1. pgcauk says

    Forget Gay Marriage and its obsequious integration – this is where the action is!

    Let’s rally around our more “unacceptable” faces and really stand up for minorities within a democracy rather than try to play these “we’re all the same as you” blandishments of the p.r. agencies.

    Of course we’re all the same – but please let us not be ashamed of our distinctions (or the reasons why “camp” was necessary).

    The “majority” need to find their own inner resonance to the peripheralized and outrageous, rather than define themselves by polarities.

  2. John says

    Here’s the good news for ENDA fans:

    With the House’s passage of health care reform tonight, Pelosi has passed the political football to the Senate and White House. It is their problem now.

    This means she might sneak in a vote on ENDA sooner rather than later. This might even happen before the winter recess. It is a relatively easy win for her. Even without the 21 new seats they picked up in 2008, it sailed through 236-199 last time.

    Watch for some movement on it in the coming weeks.

  3. John says

    Between hate crimes getting signed into law, lifting the HIV ban, health care on the verge of passing, and ENDA looking good for early next year, I’m absolutely shock and amazed.

    The Democrats are actually doing something other than renaming post offices and passing meaningless foreign policy resolutions.