1. Joshua says

    I’m perturbed with the news coverage of these massa “scandals”. yes the man has repressed homosexual tendencies but the point isn’t that he is gay or bi. it’s that he is a sexual predator who prays on subordinates. stop doing the “it’s so weird that he’s gay” thing and go with the “he’s a sexual predator”. they are two totally unrelated issues and portraying him as just a revolting gay is damaging to all other gays.

  2. TampaZeke says

    When Larry King asked Massa if he was gay he said, with irritation, “Ask my wife, ask the thousands of men I served with in the Navy!”

    Was this what he meant?

    Seems to me like an awfully complex and round about way of coming out.

  3. rick says

    so glad this was the lead-in over “the serious stuff”…i used to respect lawrence o’donnell

  4. walter says

    unfortunately the one thing that will suffer is the repeal of DADT. its enemies will say look this action happens while DADT is in force what will happen after its repeal. i served in the army for three years and never once climbed into anyone else bunk. many gays serve and never molest another serviceman. predator can be found anywhere both in and out of the service. take for example many members of the clergy

  5. patrick nyc says

    The guy is so gross looking, I don’t think it will have much effect on DADT though. He is not an openly gay man, he is a closeted predator.

  6. says

    Not to put too fine a point on it, Patrick, but in the homophobic Right Wing military mind, there is no difference between an openly Gay man and a closeted predator. This scandal is bad news for advocates of DADT repeal.

  7. JeffNYC says

    No gay man I know can define snorkeling form personal experience. All people know is what they read in urban dictionary.

    Maybe it’s a navy thing, not a gay thing.

  8. Antaeus says

    Go kill himself? Wow, Maher – you definitely have a heart for all those closet cases you ridicule. Guys, is Bill Maher really pro-gay – or just taking liberties with his status as card-carrying progressive?