1. Fix It Again Tony says

    Forget massage, our cat demands “butt-patting”. It’s either by gently patting either side of the hips, or by gently rattling her hips between the fingers and thumb. (Keep away from the crunchy area in back… ick!) In either case, she lowers her head and begins rubbing her face on the carpet. If the single-sided pat is used, she will often plop down on the side being patted, which means time to pat the other side. If the rattle technique is used, she will keep her hind quarters up and face down (I wonder where she learned that?) while purring with happiness.
    I can tell you (from experience) this woman must have a very docile cat. Most of the techniques she shows would result in a hiss, a slap, or worse from our little bundle of joy.

  2. says

    What a pussy. But the cat was cute.

    My cats are lucky they get food, water and cat boxes. If they want a massage, they can leaf through the back pages of the gay rags, like I do…I mean….uh, gotta go!


  3. mike says

    @FixItAgainTony: I call them “booty-pats” only I do it at the point on my cat’s back where the tail begins. Pat Pat Pat Pat gently. Kitty purrs, sticks his behind up in the air, drools, rubs his cheeks on the carpet, and gives me “kitty-kisses” with his eyes. I’ve never had a cat that didn’t love a good “booty-pat” at least once a day. My cat loves massages. I give him one at least once day. Sigh. I need a life…..

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