1. J says

    So, I don’t watch America’s Got Talent very often, but if I’m bored I can sometimes switch to it… one thing I find a common theme is that Piers seems to be a bit of a homophone. He buzzes drag queens, guys in tight clothes, anything remotely “gay” – while not buzzing blatantly awful acts with pretty scantily clad girls (even when both other judges have buzzed them). Is it just me?

  2. TJ says

    Generally I like Zakaria but three cheers for Hillary for bursting the bubble that he helps perpetuate that we have to take every Right Wing extremist seriously [particularly one who intentionally helped fuck up our previously gradually improving relationship with the nutty head of North Korea]. Seeing her spontaneously laugh in the face of that made my day! She’s far from perfect, but we could use a lot more of this.

  3. WizardBoy says

    @America’s Got Talent. Notice the third word = TALENT. Diva League drag queens lacked it. They were on Tuesday’s show, eliminated Wednesday. Just now there’s a clip? OLD NEWS! They were untalented and, um, shall we say, less than “drag-queen-attractive”. Several tried to look like DIVINE (look it up, twinkies) but managed to look more like Travolta with no teeth!

    As for Piers, he is a homophobe. One other nearly-eliminated contestant was the young boy dancer (only age 11, so no comments!) I think Piers made negative comments because he doesn’t like the kid, either, for reasons stated above by “J”.

  4. Paul R says

    Maybe America’s Got Talent shouldn’t have an uptight British prig as a judge; it’s such an obvious riff on Simon Cowell. Yes, it’s unlikely that a group of drag queens is going to win such a competition, but he’s just an ass.

    No wonder I don’t watch those shows.

  5. Rick says

    oh yeah, john bolton is a joke, please he understanding of foreign policy certainly is a little more in depth than the former first lady of arkanasas. she’s laughing because she looks like an ass as the most ineffective secretary of state EVAH.

  6. nic says

    oh RICK,

    fuck you. “first lady of arkansas”. really? wtf is wrong with you?

    hillary’s hearty, honest laugh sent bolton’s raisins scurrying into his body cavity for cover.

    the dems, all of them, from obama to the clintons to al gore shined on the world stage as heroes. cheney/bush would have declared war on north korea.

  7. RB says

    Rick, first lady of Arkansas? You are kidding right?! I haven’t certainly not always been nice to the Clinton’s in my postings but you take the cake! She has gone well BEYOND being the first lady of a small southern state. You have to be the most bitter person ever to make that statement. Unbelievable!

    NIC, I agree with your take on Rick’s post obviously, but I don’t have a problem with declaring war on N. Korea. Just drop a bomb and end this crap once and for all. Ok, maybe not literally, but you get that I am over N. Korea and their “I must have attention” games. Give them a little of the attention they deserve.

  8. patrick nyc says

    When Bush made Bolton his rep for the United Nations, a group Bolton said earlier should be dismantled, he was booed when he showed up by people in the streets. He was and is a joke, just showing how lame the GOP reps are today.

  9. Marco says

    Bolton should be laughed at and so should any member of the worst administration in history offering up advice to our current administration. Sadly, our pathetic media takes these people seriously.

  10. paul c says

    Nic – Hillary and Bill are great, but Al Gore is a greedy weasel. He’ll never be on their level. Nor will Obama.

    Marco – At the rate that Obama is going, he’ll unfortunately soon be stealing the title for worst administration ever away from Bush.

  11. says

    I think that Obama will be one of our greats. I’m very hopeful that by the time his administration is over, we will have our constitutionally guaranteed rights as Americans. I support him, but, will be holding his feet to the fire for his entire 8yrs in office until we get what is ours.

    I was a Hillary delegate, and I still love her and Bill. Her laughter at the idiot Bolton made me love her even more.

  12. nic says


    i concur ‘in re’ obama. hillary was my man, cuz let’s face it, she has bigger balls than most men do. but, obama the clintons, al gore, et al, showed principled unanimity.

    let’s just celebrate the fact that the dems represent the best of america on the world stage now. our nation is now being represented by adults. thank god for small favors.

  13. Rodney Wollam says

    What’s the point of Fox bringing up the victim’s past misdeeds? Did he do something wrong here (other than have the misfortune of showing up on Fox News)?

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