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Jake Gyllenhaal Taunted Over Heath Ledger's Death in Montreal

Reports are going around that Jake Gyllenhaal was involved in a scuffle over Heath Ledger in Montreal over the weekend. The truth appears to be that Gyllenhaal had a blogger from DrunkenStepfather thrown out of a bar after the blogger harassed him, saying "Isn't that the guy who killed Heath Ledger?"

Jake_heath Blogger claims (site nsfw): "An innocent comment….that apparently he couldn’t take…so he took his acting class lessons seriously as he started screaming at chanelled the birthday he didn’t get the red bike-in my face like a role he rehearsed…he started throwing his hands in the air all while saying things like 'get the fuck out here' and 'I will break you' flailing his arms around like he meant business….but it was really a fucking joke… I laughed but the bouncers didn’t so I got escorted out after I had to pay my bill…the girl I was with was stuck inside where Gyllanhaal decided to take out his anger on her….by pushing her into the table at least once before his crew held him back….. Maybe these people aren’t used to being teased and everyone around them sucks up to them…so here he was shoving her against the table, hurting her, making her cry before his crew of handlers pulled him off her…"

E! Online clears it up: "Jake was definitely at the restaurant Saturday night (he's a regular there) as was the blogger. Main discrepancy here? We're told by sources who were present that the blogger in question said, 'Hey isn't that the guy who killed Heath Ledger?' prompting Jake to yell to the bouncers 'get these guys out of my face.' The instigator and his crew were then thrown out. We originally read this blog post yesterday, where the site definitely had 'killed' not 'kissed' up until it was later changed. The post actually backs up this supposed kill claim by ranting in the item that if Jake was Ledger's friend, he probably would have been there for him in his low point."

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  1. How dare someone say that to another human being!? He obv. Reacted because he still hurts... And maybe he's played this over in his mind. Drunken stepfather has no respect for Jake, heaths family and friends or Heath himself.
    Jeez. Some people should learn some manners, he is so homophobic! D:
    WTF like. There was no call for that.. And I really hope he gets his ass sued. Attention seeking is bad enough, but hurting a brilliant actor and nice guy for no reason is awful.
    I hope Jake is okay, his fans know he'd never hit a woman and he had a right to kick off.
    <3 Jake + Heath
    heath R.I.P

    Posted by: Paula | Jul 4, 2010 7:23:58 AM

  2. Who the fuck is this asshole? Seriously, if I see this dickface in the street I'll fucking kill him. What a sick, homophobic piece of shit. Even if Jake did fly off the handle, who cares? This bastard deserved it. How is someone supposed to react when you accuse them of killing their best friend? No wonder celebrities are reluctant to intigrate with the public. Seriously, I hope no one ever praises this arsehole's blog again. I hope this guy recieves so much hatemail that he has to adopt a new identity. I mean, if you're up yourself enough to spout this load of crap, surely you can be a fucking man and take the blame for it, instead of covering it up like some pathetic coward?
    You know what, DrunkenStepfather? Jump up your own ass and die. I hope someone shoots you in the face.

    Posted by: Katie | Aug 21, 2010 5:28:09 PM

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