1. soulbrotha says

    “you think I’m gay? leave me alone with your girl for an hour”

    Yes Stephon, because it will take you about an hour to negotiate how much to make the “hush money” check out for. smdh.

  2. Myra says

    I saw him a couple of times at my nail place a number of years ago getting his mani/pedis. His wife used the place, too, and he brought his daughters there. I never thought he was gay, just narcissistic.

  3. paul c says

    This poor guy has seemed to be going through a meltdown for a while now. I know his brother was around because he was in some of Marbury’s videos (and he’s extremely hot, btw) so I hope his family is helping him through whatever’s really going on.

  4. OttoErotica says

    I don’t care. I’d rather have a Str8 guy pretending to be gay then another flamer hiding in plain site and expecting the community to keep his secrets.

    Speaking of which – Where is this week Towleroad rimjob for ‘undeclared’ Michael Urie? Or are we still holding Charles Perez’ hand through his ‘discriminatory’ firing by an actual out gay man?

  5. Paul R says

    I don’t understand how wealthy celebrities are allowed to have public meltdowns like this. Where are their agents and managers?

    This behavior would be self-destructive in any field, but in professional sports it’s a career killer.

  6. Drew says

    Ok, let’s get fucking real. Straight dudes do NOT go out on gab-fests, make YouTube videos of themselves and/or get their damn toenails painted/Bedazzled.

    Seriously. You all know at least one straight man pretty closely, right? I certainly do and talking, YouTubing or painting nails is something that straight men don’t even comprehend.

    This isn’t “everyone’s gay because I’m gay” syndrome, it’s just the truth about straight men.

  7. eric says

    drew, i think you’re kind of out of touch with modern day society. youtube isn’t a gay thing. talking isn’t a gay thing. having painted/bedazzled nails isn’t a gay thing…or a straight thing.

    i dunno if this guy is gay or straight, but nowadays i don’t think you can use these things to say one way or the other…

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