1. glennmcgahee says

    Equality for gays? You forgot how full Obama’s plate is. It takes several hours to fly back and forth to Copenhagen (Olympics and all that) dontcha know. How could Obama possibly find the time to worry about the gays.

  2. JohnF says

    I guess I missed the canidate who was suppose to put DOMA before everything. I don’t remember any of you, who think he is so bad, running for president. Rick what ticket were you on? Glen???

    I am soooo tired of hearing that beating drum of DOMA. Jesus F. Christ, can’t you spoiled bitches give it a rest. I am about ready to join the right on this one. To date, he is the best President we’ve had for gays issues. It is going to use up a lot of his politcal clout to fight DOMA. THERE ARE MORE IMPORTANT ISSUES THAN THAT!! WE ARE NOT THE CENTER OF THE WORLD. If he doesn’t do something by his 6th year, I’ll start getting concerned. Unitl then I am going to enjoy having him in office and distance myself from the flaming left!

    So, Rick and Glen you two are reacting just as the religeous right is hoping. Don’t dare trust the man. Don’t support him. Threaten him. He seems to respond very well when a group is pestering and bashing him.

    Tear it up Ho’s! Pick out all the bad shit you can come up with. You will turn every non gay person against us with you rancor.

  3. Harris of Hollywood says

    Ridiculary: Bringing unrelated topics to Obama bashing. Were you asleep for the past 8 years? Do you want the Republicans back in office? Work with it, not against it folks.

  4. mike says

    JohnF and Harris of Hollywood: Thank you for speaking the truth to those spoiled queens whose memories obviously are very short, indeed. I’ll take the current President to the last one any day. How many of the whiny brats who post here are going to run out tomorrow and get married anyway? Methinks they just like hearing their chiffon crinkle and rustle too much. Either that or techno really does turn the brain to mush.

  5. Miss_h says

    i totally agree w Harris of Hollywood..” WORK with it not againist it”……….imagine your world if John McCain and Sarah Paalin were working in thier shoes instead!!!!!!!!! *enuf said…….

  6. JohnF says

    Yes Mike, isn’t it embarrassing that every time that anything comes up some princess has to link it back to “her very special day” just like some scary 16-year-old bitch. I wish those little princesses would just keep their French rolls, tiaras and polyester wedding gowns to themselves. There are more important issues that effect everyone gay, straight and those in between. They may sit around looking at wedding magazines all day waiting for the next Twilight installment but I know that making sure we are safe, the war ends, kids get educated and people don’t go hungry are some of the things that are more important than DOMA. I am a man who is gay, not a gay who happens to be a man.

    I think there is one point these queens are confused about. Just because sex couples will be able to wed, that doesn’t mean that someone will be legally bound to marry them. They are still going to have to be pretty inside and out. Right now they are looking pretty ugly!

    @Arvis, you are totally right. I forgot that Peter and the rest of the disciples call J.C. by his nickname Harry while at the baths. I thought they were talking about his chest.

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