NOM Robocalls Attack Coakley’s Pro-LGBT Positions in Massachusetts

The National Organization for Marriage has begun to assault Massachusetts voters preparing to vote in the contentious Senate race between AG Martha Coakley and state senator Scott Brown with robocalls attacking Coakley for her pro-LGBT positions, DC Agenda reports:

Brown Say the calls:

Our household just got an automated call from the “National Organization for Marriage,” with a 202 area code. The auto call features a male voice, which is clearly a recording, asking if you support marriage as being only between a man and a woman. If you say “yes,” then the voice urges you to vote for Scott Brown as the only candidate with a proven record of supporting marriage as between a man and a woman. The call says that his opponent is a “radical” supporter of same-sex marriage who has opposed letting the people decide and has used taxpayer dollars to support the agenda of same-sex marriage. The call ends by asking if “we can count on you to vote for Scott Brown.” The quality of the recording is mediocre at best.

Coakley's campaign responded to the calls:

“This is the usual last-minute attack by one of the biggest anti-equality organizations in the country,” said Representative Katherine Clark, Coakley Campaign Finance Committee Co-Chair. “This just reaffirms what we already knew — Scott Brown is the favorite candidate of ultra right-wing conservatives. Marriage equality has been the law of the land in Massachusetts for nearly six years, and it’s supported by a majority of voters who know first-hand that the sky hasn’t fallen just because we have marriage equality.”

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