DJ Denies Lesbian Housewife Romance

So, are they or aren''t they? 

DJ Tracy Young says, no, that she and Kim Zolciak are not an item. She told Us Magazine:

"These allegations of a secret affair aren't new to me. It seems
whenever I work with a high-profile female artist, someone is always
trying to link us together romantically."


  1. FunMe says

    As Dlisted commented and I tend to agree:

    “HIGH-PROFILE FEMALE ARTIST?! Sheree’s tuck came undone after she read that one! Seriously, DJ Tracy might not be eating Kim’s Swiss cheese panini, but she’s definitely getting a little too close to her. It’s obvious that Kim’s wig glue fumes traveled up through DJ Tracy’s nostrils and nibbled at her brain a bit. I mean, HIGH-PROFILE FEMALE ARTIST?! Who gonna check you into the mental hospital, boo?!”

    Yeah, who is she??!!

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