1. Strepsi says

    “That guy” is über-cute CK model Garrett Neff (also pictured in the sideless shirt in 4th pic).
    +10 gay points for noticing the styling even above the hot guys.
    -9 gay points for not knowing Mr. Neff
    Final score: 1

  2. Kyle Sullivan says

    These have got the be some of the ugliest workout clothes I’ve ever seen, but I guess they feel they can sell anything to the gay community so long as there’s a cute, buff guy wearing it…even if it makes those guys look like dorks.

  3. Keanon says

    The styling is meant to be somewhat tongue in cheek I think. Reminiscent of 80’s fashion, which was often garish, technicolor and ugly. I love this editorial. Very fun and comical. Plus hot guys!