Federal Prop 8 Challenge Set to Begin: Today’s Schedule

(photo  of David Boies, Ted Olson, and Lady Booth Olson, by Diane Walker)

According to Yuwef Robb of AFER, here's today's schedule:

federal trial over the unconstitutionality of Proposition 8 will begin Monday,
January 11 with an opening statement by attorney Theodore Olson, who with David
Boies is leading the legal team assembled by the American Foundation for Equal
Rights to litigate the case, Perry v. Schwarzenegger. Opening statements will
be followed by testimony from Kris Perry, Sandy Stier, Paul Katami and Jeff
Zarrillo, who comprise two couples who wish to be married but who were denied
marriage licenses because of Proposition 8."

Here's some additional reading:

 road Kris Perry, on whose behalf the lawsuit was filed, talks about the case, along with more background.

 roadJenny Pizer, Senior Counsel and National Marriage Project Director for Lambda Legal, on why we should have optimism about the case.

 roadThere's also a huge piece in The New Yorker about the case.


  1. K says

    Wait – so what is the status of the application to block cameras in the court? Will the first day be recorded or not?

  2. CJ says

    I’m still trying to find out what YouTube channel this will be on. It’s so odd. I thought more LGBT sites would make it a point of providing a URL or something.

  3. Randy says

    As of 10:00 EST this morning Justice Kennedy had made no comment regarding the issue. A decision was expected last night and there was no mention of it in this mornings routine orders. I just went to youtube and did a search for USDCCAND ( youtube.com/usdccand ) and watched the test for audio and video in the courtroom with Judge Walker. So it would appear that things are on course for viewing via Youtube.

  4. K says

    So is this a case of “no comment means the lower court’s ruling stands” – i.e. Walker’s decision is final?

  5. CJ says

    Those Prop 8 schmucks have some BS excuses for not filming it. If you’re people don’t have the courage to spew their convictions to the world, they should be there. Chicken shit bastards.