‘Yes on 1′ Pastor: ‘God has given us this victory and it is very important for us to recognize that he is the one who put the energy into this campaign.’

(image Bangor Daily News via reddit)

Check out this photo of the "Yes on 1" people rejoicing after taking marriage rights away from millions of Mainers.

Said Rev. Bob Emrich of Palmyra: "God has given us this victory and it is very
important for us to recognize that he is the one who put the energy
into this campaign. So let's not be so arrogant to forget this. It's
very appropriate to pause for a moment of prayer."

It never ceases to amaze me how people who profess to be Christian can be so un-Christlike.

The NYT on the loss:

"Maine became the 31st state to block same-sex marriage through a
public referendum, a result that will force supporters to rethink their
national strategy at a crucial time for the movement. With 84 percent
of precincts reporting early Wednesday, the repeal proposal had 53
percent of the vote, even though polls had indicated the race was a
dead heat.

This year three other states — Iowa, New Hampshire
and Vermont — joined Massachusetts and Connecticut in allowing same-sex
marriage, but only through court rulings and legislative action. Maine,
with its libertarian leanings, had seemed to offer an excellent chance
of reversing the long national trend of voters rejecting marriage
equality at the ballot box.

Some said the loss was a sign that
the state-by-state approach favored by the largest gay-rights groups
had failed and that the focus should move to reversing the federal ban
on same-sex marriage, which Congress can reverse without voter
approval. Others argued that the defeat only reinforced the need to
keep winning grassroots support.

Evan Wolfson, executive
director of the national gay-rights group Freedom to Marry, said the
loss in Maine underscores 'the fact that we need to continue those
conversations and make ourselves visible as families in communities.'

He added, 'It shows we have just not done it long enough and deep enough, even in a place like Maine.'

Maggie Gallagher, president of the National Organization for Marriage,
the conservative Christian group that is leading the charge against
same-sex marriage around the country, read the outcome differently.

interrupts the story line that is being manufactured, that suggests the
culture has shifted on gay marriage and the fight is over,' she said. 'Maine is one of the most secular states in the nation, it’s socially
liberal, they had a three-year head start to build their organization
and they outspent us two to one. If they can’t win there, it really
does tell you the majority of Americans are not on board with this gay
marriage thing."'


  1. Ken says

    According to America Blog Gay Maine’s Catholic Church topped $550,000 in donations to deny some Maine citizens equal rights. ( http://gay.americablog.com/2009/10/maines-catholic-church-donations-to.html ) I thought it would be interesting to see what good could be done with that money rather than using it for hateful purposes. $550,000 would buy:

    * 11,000 nights in a hotel for the homeless (at $50 per night) or
    * 27,500 homeless food (at $20 per day) or
    * 5555 L. L. Bean Storm Chaser 3 – in – 1 Parkas for the homeless (at $99) http://www.llbean.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/CategoryDisplay?categoryId=51596&storeId=1&catalogId=1&langId=-1&from=SR&feat=sr

    That’s just for starters!

    Tax-exempt organizations are not supposed to get involved in elections or lose their tax-exempt status. It’s time for the Catholic Church to lose it’s tax-exempt status. Deny me equal rights I’m going to fight to deny you as well.

    I’m with Sarah Silverman it’s time to sell the Vatican and feed the poor!

  2. says


    Exactly. Religion is insanity, and Christianity in particular has been oppressing gays for centuries.

    The only thing that amazes me is that there are gay people who still defend the barbaric Abrahamic religions that have been causing division for thousands of years.

  3. E. says

    Someone please tell me: do you think that several decades from now people will look back on images like this one, and view them with the same revulsion with which we look at segregationists from the civil rights era?

    Because right now? Depressing as hell.

  4. Alex 02139 says

    Let’s remember that Obama and the national Democrats did nothing to help the cause in Maine. Nothing is what we should do for Obama, let the coward fall on his face.

  5. says

    While I’m very happy that we apparently have kept our DP rights in here in Washington State, my joy is tempered by the loss in Maine. For this reason, and the current legal chaos, I believe it is time to push, push, and shove for Federal rights.

    Call your Rep(s) and Senators, let them know how you feel and tell them Nadler has already started the ball rolling…

  6. Grimmlok says

    The Supreme Court is busy being stacked with Catholics and refusing to hear lawsuits from gay couples.

    Also, what kind of pathetic banana republic country allows minority rights to be decided by a majority vote?

  7. Tom@NWOH says

    God gave you this victory? Your almighty Jebus delivered an AMAZING 6 pt victory? Wow. He really knows no limit. Give me a fucking break. If it was some sort of divine intervention don’t ya think he would have had a wider spread? Glad he takes such an active role in state politics. You know, with EVERYTHING else on his plate. Those people are pathetic.

  8. jakeinlove says

    In fear of sounding sacrilegious; Chapel Hill N.C. (I believe) just elected it’s first gay mayor. The WA. referendum didn’t pass, and the Cubs now have a lesbian owner. One can only conclude that God in his all encompassing power would have overturned all these issues in your favor if he found it so fit. This proves that this particular win only an expression of MAN”S prejudiced, bigotry, and ignorance that comes into play all too frequently.

  9. BC says

    Can we please all remember that not ALL Christians believe in this? Just like in our gay community, there are loudmouths in the Christian community that say stupid things and get all the press. The loudmouth gays don’t speak for me, nor do the loudmouth Christians/Catholics. The vast majority of my friends are active in their respective churches and want me to be able to get married.

    Let’s try this. Let’s stop focusing on being “anti-religion” and focus on the fact that marriage is a CIVIL/LEGAL issue. Let’s ignore the attacks of the religious loudmouths and debate issues. If our side continually bashes religion, we will never win. Remember, the vast majority of this country has religious beliefs. Let’s not alienate everyone.

  10. Donovan says

    These people are utterly deranged. It’s the ones who have the least faith in their own marriages who are psychotic about “protecting” it from the faithless. And yet… the not-so-much-psycho-as-ignorant majority voted along with the mongoloid fundies – so, really, fuck Maine.

  11. Wes says

    God is always responsible when they win, the devil is always responsible when they lose.

    And these people are perhaps the most convincing evidence that we are little more than a bunch of self-inflated primates.

  12. Jon says

    Look, no matter it is still a sign of change. Though it was lost it was by a small margin. Sadly, I dont see change until that generation dies out. Sorry to the older set on here. Look at the pic above. This will be a non issue in following generations.

  13. says

    If moderate Christians were at all effective in supporting us, then perhaps there wouldn’t be such animosity toward Christianity (and religiosity) in general.

    We are barking up the wrong tree. Civil rights will never be won by a referendum to the masses. My equality under the civil law does not require the approval of those fat-assed bitches in the photo (or others like them). I am equal because I’m a tax-paying American, and because I’m a human being. Period.

    Push for it in the courts, and through legislation.

  14. JeffRob says

    BC- If Christianists started focusing less on being anti-gay, and focused on the fact that marriage is a CIVIL/LEGAL issue, then maybe we would have reason to stop being so “anti-religion”.

    Unfortunately, their religion is forcing us to be anti-religion.

    “God has given us this victory and it is very important for us to recognize that he is the one who put the energy into this campaign.”

    Spare us you fuck.

  15. grego says

    I took special interest in this vote, having grown up in Maine, I heavily supported the marriage equality efforts. I’m horrified that our victory was snatched from us, in great part thanks to the catholic Bishop, who churned out threats and dollars in equal portions, while simultaneously announcing the closure of churches all over the state. Surreal. I guess catholics don’t need Sunday service to feel better then everyone else. They should be ashamed.

  16. Disgusted American says

    Cancelled my upcoming summer vacation in Maine this am….yep, thats about $2000 I would have spent there – I’ll spend it in Mass., NH or vermont

  17. Jonster says

    Supreme Court, here we come. Back when interracial marriage had to go state to state, like we’re doing now, more than 70% of Americans were still against it when the Supreme Court turned it into federal law. Obama’s mama was lucky she was in Hawaii in the early 60s, one of the state’s which allowed it at the time, with over 92% of Americans against it.

  18. says

    So, so unfortunate. It’s such a disappointment to see this happen.

    I wonder if these “christians” have questioned why jesus was born from a virgin? Perhaps the notion of straight sex made God go, “eeeeeeewwwwwwww!!”

  19. says

    Anytime someone says they’re defending marriage, ask them what they’ve done to battle domestic violence or to create universal health coverage.

    Violence and lack of good health insurance are the top threats to marriage, not homos.

  20. Chrissypoo says

    Have we done enough opposition research on the leadership of NOM?

    The entire anti-gay marriage campaign is based upon lies and fear, why not give them a taste of their own medicine.

    I’m sure the leadership of NOM or their allies in the Catholic Church have some major skeletons in their closet. I sort of feel that for next year, we should focus on exposing these skeletons.

    Hell, we could fundraise for a professional PI team to get pictures/video of them cheating on their spouses, beating their kids or going crazy. I’m sure we could have dug up a child sex abuse cover up case in Maine with that Bishop.

    Has anyone really investigated the leadership of the Mormon Church? Granted, because of the tunnel system that leads from the SLC Temple to the Hotel Utah and Church Office building means you would never see them above ground — but c’mon they have something to hide.

    I know its kind of childish to think this way, but then again taking away the civil rights of americans is pretty childish too.

  21. Chris says

    Posted by: Alex 02139 Let’s remember that Obama and the national Democrats did nothing to help the cause in Maine. Nothing is what we should do for Obama, let the coward fall on his face.

    Posted by: Alex 02139 | Nov 4, 2009 11:00:30 AM

    UMMM Miss Alexandra Obama has nothing to do with this issue it was a states issue and even if he did say something. It would have not change the minds of the people of Maine.

    So Miss one get off of your I want to blame Obama and just remember CAUCASIANS did it time sweetie.

    Accept it move on HOMOPHOBIA is in all races. So stop tying to scape goat your own girl. They voted against you.

    Now try to find a solution to overcome this mess that is horrifying us day by day!

  22. jmdrwac says

    We’re not going to win many plebiscites on marriage. If put to a vote the first amendment to the US Constitution probably doesn’t pass.

    It’s a bad result, but thoroughly foresseable. And sadly it will be repeated.

  23. kansastock says

    I don’t think its a ‘god’ thing but more a ‘I have it but you can’t’ thing. Kind of like old folks against others getting goverment paid health care.

  24. RJP3 says

    Imagine that poor white and black trash across America voting to keep others down in a position below them when given a chance — so they can feel superior with the little that they have.

    Scum — Humans for the most part are disgusting Animals.

    Equality must come from the courts.
    The Straight Supremists will vote for themself over and over again.

    America is becoming the Christian Middle East…. we are all lucky to be alive now.

    100 years from now it will be an even worse place — with Mormanism the enforced and government supported national religion.

  25. Sancho says

    It’s worth pointing out here that gay people have historically suffered just as badly or worse in countries which explicitly reject religion – in communist China or the old Soviet Union or Castro’s Cuba, homosexuality has been punished with prison, torture, and death as counter-revolutionary, a form of Western decadence… Read More, etc. And many of the scandinavian countries which are very liberal still have official national churches. So the elimination of religion from political discourse is no guarantee of enlightenment….

  26. Boris says

    Bottom Line: They rally the troops. They get out and vote via their church organizations. Until we rally our troops in a cohesive series of organizations we will continue to see these defeats.

    The picture is revolting.

  27. Gregus says

    The picture is sad and depressing. Makes you want to punch each and everyone of them for taking such joy in denying others their rights.

    BUT – we’re better than them. If I am correct, 47.25% of voters wanted us to retain the right to marry. We will win. We didn’t yesterday, but we will.

  28. 1♥ says

    I just can’t be hateful enough to be a Christain.
    I beleive in God.
    But as I said, I just can’t be hateful enough to be a Christain.
    I think I’ll put that on a T-shirt.

  29. matt says

    I hope Maggie Gallagher dies a horrible painful death!! so much for being christian but then again i’m not christian!! Yes it’s a nasty thought but i’m so disgusted by this whole thing. Let’s put all minority rights up for a vote and see who’s still standing when it’s over.

  30. dieter says

    It amazes me how a group of people that want everyone to be so “tolerant” are so filled with hate for those who disagree with them. The voters in Maine voted “No”. Sorry, you lost. Doesn’t anyone remember some the pics in the media after Obama won? The people crying, taking off work to travel to Washington for his inauguration? Please….

  31. Wes says

    Dieter, actually they voted “Yes.”

    And if your civil rights were on the ballot, I wouldn’t vote to repeal them. Thats the meaning of tolerance.

    So can it, you bigot.

  32. Mikey B. says

    This reminded me exactly of Prop 8 in California, from the ads run, to always playing catch up for pro-marriage. Keeping the focus on schools or children is just stupid; it moves the argument into an unthinking place. Same mistakes.

  33. Thomas says

    Yes it’s horrible that we lost, but we did — again. But why are we surprised we lost? I’m surprised when we win. We share a good bit of the blame — we still put too much of a bad face on ourselves — all the leather sleaze and outlandish drag queens of gay pride parades — that’s how a lot of those people out there still see us, so they still vote against us. We need to get rid of the San Francisco 1970’s Gay-gay-gay mindset, and get down to business. Stop presenting ourselves as freaks, and show that we’re pretty normal and boring, kinda’ like everyone else, it’s just the gender of our partner, if we even have one, is same, not opposite. We didn’t learn much from our previous losses, we made the same mistakes, and this was only Maine — not the bible belt. Unless we make drastic changes, we can’t expect different results. And even worse than no marriage rights – we still don’t even have civil rights in most of the fifty US states. We face a hard battle and hateful opponents, yet we’re still using ineffective strategy, and holding ourselves back by our insistence on using an outdated loud, offputting “GAY PRIDE!” one day a year, then the rest just going about our near-sighted party-trick-madonna-cher-project runway business. We need to wake up. (And we need to replace the outdated word we call ourselves – GAY – it’s too gay. We should use “alternative” or something, that doens’t have a negative sissy connotation.) It’s an ugly fact – the US, and most of the world – hates sissies. So stop presenting ourselves that way.

  34. ZnSD says

    Thomas? Please, PLEASE just SHUT UP. What we don’t need are more gay apologists. Oh, sorry “alternative”. You are a douchebag who I’m sure just loves to consider himself “straight-acting”. I hope you never experience the fear of being UNABLE to be in the closet: the school fag, the ones who are fagbashed everyday, accosted on the street just for WHO THEY ARE. YOU are what’s wrong with our movement: people so ashamed of the diversity of our community you would have us all be like you: “pretty normal and kinda boring”. Listen up: some of us just aren’t like you. The ignorance behind which you hide is not only appalling, it’s offensive. I would tell you to go fuck yourself but you’re probably so repressed you wouldn’t know HOW. Idiot.

  35. Derrick from Philly says


    If anyone reads your posting, you are about to be blasted, man…or should I say, Miss Thing.


    vould you like see my Dietrich impersonation? Eees vewee vewee gweat.

    47% of the people of Maine are progressive on this issue. Twenty years ago, most folks didn’t even know what “orientation” meant. They believed “gay” was a perverse choice. 47% is improvement…it is progress.

    Gay people have done in 50 years what took Black Americans 110 years to achieve: to be thought of by most Americans as a legitimate group of Americans with legitimate grievances. In the 1960s many Americans still thought of black folks as “not ready” for so many things that other Americans took for granted.

    “I’m not going to be treated as a second-class citizen”

    Why? ‘Cause you’re blond like Dieter?

    The progress has been tremendous. It will take more time, and more Obama appointments federal judiciary.

  36. GIP says

    This should not be a surprise to anyone..

    If you put “interracial marriage” to public vote: do you actually think it will pass?

    My dear brothers and sisters…..we are hated….so what are we going to do about it? How many gay-Mainers went out to vote? I can tell you from the California experience: while marriage was being voted away… gay boys were dancing away at the bars or sucking dick in the bushes.If we don’t start getting serious with our money and fingers in the ballot box… the next stop will be concentration camps.

    Think that is not possible?

    You are the fool!

  37. GIP says

    …and to add: the reason why African-Americans do not take shit from anybody: is because they actually had to DIE for their equal rights as American citizens!

    Take a page from the African-American experience and learn a few lessons!

  38. Rafael says

    This is not about God, this is about DISCRIMINATION. Let’s not make it easy on these folks and call them out for what they are. I wish this message was conveyed in our adds.

    By the same token, let’s not be discouraged. The effort put fourth in Maine helped us gain new allies and illustrated our ongoing struggle.

  39. RJ says

    I hate to be a naysayer but I’d be willing to bet my life that we won’t have anything close to “equal” rights anytime within the next 50 to 75 years. Don’t kid yourselves, us GLBTs are a despised, hated class of people by the majority of Americans. No president, no leader, no amount of money is going to change that anytime soon. Should we continue to organize and fight hate? Absolutley. But the struggle will go on and on and on and… well you get the picture.

  40. Jeff in NC says

    Sometimes I wish there were a little button or lever that one could push or pull and a sweet little void that would open up below these people swallowing them into their own world where they can erroneously decide what is correct for everyone to do. This way they will all be happy and they would be unable to decide for or step on others’ rights because they “think” Jesus told them so. I hate that they make me hate.

  41. Tyler says

    I also threw my computer when I read what Maggie had said. Do these people realize the countless amounts of people that they are hurting?

    They lose a gay marriage race, they feel upset for a day. We lose and it could destroy people’s lives.

  42. Michelle says

    I would just like to say that this shit is the reason I am an agnostic. I hate the ignorant followers who think they know it all and take a LITERAL interpretation OF A TRANSLATION. What the hell? If God were so against LGBT’s then why does he continue to let them exist on this earth? I love everyone equally and I would just like to say to these ignorant followers that this is what their lord wanted also. God had nothing to do with the ignorance of this election nor with the stupidity of it.

  43. says

    “I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant.”
    — MLK Jr

  44. Vince B. says

    Who snapped this photo, Diane Arbus? What a disgusting display by this bunch of superstitious sub-intelligents. Feeling alienated by the anti-religious rhetoric? Take the hint!

  45. k says

    RJ – Sad to say I have to agree with you. I am lucky to live in an area where my being gay is not much of an issue — for the most part. But when it comes to how the entire population views us, it is a completely different story. We should never give up — but I can see it being 25 – 50 years before there is complete equality. So do we just ‘settle’ for the baby steps to reach the eventual goal? I don’t know, I just don’t know.

  46. Thomas says

    My two cents worth: We should focus more on gay civil rights before marriage rights, since we don’t even have gay civil rights in most US states; Obama won’t do sh*t for me, since I’m gay AND white; also, I’m beginning to suspect that the guy who claimed to get busy with Barry in the back of a cab while both used crack could be telling the truth, and B.O. is actually on the down-low, or at least has been; plus he’s got way bigger problems anyway, he’s starting to look like a one-term Jimmy Carter, basically nothing is working for him; in some ways it’s our own fault, we run pretty ineffective campaigns, we don’t learn from previous losses, and we can’t see the forest for the trees; we (and any minority group) need to accept that it’s not a level playing field, and that’s definitely not fair, but it’s the way it is – for now – so let’s work with it the most effective way we can and try to put personal hurt and emotions aside and be more rational and logical; we need to get rid of the very word we call ourselves — “gay” — and instead use “alternative” or something else, something that doesn’t sound so, well, “gay” (my mother and most of my family and friends still can’t even say the word gay and I came out 20 years ago); outlandish gay pride behavior in big cities is hurting gays in small towns, not to mention other countries too (it’s downright barbaric how we’re treated in other countries, we’re much luckier here); the NOTION of marriage – for 2 guys anyway – and probably for any 2 people, period – is better than the REALITY of marriage. (When something is over, what a mess to get out of it. Okay, I’m not very romantic)…so in the long run, this could be a blessing in disguise; a lot of those people fighting against gay marriage are, ironically, in miserable marriages, are cheating on their spouses, or being cheated on; or will be taken to the cleaners in a divorce: even though we pay taxes too, only OUR rights are put to a vote, not other minorities, but still, when that happens, we’ll probably lose…unless we start making significant changes. But don’t count on government, or Obama to help. Social change through media and through personal interaction can be just as effective as judicial or government legislation, if not a lot more so; Thus, don’t sweat this too much, but learn from it, and move forward on our own, but don’t depend too much on outside help, because we probably won’t get it.

  47. Wheezy says

    Fuck ’em. They hate us, they must hate our money. Don’t spend one mutha fuckin’ penny in a state that doesn’t treat LGBT as equals.

    @ thomas,

    Marriage *is* a civil right.

  48. JT says

    The goofballs in the photo look like the types of Maine religious fanatics who pop up in Stephen King stories, like Mrs. Carmody in “The Mist”, etc. (King obviously hates those types).

  49. Mainer says

    “taking marriage rights away from millions of Mainers.”

    Do you know the population of Maine?
    I hope you have never used the word “ignorant” to describe the people that voted yes on 1

  50. TANK says

    And why is that, mainer? Because he was incorrect? I guess because he was wrong about the population of maine and the lesbian and gay population, you believe that that means he’d ALSO be wrong about the ignorance of those who voted yes on 1. Obviously, you’re a product of maine’s wonderful public education system to make that INVALID INFERENCE…you fuckin’ mongoloid. BOYCOTT MAINE! BOYCOTT MAINE! BOYCOTT MAINE!

  51. Gary says

    Looks like Granny stopped by Walmart to pick up some new batteries on the way over!

    The last time I saw this many people getting this much enjoyment out of hurting people they didn’t even know was at a private club in New York. Of course, that was consensual.

  52. Dan Cobbb says

    In this country, Christianity is no longer a religion. It has become cudgel for some, method of egomania for others, and a money-making proposition for the rest.

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