1. Ted B. (Charging Rhino)d says

    For a spacecraft designed in the 1960’s using manual drafting and sliderules….

    Perhaps it’s a good thing that NASA’s being shunted-aside for future manned spacecraft. Besides being a HUGE, inefficient government jobs-program NASA manned spaceflight has become a technological dead-end for innovation. Time for the private-sector to move-in. NASA has an excellent track-record with unmanned-flight expeditions and pure research, but it’s time for manned-flight to mature to the next generation of orbital and suborbital operations.

    One of the better suggestins I’ve heard is rather than building the now-cancelled Constellation Project to go to the Moon, reconfigure the International Space Station as a cis-lunar transfer station shuttling back and forth from Earth-orbit to lunar-orbit and back. The bulk of the life-support and flight dynamics are already in-place….it just needs to be reconfigured for long-impulse, low-thrust operations and be fitted with the next-generation nuclear/ion-propulsion drive.

  2. PatrickPATRICK says

    Actually, I wasn’t sleeping. I set my alarm to catch the launch from my roof…in Miami. I was skeptical I wold be able to see it. But I did. Very cool couple of seconds.

    Sorry to see the Shuttle on its way out. But it’s time to take the business of space to the next level.

    Hopefully a public/private effort can pull that off. Fingers crossed. I’d love to take a little trip in space before I’m dead and gone.

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