1. Wes says

    I’m sorry sir, but your son is an adult and his own man now. He should pay for his crimes just like anyone else. Most violent criminals have a sad backstory, that doesn’t excuse them of the harm they cause others.

  2. soulbrotha says

    I feel sorry for the father because this is a parent’s nightmare. But this isn’t about the “mercy of the public,” this is about a crime and the law. His son made choices and now he must suffer the consequences of those choices.

  3. Wes says

    Although I sympathize with a father’s plea, his suggestion that his son “doesn’t hate” and that this violent action was not done “out of hate” is completely incredible. Just because your his father don’t whitewash the truth. We are not stupid. I can hardly think of anything more hateful to do to a person than what his son did to Jack Price.

  4. qjersey says

    Yes let’s show him some mercy and only stomp on him for 5 minutes instead of 10. Maybe only only bust his ribs on one side of his body.

  5. says

    A parent can take as much or as little blame for the actions of their children, but it doesn’t change what happened, no matter how much daddy’s heart hurts.

  6. tooboot says

    No sympathy, no mercy. Your opportunity to make a difference in your son’s life has passed. You failed as a parent and your son is a failure as a human being. Now you get to see how your lack affects society. Fuck you and fuck your son. He deserves everything he gets and so do you.

  7. says

    Gotta agree with Wes.

    Sorry the dad suddenly realizes he’s a failure as a father. But if dad had actually watched the video, he would see exactly just how much his son DOES hate!

    Now his son gets to spend the next 15 years getting raped by the other inmates. Never ceases to amaze me, these kids talk all this smack about how they hate gays, then do everything in their power to get themselves locked up so they can turn punk in prison.

    It’s still gay, shithead – even in prison.

  8. Marc says

    I find it curious that Fox news felt the need to broadcast the father’s plea for mercy on behalf of his son. STOP WATCHING ANY FOX SHOW! Including Glee! They don’t deserve the advertising dollars that they get when it clearly supports their anti-gay agenda!

    Mercy for your son? No! Mercy for you maybe but none for your son!

  9. DanE says

    I honestly feel sorry for any parent who faces this type of situation.

    Maybe you should have and could have taught him differently had you been a dad, but the bottom line here is that this kid is full of hate, and he is an adult who acted on his own to beat and almost kill a man in his own neighborhood.

    What are you people teaching your children?

  10. says

    I guess the lawyer told him to do a public statement like that for his son’s sake.

    He stopped being a father to hi son, so how does he know that his son doesn’t hate? Apparently he does and there’s a man in a comma for proof. And apparently he did brought up his son like that.

  11. Bob R says

    I wonder, if Mr. Price had beaten and stomped Mr. Rodriguez’s son so severely, doing great physical harm and putting him in a coma, while shouting anti-Hispanic, racist epithets, would Mr. Rodriguez, Sr. be taking the same stance? Would he be asking the public to show mercy to his son’s attacker? Sorry, sir, your son is an adult. Whether you raised him well or served him ill as a poor parent is for you deal with on your own. Your son is a hater and a violent menace that threatens society. He should be jailed until such time as he no longer poses a threat to anyone.

  12. Darren says


    I had a shitty dad too.

    And I’m well aware of the difference between right and wrong and what happens to you should you get caught.

    Sorry dude. He did his crime, he’ll have to do his time.

    And since karma is a real beyatch, I have to wonder if you’ll see him taking it up the wazoo from some burly convict as you are working…. that would be harsh.

  13. Ben says

    Sorry dad but you are a day late and a dollar short.

    What’s done is done, however, if you really believe this is a result of your failure, you certainly have the opportunity to step up and change things going forward. That, however, will have no bearing on the criminal proceedings that start now.

    Good luck to you.

  14. Gregoire says

    Yeah, this crime had nothing to do with an irresponsible parent.

    His son should go to jail and Dad should help that little monster to become a better person in between the inevitable bashings he will receive in prison. Although you might think otherwise, perpetrators of hate crimes do not generally do well in prison.

  15. alguien says

    when they’re sent up the river i guess they won’t be able to refuse offers of gay sex quite so agressively.

  16. hall says

    soliciting sex with graffiti on the wall on some deserted street at 4am. Don’t they have the internet in College Pt? Something about that allegation doesn’t add up…

  17. MikeMick says

    The guy should get props for trying to take some responsibility for his dickhead offspring, even though it’s a misguided effort.

  18. alex in Boston says

    You know what the real issue here is don’t you?? Mr rodriguez knows full well what his son has done and what will happen in a court and more importantly he knows first hand what will happen to his son in prison whether for a year or a few years or 15 years, that boy will become the “Bitch” for so many more powerful men and he will get passed back and forth like the shitbag he is…… you do not want to be 19 and be in prison!! I can only hope he enjoys what that 10 mins will do for the rest of his life!!! I have no sympathy for him! As for his father – the film speaks for itself and for the scum that his son has become and i fail to see any jury feeling any sympathy for him when they find him Guilty and the judge does the right thing by proffering the maximum sentence!!

  19. Miles says

    Why is anyone assuming the thug will get prison time? Do they live in a different world than me? It fascinates me that so many think this is a “slam dunk guilty going to jail”. He should, but will he? I wish I could be so sure justice will prevail.

  20. patrick nyc says

    I doubt that this kid learned that kind of hate just off the street or in school, most kids learn that early on and in the home.

    I grew up in White Stone, the next town over from College Point, in Queens. While we were a little more upper middle class, the trash and hate out on the street was the same. I was 12 when I heard a kid say ‘ni#@er’ and I asked my older brother what it meant. He smacked me in the had and told me if our Dad heard me say it I’d get the belt.

    I was lucky because most of the kids on my street had parents who both used it, as well as against other religions, races (even us micks) not to mention faggots. My brother in law was from College Point, or garbage point as people in our area called it. When I met his friends they were the lowest White Irish trash you could find.

    While Rodriguez Sr. may be sorry, and claims there was no hate in his home, I doubt that’s true. As for his kid not serving time, he is being held without bail now. I’m sure that the guards will look the other way as he learns the ropes of what is coming his way.

  21. Ryan says

    As a former corrections officer … Dad knows all about what 15 years in prison is gonna do to his kid.

    that 19 year olds ass and mouth are gonna get a workout.

  22. MCnNYC says


    don’t you think the victim Jack Price might have been begging for….

    What angers me is the plea is being used for pr sake…not saying by the father I do think he is sincere in his pain…but by Fox especially when they plant the seeds of the attackers gay sex defense….come on.. a 49 year old man graffiti on a wall for SEX???

  23. MCnNYC says

    @ HALL

    the attacker said that the VICTIM JACK PRICE was writing grafitti on the wall that they thought was soliciting sex and they were DISGUSTED!!
    So they BEAT HIM?
    Seriously GUYS…FOX really needs to be called on this…they post an emotional plea by a father AND state the his son in his statement says they saw Price a 49 YEAR OLD MAN grafittiing a solicitation for SEX on a WALL…and BAM….he son doesn’t HATE don’t you see….he could not have done this out of HATE…

    WTF….we need to wake up.

  24. JT says

    Of course I have some sympathy for the father, but most criminals have decent relatives one feels sorry for. It’s really the fault of the criminal, putting their family members through this sort of thing.

  25. Mark says

    The underlying Fox News message is this: Gays destroy families.

    Evil Gay liberals are going to make this poor innocent boy who “doesn’t hate” suffer unjustly. The Gays are going to ruin a perfectly wonderful family and destroy whatever chance this poor father had at building a relationship with his wayward son.

    The ENTIRE fucking report is about the father’s pleas and his punk ass bitch of a son.

    What about the victim? Oh, he was a vandal defacing public property with graffiti searching for sex. Once again Fox resurrects the mythic predatory, promiscuous, dangerous homosexual as destroyer of young men and families.

    Price was “ABOUT TO write graffiti on a wall which THEY BELIEVED was an offer for sex.” A lie. IF Price was “ABOUT” to write graffiti on a wall it means he never did. How, then, could Rodriguez know what Price was going to write?

    And Fox just goes ahead and says this shit.


  26. Bryan says

    The only thing more disgusting than the way the media serves up fear, grief, loss, and other horrors is the way we all suck it up like vampire pigs at the heart trough.

    I don’t care who he is or what anybody has done, for my own self respect, I’m not wallowing.

  27. Ricco says

    Really Mr. Rodriguez? You’re son is not a hater? You’re not a hater? Then who are you pleading your case to on Fox news, asking for mercy?

    You go on a gay hating network to plead for mercy from whom exactly, gay people, Jack Price’s family?

    I think your son is exactly what you raised him to be, exactly what his father is, a hater and disdainer of gay people. Why would you further your offense by going on Fox news? It was rather disengenuous of you.

    Your son is a hater, Mr. Rodriguez. I thik the only thing you regret was his stupidity in not holding his temper. I think he is a hater, and I think that you are a hater. You were not making an appeal to the people you offended most, Jack Price’s family, and the gay community who have been victimized by a rash of hate crimes.

    You went on Fox news to plead your case to the religious right, to garner their sympathy, to get them to champion your sons hate. Your son has no remorse for what hedid, nor do you. All you care about is that your son is knee deep in the consequences of his hate.

    You continue to fail your son even now. If you were as truly remorseful at having failed your son as a father, then you would not be looking for the easy way out for him, but for him to grow as a man–which means, Mr. Rodriguez, that he, not you, is responsible for his actions. He bragged about how his father, the corrections officer, would get him off, and here yu are proving your willingness to do just that.

    He is a hater, and so are you. Only God knows, and maybe a handful of people who know you, what crimes, what hatred you have spewed.

    Pedal your “BS” to people who will listen . . . oh that’s right! That’s what you were doing on Fox. You were pedaling your “BS” to people who will listen.

  28. JT says

    And if Fox News rejected his plea for an interview you’d all call Fox “racist”. But you guys like to pigeonhole your enemies into neat little us-versus-them categories.

  29. Ricco says

    Fox pigeonholes itself. But let’s see: We have an unprofessional, hypocritical military that talks big about ethics, but would have thousands of gay American’s serve their country with a lie.

    We have a nation of backward hicks, unworthy of their freedom, of the service rendered them by gay American’s, who think that as heterosexuals they have the right to decide whether or not homosexuals can have the same rights.

    How the hell did we ever get the notion that it is us-versus-them?

  30. Bayley says

    This Dad needs to be locked up for spewing such BULL SHIT. Mercy? Doesn’t hate? He’s a good kid? You are a MONSTER. You helped raise a MONSTER. Go kill yourself you piece of low life shit!

  31. John Wallach says

    I am appalled at the amount of vindictive, gleeful salivating over the prospect of the horrors that await the perpetrators of this awful crime in prison. I can’t help but see a parallel here with the loathsome joy fundamentalist Christians express at the thought of sinners burning in hell forever. As long as righteous indignation trumps mercy and compassion we are all doomed.

  32. Andy J. says

    I would like to wait for the trial and the full information to come out. I do not condone this brutal attack, but sometimes people that get beaten up have piled up some bad karma along the way. If Mr. Price was tagging a wall with his graffiti and soliciting sex, then I might not judge the attackers so harshly. Call it street justice if you will. I get annoyed by persistent come-ons from freaks on the street and their tagging.
    What the 2 attackers did was wrong. I agree they should be punished both as a deterrent and as a way to protect the public since this probably wasn’t their 1st attack either. However, lets get all the facts right before judgement.

    To those that have made references to prison rape, you disgust me. Rape is neither funny nor justified. If these offenders are raped then they too become victims and are worthy of the same compassion you have for Mr. Price.

  33. Mark says

    Assailant’s punishment: 15 years in prison.

    Dad’s punishment: 15 years of knowing what his douchebag son is going to have done to him in prison.

    Great kid you raised there, dad. I’d love to know how many times the word “faggot” got used in your household.

  34. nic says

    there is something in the twisted psyche that allows a person to visit violence against another. i have little sympathy for the father or mother in this situation. they did something wrong, and very little right, as it pertains to that boy. and, i have no sympathy for the kid.
    perhaps the father was absent. perhaps the mother was not nurturing enough. but, for now, i don’t give a shit. i will leave the suppositions up to the sociologists and the psychologists. but, for the sake of society, he and his friend need to be locked up, away from decent society.

    i do not understand. how does that sort of evil happen? never in my many years have i leaned on a wall or lamp-post pondering which passerby i would cold-cock and severely beat. this is insanity. this is not human. awhile back, i saw a dog chase down a cat on the street in front of my house. before i could act, the cat’s back was broken, and he was dead.

    this kid and his friend are like that dog.

  35. Tyrone says

    Man, I wish your son wasn’t going to jail. Because if he wasn’t going to jail Jack Price would be home watching TV, or talking to his friends. He would not be in a coma. He would be able to smile and live his life. Did your son think about that when he was beating the 5’6″ 130lbs man down to the ground? How about when he was kicking him. Oh, by the way, your son swings like a girl. So I think your son is a closet case. He’ll do well in Jail. And I will make sure that everyone knows he’s Daniel Rodriguez, Sr., a former corrections officer son. So they can treat him real good. (wink)

  36. NVTodd says

    This is why we have hate-crime laws in this country ?

    Remanded in his father’s custody ? After nearly murdering the guy ? WTF, America ?

    If it was anyone BUT a gay man…

    He won’t get prison time, people ! Wake up ! A “Jury of his peers”, and a state prosecutor vs. the lawyer his daddy will hire will get him off with probation !

    This is America, after all !


  37. Marcus says

    WTF!? This guy is a piece of shit. He beat the shit out of this guy with his friend and robbed him.

    “We didn’t bring him up to hate?”

    No you just brought him up to rob and steal.

  38. LG Wilson says

    The father is worried about ‘those who judge my son’….? Sorry dad, the video speaks for itslf. It has nothing to do with judgement.
    You raised a pc of schitt and now he is going down. You better tell ur son to start practicing opening his azz.