Matt Lucas, on Ingenuity


"I remember being in a chemist a few years ago, and a very loud girl
who looked like Vicky Pollard came in with a bag of hot, vinegary chips
that were stinking out the shop. The pharmacist said, 'Excuse me but
there's a sign saying No Eating In The Shop.' And she said, 'Well I
aint eating them.' And she wasn't – she was holding them in her hand.
And I thought, well there you go, you've had a victory, haven't you? So
I kind of, I admire Vicky – she has ingenuity."

Little Britain's Matt Lucas, on his character Vicky Pollard, in an interview with the Guardian.

Matt Lucas Submerged [tr]


  1. Paul R says

    What a horribly depressing interview. Perhaps they should have assigned a journalist who appreciated Matt Lucas. Doesn’t have to be entirely adulation, but the negativity was unwarranted.

  2. Gregus says

    Agreed. The journalist was horrible here and seemed to be looking for the worst. “Gee he didn’t make me laugh once at lunch.”

    @ CRIPSY – yes, a chemist is a pharmacy, both words are used interchangeably.

  3. Coemgen in the UK says

    “Pharmacy” used interchangeably with “chemist”? No – not in Britain. The word has a hint of “posh” and “foreign” about it. “Chemist” it is – everywhere!

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