1. crispy says

    You’d think it would have been fairly simple for the police to walk in, observe that no sexual activity was going on, turn around and walk out.

    I guess they thought they were going to find sexual activity in people’s pockets.

  2. Jeff NYC says

    Has anyone done research to find out exactly who made the initial complaints that spurred the police raid?

  3. crispy says

    SoVo has posted copies of the complaints. And they are so ludicrous, it’s mindboggling that the APD took them seriously.

  4. jtaskw says

    Well, which was it? I have heard drugs, noise, and now sexual activity. Which was it that spurred the raid? Hearing this now makes me think they either didn’t even know what they were doing there in the first place, or didn’t have a valid reason for it and now are trying desperately to cover their asses. The first instance makes them look like fools, and the second like civil rights violators, so they can take their pick.

  5. SFshawn says

    It would be nice to see those cops subjected to the same treatment they dole out? What a bunch of miscreants. I hope they not only lose their jobs but get back some of the bullshit they perpetuated on those innocent bar patrons. The chief needs to resign first since he obviously has no control over his officers. Glad to see there is no “REAL” crime in Atlanta. Jeez. Do people still wonder why policeman get so little respect?