Photo: Lady Gaga’s New Tattoo


Gaga tweeted:

"look what i did last night.
little monsters forever, on the arm that holds my mic.

Gaga's apparently desperate to buy the Terence Koh-designed piano she played at the Grammys:

"A source said: 'Terence's artwork is confrontational and incorporates many elements that appeal to Gaga such as sex, punk and gay culture. The black piano with arms reaching out of it was beautiful and it's no surprise she wants it, especially after giving one of the performances of her career.'"


  1. brian says

    Love GaGa. Love tats. Not sure about the placement of that one though. It’s a little jarring next to the other one. Maybe she should have thought it out more.

  2. Michael says

    The bar has really been lowered if people seriously think that was the performance of her career at the Grammys.

  3. Ted says

    You’re right Michael, her peformance for an an hour and 45 mins at Radio City last weekend was better;nonetheless her performance at the Grammys was compelling, as was her performance at the VMAs last fall. I love love love her. Ke$ha’s OK, nothing more.