1. Felix says

    Isn’t this how Eminem got famous in the first place? by provoking a harsh response from the gay community.

    So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, even refrain yourselves from even commenting on this post…Its time for Eminem’s old antics to go away.

  2. crispy says

    I couldn’t make it 30 seconds. It sounded like a bad children’s show skit on Mad TV. People really like this shit?

  3. Felix says

    Isn’t this how Eminem got famous in the first place? by provoking a harsh response from the gay community?

    So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, i beg you, restrain yourselves from even commenting on this post. Its time for Eminem’s old antics to go away.

  4. rod Kennedy says

    Me thinks she doth protest too much. Apparently just another cry baby, to add to the many. Jealousy, anyone?

  5. jeremy says

    I’m sure that GLAAD will respond to this, but for once I hope it is a response that slams the artist for not be creative or talented enough to write what doesn’t offend. Every album it’s the same story. Slam Eminem for lashing out like he does because he’s obviously a closet case. Slam him for being stuck with that same shrill rapping style for the last how ever many years it’s been. It was somewhat “fresh” when he first came out, but now all of his stuff sounds the same.

  6. Ross76 says

    There’s nothing wrong with Eminem that a hit of GHB and a tied down gang rape for about 3 days by 20 men wouldn’t whip right into shape.

  7. richard s says

    Em has some serious issues here with guy sex, funny he has nothing to say about girl/girl? My guess is someone may have slipped him the salami when he was a trailer tot.

  8. PITRI says

    LMFAO you get the lyricz all wrong…he does fay faggots! why would he be scared you guyz 4get who the fuck slim shady is??!

  9. tmack says

    This clown wouldn’t even have a career if he didn’t slam other celebrities. He is so over. Used to be a big fan, no more.

  10. sebastien says

    I don’t listen to Enimem, I don’t give a toss if the guy is dead or alive.

    If I want to get any interest in rap or “Urban culture”, I just watch all those losers on Judge Judy.

  11. crispy says

    Oh, honey. You visited a gay website. And you posted 4 comments. That makes you gay! Like really super gay.

    Do your friends know you read gay websites?

  12. Glenn says

    I know, ASID has posted more to this website than I do in, like, a month, and I’m a big homo. Methinks it’s not Eminem’s rapping that really gets him hot.

  13. johnosahon says

    first of all, the paragraph makes NO sense.

    WTF is he talking about?

    he is jumping from one topic to another.

  14. galefan2004 says

    Not that anyone should actually give a damn what Eminem thinks or does, but he is rather dead on about Adam, Lance and Clay. They are fake its. They do whatever it takes to try to sell their music and right now it takes kissing some gay but. Wait until it takes something different and see how fast they change their tunes (for example Adam is now kissing ABC’s but and in turn supporting middle America). None of them are talented. If Adam ever gets an actual hit he will be a one hit wonder and replaced by the next big thing. Just wait for the next Idol and see if we still discuss Adam afterward.

  15. Patrick says

    Lol. I find Eminem to be a fairly decent artist, as far as rap goes, and he’s one of the ONLY rap artists I can stand to listen to for more than 2.5 seconds. He uses word-play better than most. It seems to me his work is more about shock, and making fun of the way society views itself. I don’t really care about his use of the word “fake-it” or its referrence to the word faggot. I mean, come on, do we remember Dire Straits (I’m only 26, but I love them) and their reference to Elton John? And Eminem and his stunt with Sacha Cohen? Come on… and Asid… why do we have to regress to name-calling?

  16. says

    Patrick’s right. I don’t know why I’m not more outraged about Eminem… but as rap artists go, I like his work. The use of language, even offensive language, is so complex I can’t help but be impressed by it.

  17. crispy says

    You think that is “complex language”? Really?

    Sweet Jesus, if you tried to read “Macbeth” I’m afraid your brain might explode.

  18. Keith says

    Slip the salami to a trailer tot?

    That’s much more disturbing than the lyrics quoted above.

    Child molestation is not to be made light of in any way. Shame on you.

  19. Rami says

    I call Over-reaction. I’m not offended. He went out of his way to NOT say the word, in his own clever if your’e into that sorta thing kinda way, and I sort of hate Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken, too, so….

  20. Sam says

    He wasnt hiding saying the word faggot- he actually said it, just with an accent. He said faggots a gazillion times on the relapse record. He disses everyone, gay people arent special. Besides – he is really good friends with Elton John (they talked everyday, Elton helped him get off drugs). Obviously Em isnt homophobic. Some ppl are just so sensitive!

  21. Patrick says

    HA! Thank you Milkman. And yes, fake it was a very clever play on words. I can’t help but agree. Lambert, Aiken, and Bass are all musical “fakes”. Sure, they CO-wrote some of their songs, but I’m sure it was only because the real writer was smacking them saying “If I can do this, you should be able to… NOW WRITE!” I don’t care for any of them, and I also have to agree with Rami… people overreact. There is also a bit of a double standard today when it comes to “racial/sexual” slurs. Why is it ok for gays to use the word faggot, and black people to use the “n” word but the second anyone else says it, even in jest or to make a point, its offensive and predjudiced? If we are going to change the way people think, act, and speak, then we need to set a better example and quit letting things like this cause problems. Sticks and stones, gentlemen (and ladies)… Sticks and stones.

  22. says

    I fucking hate Eminem and wish that he would just FOADIAF. And take Kanye, 50 Cent, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Jay-Z, and the Black Eyed Peas with him. And someone strip him of his Oscar and give it to Dolly Parton or Bono.

  23. David in Houston says

    There is no way I’m going to waste 7 minutes and 18 seconds of my life, listening to this homophobic rap shit. As JohnInManhattan said, I guess Elton John wasted his time on this bigoted asshole.

  24. Steverino says

    Oh hi, Eminem welcome back to 2001. Having trouble caring about this.

    Also, I still wonder if sensitivity to the word “faggot” is bad for the community in general. It makes us seem very thin-skinned and only empowers the person who says it if they know it bothers us so much. It’s just a stupid word, and a lot of people (like my cousins and “South Park”) claim it doesn’t even refer to gay person anymore. I don’t know. I go back and forth about it.

  25. KB says

    *PITRI – Actually I have NO idea what “slim shady” is, nor do i want to. I don’t let this come into my world…

  26. says

    Are you queers really that dumb? That’s just how Shady works. He’s definitely not hiding it, he twists words all the time, it is part of his writing style. It’s rap, that’s how it goes. Were talking about Slim Shady here people. He’s definitely not “afraid” or whatever you think he is to say faggot.

  27. chad says

    Eminem is white trash with ghetto black rap culture mixed you can’t get more homophobic scumbag than that. Eminem is a has been whose enquirer celebrity dissing is getting old and tired like the ugly fuck himself. Is he six years old with” fake its”, I wonder what name he has for blacks that rhymes with the n word. Oh yeah he’s too afraid and pc for that one. Leave him alone and let his music keep failing. I love Adam Lambert and he is so good looking and talented, Clay aiken is disgusting and too southern christian white trash and Lance Bass is cute.

  28. bobbyjoe says

    Clay Aiken and Adam Lambert? My god, Eminem is still cutting edge. What target will this subversive genius choose next… Jay Leno? Dancing With the Stars? Finding Nemo?

  29. Joe22 says

    This man is really a poet, he’s brilliant

    it sux he’s so homophobic

    On the album Relapse he raps about being sexually abused by his Mom’s BF if i remember correctly, which all this hate obviously stems from

  30. Jesus says

    This guy gets more credit than he actually deserves, for real. His word play isn’t creative, he relies on shock value to get attention, and his songs all sound the same. I just have no respect for people in positions of notoriety like his who think it’s acceptable to use that kind of language in their work. Also, isn’t this the dude who is so self-absorbed that he actually made a movie (sort of) about his life and his “rise” to fame, and also had the starring role playing none other than himself? Him AND 50 did it, all so they could look like bad asses and gain more street cred, right? Psssht, next.

  31. Robbie says

    I’m actually much more appalled/horrified by the comments to this post than anything Eminem has ever said in any song.

    This pool of commenters should be ashamed of itself. Saying things like you can watch Judge Judy to immerse yourself in urban culture, while putting urban culture in quotation marks obviously in a satirical tone is inexcusable, racist, and no better than the very homophobia you speak of.

    And Chad, really? “Eminem is white trash with ghetto black rap culture mixed you can’t get more homophobic scumbag than that”

    I’m embarrassed for you guys. You people don’t even deserve tolerance because you can’t even set it forth yourselves.

  32. EM says

    Umm, Galefan I hate to tell you but all performers are fake it’s to some extent, and Feminem is no exception.

    How are his gimmicks any different or designed to shock any diff. from any other performer.

  33. Joe22 says

    KB- when i say he’s brilliant i mean obviously marshall mathers is an artist..all u have 2 do is listen 2 any of his albums..Hes a poet..primal, vulnerable beats, lyrics that although sometimes hateful represents what most of the world is thinking..Again, it sux he’s SO homophobic, he’s got some serious issues but the man can make music

  34. Starry says

    yea, yea, yea, like eminem doesn’t want it, i recall cohen the flying winged one ramming his arse and baggage into eminem’s face, hypocrite! if only he could sing like Adam, maybe, someone would care, but no, he’s just a fast talking negative, sounds jealous, and a little like he wants to get on the the glittery ones coattails

  35. Vera Waitress says

    Eminem looks like he got a hair transplant. Did you see him on the awards show where Borat landed on him when being lowered down from the ceiling?

    As for his artistic merit, this man is shockingly juvenile and his lyrics are puerile and embarrassing.

    Also, he’s getting to be close to 40. Juvenile rap lyrics don’t work any more when you’re 40. At that age, rap makes you look like you belong in a looney bin.

  36. Mrniceguy says

    “You’re standing adjacent to Jason’s last slut, they’re facing”

    He says “Jason slash Leatherface, and”

  37. Jai says

    First of all, I think it was Crispy who made the best comment ever!!! Awesome.

    And it’s interesting how some here are totally defending Feminem because he’s so “brilliant” or because they personally don’t like Adam or Clay. I can’t help but laugh. If the dude were black, the same defenders would be giving him shit. And seriously, who gives a damn about how talented he is?! No amount of talent should allow him to get away with saying such ignorant crap.

    Oh, and to the dumbass who says that gays are not special – of course we are not “special”. That is reserved for you. WE are fucking fabulous, biatch! =P

  38. Nick says

    Fuck all you assholes that are caplin eminem shut and saying u don’t care about him and u just ignore him. Ok first of all, u obviously don’t ignore him, and u obviously are interested by him. Why else would u be posting on this? And his lyrics are still immortal, it’s just the accent that makes them sound bad. But if u listen to forever, u will know eminem has found who he is on the mike again and Relapse 2 is going to be the BEST ALBUM EVER!!! That’s right u heard it hear first, u ignant fuckin haters

  39. Andrew says

    Hey dumbshits..
    Em raps about whtever the Fuck he wants..
    All you faggots need to understand thy peoople who like his music like this kinda shit..
    You all are fuckheads