1. Strepsi says

    Having an openly gay teen idol is brilliant. Go Adam! And the kind of trashy Aerosmith-in-the-90’s power ballad that this soundtrack song is, is also brilliant — but only if sung brilliantly, at DIVA level 10, which Adam does. As for Steven Tyler, the old king is dead. Adam Lambert is the new king! Long live the king!

  2. jtramon says

    Sorry Streps-

    This doesn’t cut it, He’s got a great, powerful voice, but this doesn’t make me wanna spend the money on it.

  3. crispy says

    I know I risk the wrath of Glambert nation by saying this, but that 2012 song is fucking awful. It’s like a bad Aerosmith knock-off with treacly lyrics by Diane Warren.

    So much for the edgy, pansexual Adam Lambert we fell in love with on American Idol. I guess Clive Davis sucked out his soul too.

  4. Brian in Texas says

    Love that Adam is out and proud and he is very talented. But, why is your first or one of your first songs out of the gate on yet another disaster movie soundtrack. Armageddon anyone?? That is just cheesy, what were they thinking??

    I sure HOPE this garbage doesn’t make it on his album.

  5. Amanda says

    Fuck you and your negativity! He got the chance to sing a song for a HUGE movie that will open all around the world at the same date. It WILL NOT be on his album, his real single comes out soon- maybe next week, he told Ryan Seacrest on radio yesterday that it would be more “glammy” and “glittery”, jesus u guys are so fast on judging!!

    And I freaking love the song, from what little we heard anyway, he sounds amazing!

  6. Chris says

    Brian- not on the album, no worries. Touching story behind the song, really. Written by QOTSA’s guitarist and his girlfriend and bandmate who was stricken with incurable cancer. She passed away last year. I thought it was cheesy, too, until I heard that story.

    Adam will perform his own music on the AMAs. People will forget this song soon.

  7. Bill says

    I love the song and that he kissed his boyfriend in public. *claps* Unfortunately, too many gay men are jeaulous of other gay men who are successful or beautiful for whatever reason (I have no idea why). You can bet if a heterosexual male sang this exact song and said he liked his gay fans every gay person on this website would be falling over themselves to praise him. But we are writing about a gay man so the standards are always pushed out of reach.

  8. crispy says

    Bill, your retardedness never ceases to amaze me. If Brad Pitt sang this song while simultaneously butt-fucking David Beckham, it would still be completely awful.

  9. Brian in Texas says

    Wrong Bill, if a heterosexual person sang this song we’d call like it was too.

    Like I said: I am a fan of Adam’s; I rooted and VOTED for him on AI. I also think he’s a positive role model as he is out and proud and doing his thing in the mainstream.

  10. Cacatua says

    Brian May raving about this song, and he has at least heard the whole thing, is good enough for me. I like what I’ve heard so far except for the crescendo of music coming on a little too strong. I’d rather be hearing Adam’s voice.

  11. Tralfaz says

    Brad Pitt butt fucking David Beckham? Well girls, we all know what La Crispy thinks about while knocking one off.

    Don’t get mad Crisp. You know I love ya more than my lugage.

  12. steve says

    good for him

    too bad his music sucks goats nuts

    there’s a helluva a lot of better gay musicians out there, but they don’t have pseudo-glam outfits & bad hair, so we never hear about em

    i think it’s great he’s out, being true to himself & living his life openly in the public eye, but crappy music is crappy music – period.

    * waiting in vain for Jónsi Birgisson posts *


  13. Gene says


    Who are you to decide what is crap music????
    You are not the authority in the music world.

  14. says

    This power ballad is just like any other power ballad: shit sandwich. But who cares? The real Adam Lambert will come out later in a major way.

    On another note — and I know I’ll get a lot of flack for this — but I’d like to see Adam lose some weight. Just a little. Because then he could totally push the glam-rock thing to the max. But to do glam-rock, you can’t be “heavy”.

  15. Andy says

    Why does a mention of Adam on this site bring out the bitchy queens? He sounds amazing. Every person who has worked with him has had nothing but the highest praise for his vocal performances. And to those of you trash-talking his body: karma is a bitch. Be prepared to come back as fat, wart-covered dwarfs.

  16. steve says

    @ gene

    of course i’m no authority

    but at least the original glam rock movement had some creativity & musical chops that extended far beyond “the look”

    to me, this is just generic radio pop with a different outfit – under the surface there is nothing new

    i’d like to see this guy in a cage match with the ghost of Marc Bolan

    anyway, if you think this is great music, then it’s great music

    power to ya

  17. Gene says

    Adam was asked by movie producers to sing the theme song – should he have turned down the opportunity? And he isn’t going to be a mainstream pop star by releasing none-mainstream music that only appeals to niche market.

  18. CRISPOOPH LOL says



  19. Mr Chris says

    No shade I wish him well in his career but those two are two dykes one with a Gucci purse and the other with s Vuitton purse and they bumping along the way!


  20. RoRo says

    I love the song (not saying its the best in the whole wide world ever written or recorded)and I love Adam’s singing of it. I will be there to hear it at the movie debut and also the Michael Jackson Doc., featuring Adam’s 2012 movie video trailer. I just love Adam – move over Drake! I’m next!

  21. crispy says

    Hey douche with the busted caps lock,
    Last I heard, there are more than 50 million blogs. I visit 2 of them. I’m hardly “all over the blogosphere.” But I appreciate you hanging on my every word. How flattering.

  22. Jack says

    I love how people reprimand others who think the song is garbage and say things like “what kind of expert are you to decide that”, when they are simultaneously proclaiming the music to be “good,” and that anyone who disagrees with them must be insane or jealous.

    Pot, meet kettle…

  23. terie says

    There is a FULL VERSION of TIME for MIRACLES on Ytube just released (or maybe) leaked. Anyone who is interested check it out. It’s REALLY GOOD!!

  24. media bias says

    Yeah he should have TURNED DOWN the MOVIE soundtrack since it didn’t meet the “standards” of “EPIC”..BTW as a straight female who grew up amongst gay men…tell me exactly how to explain to my children why grown men casually joke around calling each other “girls” and discussing anal sex. I get the schtick and it’s tired now. When you wanna be politicos grow up we can discuss how to have an “accepting” society. Sadly,until then, you will remain a fringe element by your own doing. It’s very sad for me seeing what today’s culture has become having been so close to so many gay men who struggled and died during gay plague days. They’d be thrilled to have lived to see Adam living his life but embarrassed to be associated with self haters. The thing Im most happy for Adam about is that he can escape the subculture and live his dream like a normal person.

  25. Lynn says

    I was afraid the buildup would result in a letdown. I’ve heard the full song and I don’t know why Brian May was all hot and bothered. Its OK but–just OK. Its just a simple ballad, nothing to write home about. Glad it won’t be on his album. Nothing wrong with a little objectivity. Love Adam but this song is just not all that.