Producers Dan Jinks and Bruce Cohen Part Ways

Dan Jinks and Bruce Cohen, the producing team behind Oscar winner American Beauty, Gus van Sant's Milk, and the short-lived but critically-acclaimed TV series Pushing Daisies (among others), have decided to split, Deadline Hollywood reports:

Jinks_cohen "Jinks and Cohen tell me they have decided to amicably break up their Jinks/Cohen Company. "We've had a great 12 years, but we've both decided that we want to explore on our own," Jinks and Cohen told me. Jinks is forming The Dan Jinks Co and keeping Nick Nantell as VP of development, while Cohen is forming Bruce Cohen Productions.

The duo will continue to work together under their Warner Bros.-based television company, and say they intend to see through several feature projects that include the Catherine Hardwicke-directed Hamlet with Emile Hirsch attached to the Ron Nyswaner script, My Name is Jody Williams, with Audrey Wells directing her script, and the Robin Swicord-scripted The Rivals, a period drama that once had Steven Spielberg attached to direct."

Note: the pair are not romantically involved, just filmmaking partners. 


  1. says

    I could be wrong, but isn’t Cohen one of the people behind the current Prop 8 trial in California to the courts, or helped fund it?

    It is sad. I was a news crew present when both being married by Los Angeles mayor Villarigosa in the mayors office.

    Too bad guys.

    God, how do you keep a long-term relationship together in Hollywood?

  2. Thomasina says

    This is one of several things I dislike about the widespread use of the term “partner” to describe the people involved in a romantic relationship, whether gay or straight: it is often unclear whether the “partnership” being discusses is a romantic one, a business one, or both–and it also seems to me to be a way to shove gay relationships back into the closet a little. Most straight people have no trouble at all using “boyfriend,” “girlfriend,” “husband,” or “wife” to describe their significant others (and when they do use “partner,” it sounds terribly affected and pretentious to me)–so what is wrong with gay people doing the same?

  3. AusAde says

    “Most straight people have no trouble at all using “boyfriend,” “girlfriend,” “husband,” or “wife” to describe their significant others”

    I’m too old and been together with someone too long to use BF nor am I married. What now?

    “Partner’ will do for me.

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