1. ggreen says

    I think its criminal that this lunatic and his band of weeping sycophants is allowed on national television daily for many hours to beg for money to continue to hate on people and brainwash gullible TV viewers. Thanks to ABC the 700 club is a “must carry” program on all cable and satellite teevision.

  2. says

    The sinking ship of religion is the last respite for sexist, openly homophobic bigots, Christian and otherwise. Just look at the vatican’s recent decision to “ease” Anglicans who oppose same-sex marriage, gay bishops and female priests into catholicism.

  3. fred says

    OH NO!!!! He found me out. Destroying marriage is what I spend my days doing. I thought nobody would notice until I had accomplished my goal. BUSTED!!! Now what? What will I do after coffee tomorrow????

  4. Nick says

    Ignorant, bigoted, anit-intellectual followers of Robertson and his brand of Christianity are doing a fine job of destroying marriage all by their little lonesomes. They don’t need any help from gay folks. Pass the popcorn -I enjoy watching these ideologues make complete asses of themselves.

  5. Mitch Shea says

    It’s so easy, refreshing, and liberating to sit around and type insults at cartoon enemies on a message board instead of addressing the underlying issues in an intelligent, unified, or even creative manner! Who has time for figuring out WHY people like this exist when we can just sit back and hate, hate, hate the people who believe in these ideas? I don’t have time for that shit!! I’d rather jump in the same slimepool he’s in and sling mud right back at him than elevate my thinking and attempt to change peoples’ perceptions about gay people! Plus, it’s so much FUN, when the other stuff is just so damn HARD!

    HAHAHA! What a bigot! What an uneducated, low-life trailer-trash bunch of people they are!! Haha! Who cares if some of them are our parents, neighbors, and family members – they’re all a bunch of degenerates who can’t read! Plus, they’re OBESE!! Hahaha! And some of them drive pickup trucks and they all need to DIE!! Haha, this is so “liberating”!!

  6. Tralfaz says

    When is that pile of shit going to drop dead?

    I wish he and Freddy Phelps would drive off a fucking clift and land on Glenn Beck while he’s sticking a frozen banana up Bill O’Reilys ass.

  7. Terry says

    Mitch Shea:

    Exactly what “underlying issues” are we supposed to address from the latest hate speech from Pat Robertson? This bigot will be a bigot until the day he dies. You’ll never be able to reason with him, he’ll never change or modify his views or his rather blatant attitude towards GLBT people. This is the man who was practically cheering when gay men started dying of AIDS in the 80’s. This is the man who agreed with Jerry Falwell that gay people were the cause of 09/11. This is the man who has carried on a war against gay and lesbian people for decades. This is hate, pure and simple. So, what exactly are we supposed to rationlize here? Hell, I’m waiting for that nasty bigot to die myself.

  8. says

    I would probably be a wretched hateful little man if my daddy, Absalom, decided to give me a woman’s name… cuz ya know ol’ momma Gladys didn’t have a say in anything ibn that household.

    Here’s his Wiki entry –

    Pat Robertson
    Born Marion Gordon Robertson
    March 22, 1930 (1930-03-22) (age 79)
    Lexington, Virginia, United States
    Occupation Televangelist
    Adelia Elmer
    Timothy Bryan Robertson
    Elizabeth Faith Robertson
    Gordon Perry Robertson
    Anne Carter Robertson
    Absalom Willis Robertson
    Gladys Churchill

    Scroll down to the Business Interests section, read it and tell me why this man still needs to rob destitute, poverty-stricken, gullible and vulnerable people of their last pennies in the world.

    What a sleazy person Marion is. Here’s hoping he sees his buddy Falwell down below REAL SOON!!!

  9. Mitch Shea says

    “You’ll never be able to reason with him, he’ll never change or modify his views or his rather blatant attitude towards GLBT people.”

    Gee, I’m glad MLK didn’t think this about Southerners (or anyone else) when the Southern Christian Leadership Conference SELECTED Rosa Parks to be the public face of discrimination as opposed to the hundreds of others who refused to give up their seats on Montgomery buses in the 1950’s. Shows something we need to learn: that views can be modified and changed – in the FOLLOWERS of such people, if not in them specifically, by demonstrating who we are in a way that doesn’t turn off those who CAN BE convinced otherwise. So excuse me for not participating in the Robertson bash-fest, I’m way more concerned about changing what his followers think as opposed to worrying about his hatred.

    The nasty bigot will die, as you say. Sure enough. But extinguishing the bigotry in his wake will take a whole lot more effort than alot of us seem willing to put forth, judging from the classist and stereotypical comments here and in the Matt Boswell article below.

  10. mike says

    Gee, Pat. If it was just about sex, I’d leave you alone. But, it’s not just about sex, Pat. It’s about human dignity, unconditional love and enduring commitment between two, consenting adults. Pat, darling, you heteros have done a fine job of destroying marriage all on your own–especially in those red-state bastions of christian “morality” that send in those tithes and offerings that keep your sorry ass on the air after all these years. Sorry to disappoint you, Pat, but I did not wake up today, laugh wickedly and spend the morning figuring out ways to destroy yours or anyone else’s marriage. Pat, honey, you need a new Bible. Or else, you need to re-read yours. Please, Pat, please! Tell me the chapter and verse that has Our Lord saying that two, committed, loving, consensual adults cannot marry! Otherwise, I’m going to hold back my 10% until you do.

  11. Brian says

    I don’t think Pat Robertson is an actual bigot in the sense that he hates gays just because they are gay, but rather because of his religious mis-education. Rather than hating back (wishing they waould fall off clifss, etc.), we need to re-educate people. Unfortunately, folks like Mr. Roberstson have their beliefs so deeply engrained, they refuse to listen to reason. We should be focusing on educating people, rather than name-calling and ill-wishes, which only lowers us to their level.

  12. mike says

    Mitch, honey, get a grip! OK? Most comments here are thoughtful and many are righteously ANGRY! People vent, and then, they go out a change the world. That’s what Towleroad is (besides being the best place on the Internet): a place to share opinions, get into hissy-fits, argue, debate, agree, snark, compliment, whatever. Regardless, I’ve been around long enough to remember when Pat was just starting out and over the years I’ve seen his “ministry” and his influence grow. The guy still has a large following and he is well-connected in the evangie-fundie-republicon world. I and no one else here should apologize if we pile it on Pat. He is a miserable, petty, vile, small-minded, money-grubbing hypocrite (I’m being NICE today). So, PULEEZE! Spare us the “tsk tsk, you hatin’ too much” rhetoric and get off your high horse, honey.

  13. anon says

    Basically, Robertson makes tons of money making poor illiterate types who feel lost and out-of-control of their own lives better because others are conspiring to do them harm so it isn’t their fault their lives are so messed up. It’s a therapeutic form of old-school pop-psychology. However, we shouldn’t fall for the same trap when we hear that right-wingers are conspiring against us. We are still generally in control of our own destinies.

  14. their level says

    Right. Because denying legally recognized marriages is stopping anyone from having sex. Moron.

    @Spring: Surely you realize that sanctimoniously chiding people makes someone a far better person than calling a chirping ass-worm out on his ridiculous shit does. I thought everyone knew that.

    Mitch certainly seems to.

  15. Joseph Singer says

    Pat Robertson is about as relevant as Fred Phelps. They’re both whackos. Patty said that gays were responsible for hurricanes and other natural phenomena. He’s become a joke. I think he may be getting senile as well.

  16. NorthoftheBorder says

    i find this debate south of the border rather interesting.. and sad too. we’ve had gay marriage in Canada nationally for several years now.. and the world hasn’t ended. churches aren’t forced to perform marriages etc etc. seems like such a non-issue up here. so its always a surprise and disturbing to see you all still fighting. it’ll happen though.. we only have 10 provinces and 3 territories.. you’ve got 50 states to work through… you need a federal govt with the balls to take a stand. hopefully you have one now.

  17. Mitch Shea says

    It sure is easier for those who spout ugliness to call their critics equally self-righteous, instead of ponying up and admitting, even in a small way, that calling those who oppose us illiterate rednecks hurts the totality of our cause.

  18. Stewart says

    Mitch I think we all do our bit about changing perceptions among Pat’s followers by leading our lives in an open, out and proud manner. And that includes calling someone a bigoted prick when it is warranted….

  19. ruby says

    holy shit, I agree with Pat?!?!? he’s right. i do not “want any, any hindrance to [my] particular lifestyle or [my] way of having sex.” thanks for your support, pat. 😛

  20. Mitch Shea says

    Stewart, I don’t have a problem with that. But I do have a problem with doing so in a way that emboldens his followers with more hatred. What’s the use of creating more Pat Robertson fans? We should be neutralizing their hatred, not spreading it.

  21. ricardo says

    courting disaster: how the supreme court is usurping the power of congress and the people.

    Day by day, case by case, the Supreme Court is busy designing a Constitution for a country I do not recognize. — Justice Antonin Scalia, United States Supreme Court, Board of County Commisioners vs. Umbehr

    so, i’m left wondering — what were you doing in my bedroom?? and why didn’t you bring clean sheets??

  22. says

    “I don’t think Pat Robertson is an actual bigot in the sense that he hates gays just because they are gay, but rather because of his religious mis-education.”

    Nope. These people use religion as an excuse to justify their own prejudices. Just like the military folks thought up “unit cohesion” to justify their homophobia. The bigotry comes first, all the sophistry is molded to justify it and make them feel good about being haters.

    Actually calling them bigots and haters gets at the heart of their motivation, and somewhere deep down they know it.

    And yes: He will burn in hell with Falwell.

  23. Chris says

    UMMMMMM I’m late on this one but @David Ehrenstein I’m offended by that black cunt standing next to him.

    Posted by: David Ehrenstein | Oct 21, 2009 1:32:06 PM

    What the fuck do you mean by that would you rather it be your sister the other white cunt???? Because you’re not Black with a name like Ehrenstein.

    Very idiotic comment.

  24. unimpressed says

    @Chris: I’m not condoning the choice of words, but actually David is of African American descent. A simple Google search would have told you that and been a less “idiotic” choice than making borderline antisemitic assumptions based on his surname. Just sayin’.

  25. elg says

    @David Ehrenstein said:
    “I’m offended by that black cunt standing next to him.”

    Regardless of your race/ethnic background Mr. Ehrenstein, what does the black woman’s race (or sex for that matter) have to do with her homophobic statements?

    This thread is probably dead by now but I thought I’d add my two cents anyway.

  26. kody says

    It’s interesting to compare Pat to the other video on T-road, the one from Maine, in which an 86 yr old Republican WW2 vet talks about why he is for gay marriage. Who is the better Christian? Methinks it is not Pat…

  27. codyj says

    Yeah, hes crumbling allright, but NOT fast ENUFF….his face looks like IMHOTEPH (the MUMMY) played by Boris Karloff in ’32. His sidekick gal acts as if shes doing a an info-mercial, “yeah we gotta get us christians voice here,”. And at his age, he should be hawking “Acme Colon Flush” boy does he neeeeeed it!!

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