1. says

    Not sure why he should see a dermatologist;if you click on the closeup of his face his skin looks as smooth as a baby’s butt. I think the photos are beautiful (though I could do without the cig). The photos are very raw and real– especially the body angle in the last one. Hedy Slimane gets better and better.

  2. Terrance says

    I’m confused; I remember seeing that name somewhere and I Googled him and it struck me: “oh, yeah, the blond twink that looks like a high-school kid…”

    What I remember (and the photos on the interwebs) look ENTIRELY different from these pictures, and not in a good way.

    If that is indeed that same guy, then he MUST be straight: he’s letting himself go to pot waaaaaayyyy too fast to be gay…!

    In any case, it’s a doggone shame…

    Yah, this guy looks okay, (his body’s pretty hot!) but the Alex Pettyfer I remember was much better looking, IMHO…..

  3. Donovan says

    The tattoo: I guess he was trying to phonetically spell “Alex” in Japanese kana… but unfortunately one of the characters is completely wrong (“N” instead of “L/R”) so it actually says “Anyax”.

  4. Raedawn Mason says

    Hopefully Alex will ignore the critical comments posted by “The Ugly People”, as I call them. If I translate their true meaning behind their harsh comments of their “so called English” alien native tongue, interpreted their “StormBreaker” verbal brutalities read as follows: “Blah, blah…Why was I born so ugly?God I hate pretty men!Blah,blah…Umm, let’s target Alex and perhaps I will not feel so UGLY today.Off the record, thank God Alex cannot see what I look like…blah, blah!” Final word of advice to the “Ugly People”: Before you decide to pass malicious remarks, go to a fucking mirror and strip down naked & compare yourself to the young man Alex – do I really have to comment? If your answer is no – send me a photo!

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