1. says

    This was an AWESOME march to be a part of. Though Facebook, flyers, and email… we NEVER thought this many people would show up…. and we never thought this many straight people would come out. it was simply the most emotional event I have ever been a part of in Austin.

  2. Michael Bussee says

    Terrible. Something similar happened to me June 6, 2002. My best friend, Jeffery Owens and I were jumped by five gang members yelling anti-gay slurs as we left a gay bar in Riverside CA. Both of us were beaten and stabbed numerous times — in the back. Jeffery died. I survived to tell the story and to fight against this kind of fear and hatred. My heart goes out to these men.

  3. Danny says

    The opressed yesterday are the biggest opressors today. That’s a fact. Gay blacks need to be asking themselves why they’re brothers and sister are the main instigators behind gay bashings. Go ahead…call me racist, it’s FACTS. These stories speak for themselves and I’m tired of glazing over black homophobia which is more extreme and militant than any other homophobia I’ve observed. Been attacked three times since I moved to a big city and all three cases were from blacks. Lived in a small town in Louisiana with ignorant backward red necks and other than disdain, never got touched once. If I’m a gay racist, then those many black men doing the attacking are HOMOPHOBES.

  4. L.B says

    Michael, I’m sorry to hear your story. It’s interesting how THUGS are now far worse than Bible thumpers. We keep saying horrid things about religious folks, there’s a new enemy in town folks and it’s THUGS and we knew that but now it’s time to fight back against THUGS who will end up in jail some how either way. Don’t be intimidated.

  5. JT says

    Oh….dudes…I think most Af Am gay guys admit there’s a problem with so-called “thug culture” and queer-bashings. I’m sympathetic to them, and the stress it causes. The only people who irk me in cases like this are p.c. white gays (the Vermont and Manhattan types) who try to deny it.

  6. TANK says

    You act like thugs and religious zealots are completely exclusive groups when it comes to homophobia. One hand washes the other. Buy a gun, and next time someone pulls this kinda crazy…bablamblam right in the face. Or not… But nothing says fuck off like a hollow point.

  7. Mark says

    THANK YOU for all those that came out. What an inpspiring showing! You stood up against hate, and FOR unity. Our community will not be terrorized, and take it with a smile. We are a strong people who dealt with hatred in our own families, going face to face with strangers and fighting back is no problem and that’s the kind of militant, strong, solid outlook and action it takes to combat this type of hatred. STRENGTH IN NUMBERS therefor rallies do indeed make an impact and send a galvanized message to an entire community stating our voice will be heard just as loudly as yours and our voice is strong!


  8. amy says

    So touching to see how many came out. Austin is one of the most welcoming and loving cities in that whole region of the country, so this doesn’t surprise me, but I only hope all gay people become so active and involved anywhere they are. it’s beautiful to see and this is really how you make a difference.

  9. Kevin L. Harris says

    JT, as a biracial gay men, I cosign what you said. All too often I observe black brothers go on the defense when anyone mentions that there is indeed a lot of homophobia within the hetrosexual black male community. I’ve lived it and I know it, and I’ve fought it with my own family. What I don’t do is fight my white friends who point out the obvious. They don’t fight me when I often point out the many white religious institutes that promote homophobia, they go and combat it, because it’s a matter of fact that they too exist, just as it’s a matter of fact that ‘thug culture’ has a main pillar of homophobia. I don’t know how gay blacks decided it’s racist to point that out, but as a gay black brother who’s experienced true racism and homophobia, it deters both to make such false claims. Unless it’s adressed, absolutely no change will be made. Instead, go do something productive within your communities to combat that. I had a choice to leave a part of Atlanta that isn’t gang ridden, but isn’t exactly he suburbs either. I didn’t leave. I stayed. Made strides and impacts in the area that needed it the most.

  10. Chris says

    UMMMM I think we need to make something clear here. To Danny…..First of all are you racist? NO, PREJUDICE YES!!!

    There’s a big difference.

    As always when Towleroad shows a gay bashing and it’s an African American person. Some of the caucasian gays on here go CooCoo for Cocoa Puffs and start screaming about BLACKS ARE HOMOPHOBIC.
    As a Black Gay Man who does visit this site daily and will continue to in spite of ignorant trolls like you Danny. ALL RACES HAVE HOMPHOBIC CHARACTERS!

    Black LBTGQ’s do not defend these folks as you say. But then again why would they come to a site like this one and Queerty where at times in the past alot of the caucasian commenters would entirely call all of us Blacks “HOMOPHOBIC” And kevin we don’t call that racist. Okay it’s the fact that when SOME caucasians are calling us out on it. It’s strictly being done from a vicious, and hateful point of view (i.e GRABBINEWSCUM) a perfect example.

    When Towleroad posted the story about the caucasian guy who was beat by the 2 hispanics. Where were you calling them HOMPHOBIC Danny?

    When Towleroad posted the story about The Black Professor in Indiana and the caucasian drug addict closet queen who murdered the professor and it seemed that most that commenters on that was yielding excuses for the caucasian guy. Where was your screaming that you have HOMOPHOBIA in your own community Danny?

    Towleroad just posted a story about Michael Sandy from Bklyn getting a Memorial….Danny remember Michael the one was killed by a car because he was trying to flee from 3 “caucasians” who tried to beat him to death where were your cries hon?

    African American LGBTQ’s speak out on homophobic acts like these all the time. But Honey we do NOT need to prove it to you or anyone else to show that we are


  11. JT says

    Chris : I do understand that some gay Black guys think there’s a double standard in the way some blogs report these crimes (depending on the race of the perpetrators) and in the reaction of certain commentators. I’m not sure I agree, but I understand that’s one of the issues that causes a lot of hostility.

  12. Chris says

    JT, I’m not blaming Andy for this. For it is fair to report about all hate crimes against us Gays.

    It the comments afterwards from the commenters that persists based on the race of the perpetrator that makes my skin crawl. Like this Danny character!

  13. Jake says

    Austin is an amazing anomaly in the middle of Texas. I love it here, and I’m so glad to see so much support for these guys.

    Something about this article scares the crap out of me, though. “[Police Chief Art Acevedo] asked the marchers and City Council members present at the rally to push for high-resolution video cameras downtown, saying that video of the four suspects (inset) captured on a City Hall camera was grainy.”

    Are you serious? It would be a travesty if this crime were used as a catalyst to increase public surveillance. Does ANYBODY really want more cameras installed, watching your every move?

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