1. crispy says

    This DVD is an abomination! As expected, thousands upon thousands of gays were slaughtered when this “gay-face” movie came out. I saw impressionable straight men leaving the theater and strangling unsuspecting gays with empty popcorn bags and curly straws. All because of Bruno.

  2. patrick nyc says

    CRISPY I often enjoy your comments, they are some of the most clever and humorous posted. But honey you missed it on this one.

    Cohen’s comedy is aimed at straight men with a high school mentality, often the kind who do gay bash verbally and too often with violence.

    As for Pete Rose, he is not a ‘baseball legend’ as the clip says, he is a convict who 20 years later is still banned from the Hall of Fame. Rightfully so.

  3. TANK says

    You know, as self destructive and stupid as crispy is, that toothless self loathing old queen has a point, with Derrick–the gay bashing gay man. Bruno is a symtpon of a larger problem. A dearth of ideas…the death of comedy. Crispy, if you found bruno funny, it’s not just because you hate gay people and yourself (though it’s that, too), it’s because you don’t have a sense of humor. It’s because you’re about as funny as child rape and murder. This movie simply wasn’t funny, and was poorly written…

    I was right about this movie from the very beginning, however. This movie (which I’ve seen) is nothing but laughing at gay people because they’re gay–not at the bashers, not at anyone but gays.

  4. Drew says

    I actually hated Bruno when it came out- it just kind of grossed me out a bit with its extremisms. After some time passed, I kind of realized how ingenious the movie really was in terms of showcasing our culture and its relation/reaction to an ultra-gay like Bruno.

  5. Christopher says

    This is news? Andy get your head out of your ass. 22 soldiers were killed in Fort Hood Texas and 8 people shot in Orlando—but you’d never know it from this blog. Not gay news? The rise in mass killings in this country is absolutely linked to the rise in anti-gay violence. But go ahead and put Bruno DVD news up instead. Fiddling while Rome burns

  6. Tralfaz says

    @ Chrispy – You keep on being a thorn in the side up these stick up assed bitches.

    @Christopher – No shit mother fucker! It’s all over the news. Last time I checked Andy wasn’t CNN or MSNB-mother fuckin-C. If you don’t want to read about Bruno, don’t fucking click on it.

    Jesus Mary Christ a fucking twat!

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