, yet, some absolute IDIOTS that i’ve had in my life deliver a joke of healthy relations. i’ve known people of all persuasions, gender, and ethnicity — all color — yet, the monochrome and monotonous — i’m surprised that anyone glbt can digest such horrible limitations in social or cultural progression. the project on hawaii was the last straw that represented how unhealthy and irresponsible apart from hatefully tolerant the united states had become.

    anyhow, have a great weekend andy.

  5. Matty says

    Of course circumcision is ineffective in protecting anyone from HIV/AIDS, you’d have to be a moron to believe cutting off any part of the human anatomy is going to protect you from the virus. A condom is your best bet, not making some surgeon richer by having them perform an absolutely unnecessary surgery.

  6. miaedu says

    DAVID B.

    Grace Jones and what’s her name don’t even belong in the same sentence, let alone the cover of any magazine.

  7. says

    I KNOW THEY DI’NT straight up steal some Grace!

    Aw hells no ReeRee!

    Ladies And Gentlemen put your nipple to the bottle while you’re walking in the rain in your warm leatherette with my jamaican guy who’s pulled up to the bumper singing La Vie En Rose!

    Give some some Grace in your face!

  8. crispy says

    Having read Ricardo’s comment twice now, I feel like I’m taking the verbal portion of the SAT and must answer several questions showing an understanding of Ricardo’s primary thesis, of which I most certainly cannot do, which means I will fail the SATs, never get into college, and will have to live out the remainder of my life a pariah in my mother’s basement. Thanks, Ricardo.

    Can someone spare a #2 pencil?

  9. Paul R says

    Don’t worry Crispy: maybe you can take it online.

    His Dada-esque script kind of amuses me.

  10. mike says

    @Matty: to take the circumcision argument further, the recent news reports that circumcision has reduced the number of STD transmissions (including HIV) among heterosexuals (mostly male to female) in Africa is bogus as well. What doesn’t get mentioned in this “debate” to institutionalize even further what is a sexual and moral perversion–enforced circumcision without consent–is that the most effective preventative for disease transmission for uncut, heterosexual men–besides the use of condoms–is soap and water. An uncut man who keeps the glans of his penis clean by washing it with soap and water regularly prevents the growth of the bacteria and viruses that can cause many cervical cancers and other STDs in women. A man cleaning his uncut penis (or cut penis, for that matter) immediately before and after sexual intercourse has a far greater chance of not transmitting STDs than one who doesn’t. There may be legitimate medical reasons for a man (or a boy or an infant) to be circumcised, if necessary. But to make it random, routine and mandatory for male infants, prepubescent boys or adult men (as in Muslim countries, the Jewish religion and American social custom) for no legitimate reason is to sanction the unnatural mutilation of the penis. It is barbaric, primitive and uncivilized when done for non-medical reasons.