News: Gerard Butler, Gay Adoption, Dominick Dunne, Anchorage

RoadFlorida ban on gay adoption goes before appeals court.

RoadSummer of loss: Writer Dominick Dunne, songwriter Ellie Greenwich die.

Eudysimelane RoadTrial resumes for killers of South African lesbian football star Eudy Simelane, targeted with "corrective rape" and stabbed to death because of her sexuality: "Men are unemployed and feel traditional male preserves — such as
football or drinking in a bar — are under attack. That was Eudy’s
crime. An aggravating factor was that she did not look like a typical
female. People are just getting killed here because they are different,
like HIV-positive people have been killed in the past. What is
important is to get a verdict which includes murder."

RoadGerard Butler and his pug Lolita in doggie dust-up.

RoadDueling dot-coms battle for .gay domain address.

RoadState senator Ed Murray mulling write-in campaign in Seattle mayoral race.

RoadLesbian Houston City Controller Annise Parker is among top contenders in mayoral race: "She’s the most experienced, most well-known candidate in the race, but
the anti-gay far right knows this too, so we fully expect them to use
her sexual orientation to divide and distract the voters. We’re
preparing for that."

RoadEd Westwick hangs out with his Gossip Girl gay kiss recipient Neal Bledsoe.

Ford RoadTom Ford's London home on the market.

RoadAdvocate interviews gay men who created Miley Cyrus 'Party in the USA' Fire Island video.

RoadNew Jersey Catholic bishops launch campaign against marriage equality.

RoadCelestia is back and crazier than ever.

RoadKylie Minogue talks about first North American tour with Black Book magazine.

RoadFreelance writer goes undercover at "ex-gay" seminar.

Russianlesbians RoadRussian lesbians protest postponement of court hearing over marriage challenge with a kiss: "Ms Fedotova-Fet and Ms Shipitko applied to marry at a Moscow registry office in May, but were refused on the grounds
that same-sex marriage is illegal in Russia. The couple argue that Russian
law does not forbid such a union. A court ruled the refusal was legal
and their complaint would be heard today."

RoadFirst online gay rights and support group formed in the Maldives. Official site.

RoadAfton, Minnesota home targeted with anti-gay graffiti.

RoadGay High Line founder Robert Hammond rewarded handsomely by board of directors.

RoadIn Anchorage, it looks unlikely that the Assembly will move to override the veto of a gay rights ordinance by Mayor Dan Sullivan: "The first opportunity for the Anchorage Assembly to override Mayor Dan
Sullivan’s veto of an ordinance banning discrimination on the basis of
sexual orientation went by Tuesday night without action."


  1. Cyd says

    The Maldives are the most magical place I’ve ever been. In Male, you see young guys walking around holding hands everywhere: But, I’m told it’s a Muslim tradition and has nothing to do with being gay. It was odd/cool to see, though.

  2. AED says

    I grew up around the Afton area. It doesn’t surprise me that there are homophobes around there. (I’m not sure where his home was, though.)

  3. mcc says

    We don’t need any more TLDs. All that will happen is a bunch of orgs (HRC, coca cola) will register a .gay domain name and then everyone will keep on using the .coms

  4. john says

    Tom Fords place is just miserable looking. I just don’t understand how anyone would feel at home there, it’s dark and cold and depressing looking. Now add a typical rainy/foggy London day and the interior of that place must look like a Modern/Sleek cave. I wonder if it’s cold looking in order to match his personality.

  5. Br!on says


    I grew up across the river in Hudson WI had many friends in Afton and Stillwater.

    It seems pretty violent for the area to me.

  6. NYSmike says

    “She’s the most experienced, most well-known candidate in the race…

    Sorry, but after last year’s democratic Presidential primary, these qualities mean very little.

  7. Paul R says

    The .gay “debate” is just further proof that ICANN is probably the most inefficient possible organization to be administering anything related to the Internet. It’s slow, bureaucratic, and profit-based. Just allow whatever TLDs anyone wants and don’t make it a money race. And don’t take several years to make every single damn decision.

  8. says

    Hammond comes off like a con man. If he’s getting paid that much no wonder he wanted (still wants) to tax the neighbourhood even more. Let the millionaires and billionairse on the board pay for it.

    The highline also has more rangers than all the parks in the Bronx put together. Nothing like treating the rich and famous better than the working class and poor,

  9. Rodney Wollam says

    She left him for her co-star and now she’s complaining that she has to provide support? Heche is making herself look bad.