1. John says

    What a brilliant plan, TSA.

    Yeah, just go ahead and tell them everything you’ll do as usual.

    Now they’ll just fly in from Egypt.

    Or Dubai.

    Or Malaysia.

    Or South Africa.

    For some reason, the U.S. government continues to believe this dangerous myth that Al Qaeda rides around in camels and such. Their ideology might be medieval, but their tactics are quite modern.

  2. says

    I suspect (hope?) that they’ll be looking to see where the person has traveled from recently, not just the last flight. And this is a step better than wasting time on the swab ‘n’ sniff machines with people like me and grandma.

  3. says

    I also heard something from a terrorism expert that made sense to me: the protections in place probably made things tough enough for the Xmas Day Bomber that he was not actually successful. And even if his bomb had gone off, it probably wasn’t big enough to take the whole plane down.

    So while it’s really, really bad that he got as far as he did, the procedures in place probably did some good.

  4. BB says

    My husband and I flew back from Mexico City to NY on Saturday; everyone was patted down at the gate and their carry-on luggage searched. The pat down and carry-on search were cursory, at best – what a complete waste of time! It was only for show…

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