1. J. Bocca says

    Yea Im gonna have to agree with joseph No way that is 10 years! We would all look like turtles at 20 if we aged that fast.

  2. Bill says

    Madonna is joining the cast of Avatar 2. Brad Pitt is going to play Colonel Sanders and David Beckham will be selling Perdue chicken.

  3. dizzy spins says

    This is so stupid. Even if they didnt resort to plastic surgery, David Beckham is 34 and Paris Hilton is 28–there’s no way they’d look like that in ten years time.

    I did some Googling and the sad thing is Mullins isnt an artist, he’s a forensics artist who ages photos of babies to help authorities imagine what they’d look like years after being abducted. I guess that work isnt “wacky” enough.

  4. djork says

    Number one: These are poorly executed and, worse, not funny.
    Number two: Everyone ages and it’s nothing to fear. Jesus Christ!

  5. robert says


    Calm yourself Mary! You sound like my Aunt Freda when she found out Mary Richards wasn’t a virgin anymore!
    PS the hell they aren’t funny-says you!
    especially the one of Victoria Beckham!

  6. sebastien says

    it’s just ridiculous….Especially the one for Madge….he imagined them if they were alocoholics living on benefits, that’s for sure!

  7. sotos says

    erm… I’ve seen this before but you have to be realistic. You cant expect Angie or Posh Spice to look this bad in their mid 40’s. They are too young and still will be good in their 40s. Maybe these pictures are meant to be what the stars will look like in their 50’s or 60’s.

  8. neil says

    I actually thought these were well done and not the least like some sort of caricature putdown and I’m a fan. Yes some people age quickly from 30 to 40 but it has been said that 40 is the new 30 and most people start to REALLY show their age in their 50’s so maybe Brad and Madonna but Angie, Beckhams and Paris not so much.

  9. TANK says

    djork, age is nothing to fear? Other than getting fat and gross or eating mcdonalds, it’s one of the most awful, scary things that happen in life. Getting old is to watch your body fall apart. To watch yourself lose abilities you once had…to be a prisoner in your own body as it decays and rotts. Sounds like something not to fear, huh? I mean, even if you take care of yourself, chances are you will look like an old man with old man face and that constant coldness that is the harbinger of death.

    Who knew that regis philbin would look better NOW than becks does in just ten years. Then again, becks doesn’t have a deviated septum that makes him sound like a constipated dwarf like regis.

  10. D May says

    As a person who is about to celebrate the eighteenth anniversary of my thirty ninth birthday, I can approach these pictures from a more realistic angle. The fact is in about 15 years you are looking at what these people will look like without good plastic surgeons. The elasticity of the skin goes among other things.

    I am particularly fortunate as people are always shocked to find out what my age is and that is with silver hair. The real secret is, I think, a good attitude combined with good genes and taking care of myself. I mentioned the thought of plastic surgery for me to a friend in his thirties and he just laughed. If you think old, it will swallow you up. Have fun! Now if I could just find some on my own age to share it with and let anyone under 45 know I am not in the least interested…Oh Well!

  11. steve says

    Bad story – and it feeds the age-ist agenda of our celebrity-driven “news” magazine. Have you checked out some 60-something celebs like Diane Keaton and Susan Sarandon or Robert Redford? Ageing can be sexy and natural. These pics are as plastic and some bad surgery.