1. Kevin says

    As a kid, I didn’t take much flack for having red hair. I actually don’t remember ever being teased except for the occasional “carrot top” comment, but that never bothered me much – carrot tops are green! Duh! I actually took more crap once I got to college and it was primarily all from the South Park episode. Of course, being gay, I had already grown a thick skin. If kids are really being teased/tormented for having red hair, that’s really wrong. South Park can be hysterical, I admit, but only if you’re not the one being attacked. I’m hearing more and more about red headed kids being picked on because of South Park.

  2. Dback says

    This poor kid is going to be SO happy when he grows up and realizes thast there are millions of people out there who think that redheads are uniquely attractive and sexy. (Look at Blue from Mason Wyler.) “South Park” jumped the shark years ago and now only appeals to tools.

  3. Greg says

    I love being a redhead…all my life it’s given me a sense of being unique and individual! I also love the attention I get for being a redhead, so hopefully this kid and others will begin to appreciate that instead of feeling like outsiders. On the serious side, it shows how little it takes to select a minority, point them out as “different” and begin to demonize them. Morons from everywhere are always waiting to be lead down the path of discrimination

  4. Sam says

    Dude… no offense, but the video itself gives more reasons for you to be mercifully teased, than being a ginger. Even a fat one – as stated by you.

    And duh, it’s high school – it’s not “picking up on minority”. Lots/most of people are their own minority in high school. You will always be teased for something that stands out – being fat, thin, tall, small, sprout mustache too early, not having enough facial hair, being fuzz haired or red haired… list goes on and on. The point is how do you react to teasing. If you don’t have wit to turn the teasing against its own author, at least act as if you don’t care. Or look at some other comics/tv series. All and any of your classmates are pictured somewhere. Find it. Use it.

    It’s called sense of humor. And sarcasm. And self-irony. If you don’t have them, high school teasing will be the least of your troubles later.

    Reading/developing intellectually pays off better than youtube shouting and whining, red haired guy. You might want to try it.

  5. PearlsBeforeSwine says

    I think the creators of South Park have a special fascination with discrimination. I think they were trying to make a statement about discrimination when they started taling about gingers, and that all discrimination is as silly as discriminating on hair color. It is sad if they have actually created a new type of discrimination. I think their show on trying to redefine the word faggot also fits this pattern.

  6. says

    This kid’s jealous because he can’t be a pirate.

    Seriously, though, to the SP haters out there: there is a service to be done by exploiting hate. You show how absurd hate can be and suddenly it becomes laughable and its power is diminished.

    In addition to Cartman being anti-Semitic, racist, homophobic, the creators of South Park chose to explore the basis of hate by demonstrating that you could really hate someone for anything that makes them different. And one of the genius ways they do this is to have Cartman have an unnatural and irrational hatred of “gingers.” Hell, he’s even made “ginger” a derogatory descriptor.

    And the whole time we laugh… and in the back of our minds, we get the message: hate is absurd.

    And that’s genius.

  7. Mark says

    How telling that this kid points out that other people get respect–“black people, white people, even Mexicans”–and doesn’t seem to realize that the prejudice South Park has seemingly exposed him to is something that most GLBT kids experience in school everyday. If the kid was gay and making this video, would you guys laugh?
    Also, not to mention that the kid has had “thoughts of suicide” because of the teasing!

  8. clint says

    Yes, two attractive menz, one is a redhead the other not, I’ll take the redhead every time. My first was a ginger cowboy and it was all downhill from there LOL
    This kid is a little shit. Right now, in high school, they’re saying it to his face…later? He’ll have a harder time getting a job.

  9. Denis says

    I don’t think that people are making fun of this kid just because of his red hair. Not that I advocate being to total conformist, but turn off the MMOs, go to the gym and get a haircut that doesn’t make you look like an extra from The Name of the Rose.

    Two words: Prince Harry

  10. Albert says

    Interesting thing is that ginger discrimination seems to have had a longer history in the UK than here in the US. In England in particular there are lots of jokes made about gingers and it comes up in a lot British comedies. Don’t know if the South Park episode just shifted more of a spotlight on redheads here.

  11. says

    He is right though in some aspects. Red heads are discriminated against. Name a male red head who is a prominent actor, not as a clown or comedian. How many red headed male models do you see. From the female side, how many are natural redheads, most you’ll discover come from the bottle. Ginger, Ranga, Carrot top, fire crotch, red roots are just some of the names were called. If we get upset, we get told its just a joke, ppl love our red hair. Ha. It was easier going through first year uni with green hair, than keeping my natural red and yes i died my pubes as well.

    Red heads are also dying geneticly, less than 2% of the worlds population has red hair.

  12. says

    Get that kid some help.

    I feel a little bad, but mostly because we don’t give teenagers the tools to help themselves anymore. Schools are terrible at catching the at-risk kids, letting them fall through the cracks, till they either do something stupid or allow their grades/etc. to drop significantly… and still the schools, more often than not, miss or don’t care about the problems.

    This kid shouldn’t be making a youtube video… it’s not going to help his immediate problem and it’s much more likely to cause teasing in the long run. He should confront it, or accept that some people are just immature prats who project their own insecurities on others and refuse to let their insecurities bother him.

    This brings to mind the fact that human brains are not fully developed until years after their bodies — a teenager may face a trivial or annoying problem and, to them, it’s like the end of the world. It’s important that they learn these problems are NOT the end of the world, no matter how much they stress over the smallest things.

  13. says

    “oh who is that young prisoner with the handcuffs on his wrists ?
    And what has he been after that they wave and shake their fists ?
    And wherefore is he wearing such a conscience stricken air ?
    Oh, they’re taking him to prison for the colour of his hair.”

    You guys need to see and hear “Hector”, an Irish TV guy who has been leading a campaign for years to save the ginger/red recessive gene……he encourages all reds to propagate their unique and beautiful colour …… so go buy his DVDs.

  14. matt butter says

    I am a member of the red hair appreciation society as well. I really can’t resist a guy with red hair… I am an Italian living in the uk and here red heads are quite common. It’s heaven!

  15. lawrence says

    NO NO sweety Gingers are not just people with red hair. Its a very articulated formula. You see you must have Orange hair pale pasty skin and lots of freckals. then and only then are you a true ginger

  16. Rodney says

    @Jack: I’m just lampooning the insanity of discriminating/ hating/ segregating someone for something harmless yet innate to a person’s identity. Kind of like all the nuts who voted for Prop 8.

  17. TANK says

    As a daywalker myself, I find the antipathy toward gingers in the uk laughably absurd. But apparently some gingers get the stuffing kicked out of them because of ginger hate. And nobody has a soul…this kid’s very young. Kant was a redhead. Ginger pride! Redheads are generally more intelligent people of course (with this glaring exception), and we’re less than 2% of the world’s population.

  18. sean in dallas says

    When I was a seven or eight, some random asshat in a restaurant smirked at me, “I’d rather be dead than red on the head.” Because I’d been coached by my father, also a redhead, I said back, “I’d rather be dead than a redneck.” Which shut him the fuck up.

  19. Alice says


    i’m a straight redheaded women married to a redheaded man, with one redheaded child to our credit so far.

    we joke that we are simply trying to save the “species”.

    btw, this kid’s got more problems than the color of his hair.

  20. says

    @ Rodney
    Yeah, I know you support Reds….I’m not one but am enthusiastic about saving the gene……Vive la differance ! You guys must see “Hector”….chief campaigner for the “Save The Red” movement.
    it’s great to see all the supporters on this page !

  21. marie says

    u haven cn my boy red tan stunning ladys love da guy all about the gene brains/stunning/articulated/serously fab what about da skinny pimply face big ear guy or da fat sweaty dude give me a break ill take da big red georgest hunk any day

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