1. Ander says

    wow – she is entirely too immature – to pout like a little girl and take the mic off – what an idiot – I can hardly believe that her story continues to be entertained in any respectable way

  2. Wayne says

    I think she was afraid Larry was going to take a call from the Ex-Boyfriend live on-air and bust her for telling lies about when she shot the sex tapes (he says there are more than one).

  3. Gast says

    Oh Carrie, you have a better chance of selling your sex tape, than that lame book of yours. Just tell them you did it all for the nookie, so they could have a taste of your cookie lol.

  4. DN says

    What a baby! She’ll go on Hannity and the View and talk all about the sex tape, but I guess Larry King asking the exact same question is somehow inappropriate.

    The sad part is, I really would love to hear her answer to the caller’s question.

  5. Nick says

    Another “true” depiction of Ms. Prejean’s character. Somehow I don’t think she will win Christian of the year. Perhaps she needs someone like Glenn Beck or Sean Hannity to probe her pea-brain for the appropriate “lady-like” response one expects from a porn performer turned pageant contender. (apologies to ladies everywhere)

  6. Leslie says

    How to win friends, influence people, and sell your book…NOT. Sigh. I think she must have learned the word “inappropriate” earlier in the day and is working hard on using it 20 times in different sentences so she’ll remember what it means. What a moron.

  7. DR says

    once again, Andy, you over exaggerate what happened. she maintained her calm, and Larry ought to know better than to ask her to reveal the terms of a confidential mediation.

  8. andy says

    DR, are you retarded? Larry made it clear he wasn’t asking about the terms of the agreement. He asked why she dropped it when she feels she has some greater mission (to oppress gays and show her kootch on film).
    He used a word she doesn’t understand: logic.

  9. patrick nyc says

    DR it is mind boggling that you are watching the same clip, how anyone can defend that stupid vapid turd is beyond me.

    To be ‘offended’ by Larry King is another laugh in this bitch’s extended 15 minutes. King is the lamest of interviewers, second only to Ryan Seacrest. Prejean can now write off being interviewed anywhere outside of Faux News or Pat Robertson.

    It’s clear she’s attempting to take a page from the Palin book tour, except Carrie, Palin went from beauty pageant queen to elected office. You went from disgraced pageant queen to liar and slut.

  10. RB says

    DR, seriously? I remember what it was like to be in denial too. She is an idiot. I suppose that it takes a self martyred beauty queen idiot to idolize another! When is her freakin 15 minutes up? She makes me sick!

  11. Baby Jane says

    My role model is Sarah Palin- a woman who crumbled under pressure and quit…

    This question is offensive to me, and in America where people should be able to say the things they like without repercussions… I’m going to stop this interview now.

  12. Bart says

    Watching this media whore made me throw up in my mouth. At the beginning, I thought she took a beating by Perez Hilton and the like for being honest, now she’s proven to be a total hypocrite, lying, self-centered, creepy human being. There is nothing pretty or attractive about this icky, two-faced, liar. She makes my skin crawl. What ever sympathy I had for her has been dissolved by her gross self-promotion and her continuous revision of truth. She’s exactly what is wrong with America today, not a surprise her hero is another very, very dumb woman who succeeded far more than she had any right to.

    Really smart, successful woman should be appalled by people like this girl and the former vice-presidential candidate who don’t measure up yet get all the exposure.

  13. Alex says

    Please stop coverage of her unless she surprises us all and says or does something insightful or interesting. I am personally much more interested in President Obama’s views on marriage than hers.

  14. DR says

    We can agree or disagree about whether she is legally allowed to reveal anything about the mediation. But to refer to this as a “freak out” is misleading. She was calm and collected; Andy did the same thing with the scientologist interview. Talks about how he flipped out when he did the same thing; calmly take off the mike and walk away.

    She made it clear that she was not going to discuss the subject, Larry pushed, she pushed back. She took off her mike and left. This is not a “freak out”. This is just another excuse to get a bunch of childish posts insulting Carrie Prejean. It’s getting tired and old.

  15. says

    If she’s so concerned about “inappropriate” questions, she should probably stop going on every TV show known to man. But picking a fight with Larry King–Larry, not exactly a tough interviewer–and then acting like a petulant child after he’s allowed her to move on is a very self-destructive idea (assuming she’s capable of ideas). My mother will personally hunt down and slaughter anyone who acts up on her beloved Larry! This lying bimbo is burning every bridge available to her, and pretty soon all she’ll have left to sell is another sex tape. Maybe her friend Sarah is available–you know they’d both do anything to extend their 15 minutes . . .

  16. rick says

    she’s a prettier, younger version of palin (or maybe even a female version of george bush). lucky for them they don’t have to get by on their brains.

    palin/prejean 2012!!!

  17. Bobby8 says

    I think she’s a dumb bitch and I wish she would go away…but the answer she gave about gay marriage is the same answer Prsident Obama gives when asked.

    I think there is a double standard by our community and I think we should have the same outrage with this administration.

  18. Jamie says

    Looked like a “flip-out” to me DR. The dumb, idiot came to the show to hawk her opportunistic book of lies. In exchange for the air time provided to this otherwise useless piece of human trash, the interviewer needs to make the show watchable by asking what he hopes to be questions that give the moron more of an edge or human interest. The reason she flips out is that she knows King knew exactly why she settled and only wanted her to admit she did not want pageant officials to release one of her slut tapes because to do so would effectively label her a public hypocrite. Her infantile behavior only proved further to me that she has nothing to say in the first place. She was so dumbstruck she could only muster the brain cells to mutter “I’m about to leave” but then doesn’t. She just sits there like a wooden Indian in front of a cigar store. Had she crapped her pants? Maybe peed down her leg? All I saw were the antics of a certifiable mental patient, and short of convulsing on the floor, in ten seconds she ended any hope of anyone ever taking her censored sack of lies more seriously than the unidentifiable goo on the bottom of a shoe that she is. See? I never called her a “bitch” or a “cunt.” Everybody knows what she is already.

  19. patrick nyc says

    Once again it amazes me that trolls like DR defend this lying sack of shit. DR just backs my theory that his parents dropped him on his head several times as a child.

    ANDY gives the link to the interview with her ex-boyfriend.

    He states that she was 19 when they met, and 20 when she sent the tape, only one of 15-20 she sent him. He also states she tried several times to have him lie to back her lies, he would not. He goes on to say she is nothing like the persona she is presenting, in fact is a party girl.

    So from the very start, the whole ‘gay marriage is against my religion’ is crap, just to stir shit up for her 15 minutes. I doubt after the King interview that anyone will be booking her, though I’d love to see her on Stewart or Colbert. Even with a publicist sitting off stage, she is too dumb to hold her own.

  20. MackMichael says

    I find her appalling, bordering on repulsive, but maybe it was planned, for everyone is speaking about it today. Look at the number of comments on here; she is getting the coverage she seeks.

  21. Yuki says

    I think Larry was rude in asking so insistently; if she didn’t want to share, it’s her right not to.

    That being said, I saw no reason for her to not even mention why she settled, unless that WAS spoken of in the settlement itself.

    Also, WTF? Why did she get mad and take off her microphone; he had no idea what the caller was going to ask!

  22. ricky says

    She is oddly unattractive for a so-called beauty Queen – underneath the garish make-up and the bleach – there is something very hard and coarse about her – especially when talking or animated in any way – her joyless smiles – her dead eyes – the sharp features – the eyes just a little too far apart – the mouth – always fighting to not appear twisted or a snarl.

    She imagines the she was vilified for her answer on the pageant stage – but then she images so much – hers is not a life based on any truth whatsoever — her answer’s lack of any grace, dignity, or intelligence – is where she failed – and lost — yet again in life.

    Truth is beauty – which is why she is getting uglier with every appearance.

  23. Grey says

    God, she’s so stupid. How hard would it have been for her to say, “I settled because we were able to reach mutually agreeable terms, but I’m prevented under the terms of the settlement to discuss what those terms were.” If he continues to press her on WHY she came to terms, all she has to say is that they were mutually agreeable.

  24. Caylee says

    creepy creepy man….and look at the topics he chooses for his show when ever I flip channels he is always on the same subject and kills it to death for months at a time …todays media you need to be brain death to sit and listin to them for that trash I pick up a mag on line at the supermarket and thank God of who I am by the time I get to the register

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