Oklahoma Homophobe Sally Kern Takes On Heterosexual Divorce

Christian warrior and Oklahoma lawmaker Sally Kern, who once declared gays more of a threat to America than terrorists, has set her sights on outlawing some forms of heterosexual divorce:

Kern Scheduled for introduction in the 2010 legislative session by state
Rep. Sally Kern, R-Oklahoma City, House Bill 2279 would restrict the
“use of incompatibility as a ground for divorce” in Oklahoma.

The bill would not allow for divorce on the basis of incompatibility if:

  • There are living minor children of the marriage
  • The parties have been married 10 years or longer
  • Either party files a written objection to the granting of a divorce

If passed, the act would become effective on Nov. 1.

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  1. kujhawker says

    Actually I am for this. I am for anything that actually protects the sanctity of marriage. Let’s make divorce near impossible.

    If the sanctity of marriage, the breeding and raising of children, god and all that what what is the reason why gays are being excluded from marriage. Then we should be darn sure we hold the hetrosexuals to their desire for the sanctity of marriage.

  2. says

    Finally a little consistency. I’ll be interesting to see how those save-the-family Pharasees react to a little restriction on their own lives. I predict she’ll be shot down quickly.

  3. Nick says

    Sally-whatever happened to the Republican doctine of limited government involvement-
    oh that’s right- that’s everyplace outside of the bedroom- a room you and your hubby obviously haven’t shared since dinosaurs and men walked the earth together.
    It must be wonderful to be that sanctimonious. I am glad we have you to act as the moral compass of Umerica.

  4. Doug says

    I wonder if her husband wants a divorce. Wouldn’t it be interesting to have something like that revealed?

  5. Disgusted American says

    Hell musthave frozen over…cause’ I actually agree with that Bitch on something…..yea,lets see the heteros get thier panties in a bunch when THEIR RIGHTS are Infringed!!!!

  6. Robert says

    I so hope this passes. We should have bills like this in every state so straight people can see how fucked up it is to legislate what they can do in their relationships

  7. mw1126 says

    At the very least, maybe her constituents will get fed up with her and she’ll lose a lot of favor…

  8. Kurt says

    Actually this is really a terrible thing, in terms of the erosion of civil liberties. We can’t demand equality for ourselves and celebrate when others have their rights encroached upon.

    If we weaken divorce laws based on a minority opinion of what is “moral”, it threatens everyone’s right to end a dysfunctional relationship.

    Come on folks. We’re better than this.

  9. Disgusted American says

    ahh Kurt….screw that shit…being nice to these assholes aint wrking….not until they see THEIR RIGHTS being taken away/or curtailed..will they “maybe” see the inJustice of it all ???

  10. Windy says

    Hey, there’s a survey at the newstory link!

    Do you think the state should be able to tell some married couples they cannot get divorced?

    Vote: YES!!!! Many times!

  11. Calvin says

    I agree with Kurt on this one. It really pisses me off when politicians don’t actually represent the people they were elected to and just keep attempting to push forward laws that fall into their own indoctrinated belief system.

  12. ichabod says

    Finally! Now maybe some of these “holier than thou” types will get a clue now that their own rights to do as they please are in jeopardy. I’m not for the erosion of ANYONE’S civil rights, but sometimes it takes a knock in the head like this to get people to see the error of their ways.

  13. TheOtherMark says

    Its nice to see that the people against us are absolutely batsh– crazy. Makes our logic-based platform look even better.

  14. Disgusted American says

    I went onto the site- the comments on her are funny,and I left this under the giuse DisgustedAmerican

    Well…I hope you’re ALL Happy Now…..See, You didn’t mind when Ol’ Sally stuck her nose in the Private Lives Of Tax Paying Gay Citizens now did ya? No, you didn’t! You didn’t mind telling Tax paying,Law abiding Gay Citizens who they could and couldn’t marry,and what Rights they were entitled too..now did ya? No-you didn’t!!! well…now you REEP what You’ve sown…….I hope this passes, and the very same people who took it upon themselves to Dictate to Gay people..about thier lives….are NOW the Victims of the State TELLING THEM, What they can,and Can’t do…!!!! Suck it!

  15. Brian says

    THIS…is EXACTLY why our founding fathers..who were puritanical religious men by the way…wished to seperate Church from State…you cannot legislate morality upon a state/country…not all constituents are of the same faith/morality, etc. That is why prohibition didnt work, government lost revenue from taxes, and crime (especially organized crime) became rampant…the abolishinists were proved to have made things worse than before…you cannot legislate a single religious doctrine on the masses….it won’t last in long run despite how popular it starts out….

  16. Brian says

    Just another after thought…”Fundamentalist” (and can someone explain to me exactly what is “fundamental” in these peoples belief system) Christians have no memory of history or are they just ignorant of history? First, of all…we as a country RANT against countries elsewhere that are ruled by thier clergy “Muslims, etc” because they are too “radical” and are just plain “wrong” about everything…What makes the our “Fundamentalist” right-wing Christian zealots in this country any different? Anybody care to discuss the Crusades and the Inquisition and how horrible attrocities were committed in the name of the Christian God and in Jesus’ name? These folks probably would cheer them on back then and would have joined in the torture of Jews…Watch out what you wish for Fundamentalists…history and the masses may come back to bite you in the backsides…and you would deserve it!

  17. Robert says

    You have no idea how many times I have fantasized about the death of this fanatic hag. She’s beyond ignorant – her entire world view is based on Biblical bigotry, and the only time you hear about her is when she’s proposing some whacked out religious law. You can’t argue with idiots like this.
    On the other hand, I’d be all for outlawing divorce under any circumstances in states with an antigay constitutional amendment. And capital punishment for teen pregnancy. And stoning for adultery. Should I go on?

  18. Dave says

    Perhaps some prominent LGBT should hold a press conference in which they specifically praise her for consistency in her stances. Don’t condone the bill, but pull repeatedly on quotes used against marriage for same-sex couples and describe how they could be used in support of her bill.

  19. Robert In WeHo says

    I’ve been warning straight people for years that the Wingnuts weren’t going to stop with us, here’s proof…

  20. B-rod says

    Oh Sally! You just signed your resignation letter! The straights have no problem beating up on gays, but you start screwing around with their right to divorce and you’ll be lucky if you can get elected trash collector.

    Please, keep up the fight Sally! We hardly knew ye!

  21. Casey says

    Hey, this is just like that California ballot initiative to ban divorce … except completely devoid of irony. Scary.

  22. HawaiiBill says

    I don’t know how to flag or report someone on this sight, but Tom is actually advocating murder and no one is reacting? Debate, argue, disagree, agree, even get angry…but advocating killing someone? What the hell?!?!?

  23. jakeinlove says

    People need to stop with the kill this person comments. It makes you no better than them on the other side.

    However if her own gun she stuck in her purse fell out discharging a bullet in her head, I’d be OK with that.


  24. rafi says


    The benefit of this bill though is that it could force people who claim to believe in the sanctity of marriage to go on record either supporting or opposing it.

    If they oppose it, obviously their hypocrisy is exposed. But even if they support it, well, it’s so far out of the mainstream that it hurts the overall “sanctity of marriage” argument. No one’s going to support “sanctity” if they realize it could be used against them as well.

  25. Paul R says

    This bill is about as likely to pass as I am to sleep with Sally Kern.

    And I agree, this is too nuts for even her most rabid constituents. She won’t be reelected.

  26. sean in dallas says

    It was the Pilgrims who were puritanical, not the Founding Fathers.

    The Founding Fathers were mostly deists and atheists, active participants in Enlightenment ideals.

    I love how the fundamentalists have hijacked this very well-known bit of history to turn the Founding Fathers into Bible thumpers.

    As a group, they represented the most forward-thinking men in the colonies who concurred that religion had no business in the running of a country.

    Where are the carriers of their torch now? At the tent revival, I guess.

  27. hadassah weinreb says

    Actually, restricting divorce was on the Republican Party Platform for the 2008 Presidential election. I recall Pams House Blend making brief reference to it.

    I’m hopeing that, in 2013, Speaker of the House of Representatives Michelle Bachman will introduce the Fidelity in Marriage Act, which will make adultery an offence that would mandate immediate resignation from elective office by any Republican.

  28. LoveBug says

    I guess we should create our own country and have like EVERY other country deal with us because they could care less if you were gay or not, well almost every country. If these cults want to play the religious card then let them they are no worse then the terrorists; spread love NOT hate. These assholes use the word Christian in everything they do to instill fear in others and spread it and I’m SOO ashamed to call myself Christian anymore. I’m almost scared to.