1. Jefferson says

    agree with both of you guys. love her or hate her, she’s a true talent. will she last? i don’t know…attention spans are notoriously short in this day and age. but that doesn’t make her any less talented. i for one hope she’s around for a long time.

  2. brian says

    THIS video has rehabbed by opinion of Gaga & her talent. Love her presence and command on stage. Great song& looks like a helluva lotta fun to have seen. Sure wish she’d tone down some of the current theatrics and give more of this more direct approach a chance.

  3. Jesus says

    I feel like I can appreciate this realness a lot more than her current fame-whoring. This is what she should have stuck with, IMO. There’s just no substitute for raw, live talent. Who gives a shit about what she’s wearing or how trendy her sound is? Apparently, that’s about all she cares about now.

  4. rich says

    Um, just a heads up to all of you who are saying you wished she hadn’t gone in her current direction.

    Don’t you realize that you probably would have never heard of her if she hadn’t? I mean, were you rockin’ out to Stefani three years ago? I didn’t think so.

    Who cares about her look? Well apparently you the audience do, since her eye catching make over and musical style switch is why she is so popular now.

    Talent alone won’t get you to the top. She’s smart to have changed, which is proven out by the fact that you even know who she is enough to comment on her.

    Frankly my look would be all I “cared about now”, if changing it had rocketed me to the top after years of hard work, like it did for her.

  5. says

    I like this way more than the stuff I’ve heard from her before. Pokerface makes me want to jump off a bridge every time I hear it. Instead, I just try not to hear it, ever. Not as easy as you think, though.

  6. kriss kross says

    drummer blows…. and she’s kinda more annoying in this vid than at the VMA’s lol

    this music reminds me of the jonas brothers..
    no wonder she had to resort to gimmicks like “fashion”

  7. zzzzzzz says

    I don’t get it. Very typical Jersey- or Long Island-looking girl singing cheesy pub rock. She was obviously capable at that and obviously has enough skills to have carried on with changing everything in terms of style/genre (i.e. she will carry whatever tune she thinks she can sell) but she didn’t seem to have anything interesting to say then and she doesn’t now either. Just because she is super-popular among kiddies and witless older people doesn’t mean she is interesting. Wanting fame for its own sake without having anything to say is super-bourgeois.

  8. Tom says

    All you bitter bitchy queens, take a look at this _recent_ live performance and eat your sour hateful words:

    no matter what you think of her then or now, you have to admit she has talent, orders of magnitude more than your plastic idols Shitney, Xtina, etc.

  9. FrancoisTrueFaux says

    Great talent then and now. I went to one of her shows at The Bitter End a few years ago when she was dating a friend of mine (not sure if this was the one, as she played a lot of bars and concert venues downtown). I still have one of her EPs on my laptop.

  10. Adam says

    are you people kidding? nobody ever heard of this loser – she was no gay underground club legend/superstar or whatever. this is horrible MOR bullshit, she did not work her way up through the clubs she got hooked up with a producer and agents and people who decided they could mold her meagre talents into what she is today. she is the biggest joke amongst people who really perform in New York on the “underground gay scene” because not one of them knew her or ever saw her. she exploited her gays and continues to do so. she looks like a scared little girl who has no personality and is just gonna keep on faking it till she makes it.

  11. not sure says

    not sure what to think about it…was she inspired by a girl named Chiki? seems like a stretch to go from this and even Lollapalooza Blueberry Kisses to almost exactly what Chiki was doing in early 2007 in Boston/NYC. interesting to me…apparantly Chiki opened for Kat Deluna (produced by RedOne) in Sept. 2007 after Lady Gaga had performed in Lollapalooza 2007. . Look up the lyrics to Just Dance, copyrighted in 2008 and the lyrics to Too Much Funn that Chiki copyrighted in 2006, plus shows on youtube of Chiki performing Too Much Funn….an observation …

  12. Adam says

    carlos who cares if she supports us, she is untalented, a bad singer, a bad lyricist, clearly has no personality or sense of humor – she couldn’t even make an appearance with kermit the frog seem funny. the real diva performers people like Liza, Cher, Bette, Barbra, Patti, have voices, had dancing skills, and real chops. If you saw this chick performing this song in a bar you would keep talking i guarantee it.

    her saying she likes the gays doesn’t mean we have to accept lesser class divas.

  13. Ew says

    Oh and I agree with Adam.
    She has been purely CREATED and MOLDED and presented to consumers in a neon color wrapping paper.
    Her fans are the biggest suckers on this planet. She is 100% created as the next gimmick.

  14. Natalie says

    I’ve got to say to the people who are slagging her for her looks….you’re pretty shallow people. Does she have to have a nose job to appease you? She shouldn’t have to. 90% of the girls in California hate their appearances and wind up with nose jobs at 18 or 19 because of people like you who tell them they should all look the same. Wonder what you look like? Can you compete? If so, then get up off your couches and get on stage and let’s see what you’ve got.

    Secondly, do you know how many people in Hollywood and even outside of Hollywood (wow) have done or are currently doing drugs of some type? If you think everyone famous is a saint, you have led a very sheltered life and are quite naive. See the thing is, she is famous now…like her or hate her, her fans will keep her in the lights. You have the choice to tune out, but some of the reasons a few of you are posting…aren’t real reasons…it’s like your jealous or something. A person’s personal life, looks etc should not affect whether you like the music or not. If it does, bottom line you are being shallow about it.

  15. Nina says

    a lot of hipsters want to hate on anything mainstream, even if it’s good, just because it’s mainstream, which is really stupid.

    she is extremely talented; she has a beautiful voice, and a lot of heart at such a young age, and she actually knows how to play an instrument unlike those blached-blonde clones, i.e. xtina, britney, and jessica simpson.

    it’s ridiculous to hate on her costuming (fyi which she has designed herself for a long, long time, it’s not a recent thing she’s into) because hipsters and most musicians (and esp the gay ones someone posted earlier about) are SUPER image conscious and won’t go out without their skin-tight girly jeans, which is just the same thing she is doing, just to a higher degree, so don’t be a hypocrite. she is famous for the right reasons, because of her gorgeous opera trained voice, her stage command, and personality (the latter of which manifests itself in her wardrobe). not because of her sexuality or trying to always be “hot” like other female singers in hollywood.

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