1. Drew says

    “Dickprint,” lol. Never heard that. You’re right though, I think he’s excited considering the first photo and then he just couldn’t stop his inner excitement.

    BTW, where are the wallpaper sizes of these photos?! These tiny ones are not sufficient to see the men in the back.

  2. Dback says

    OK, I like ’em dark haired and stocky–who is that gorgeous side of beef directly behind the yellow left door? Or the kid directly behind the yellow car in the middle? (Drew, I’m right with you: where can we get blow-ups of these pics?)

  3. Dback says

    Jim, you are officially wonderful. I’ll take a 4-way with Logan Walls, Jared Polak, and Ray Beno–but only Sean Bedford gets to spend the night. WOOF!!

  4. Bradford says

    A Lamborghini Gallardo is not a “muscle car”. It could be called a super car, or an exotic car, or even just a sports car, but definitely not a muscle car.

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