Progressive Catholic Groups Take Out Full-Page Ad Opposing School’s Expulsion of Two Children with Lesbian Parents


Gay Catholic group Dignity USA, in alliance with Catholic group Call to Action and gay Catholic groups New Ways Ministry and Fortunate Families took out a full-page ad in Sunday's Denver Post and Boulder Daily Camera opposing the recent decision by The Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic School to expel two children because they have lesbian parents.

Sacredheart The ad reads, "It’s hurtful to see the Catholic Church rejecting gay people. But rejecting children because their parents are gay? That hurt can last a lifetime."

Adding, "As Catholics, it is deeply hurtful to see the Archdiocese of Denver forcibly remove children from their educational programs to send a message of rejection and exclusion to those children’s parents. Lesbian and gay people are part of our families and part of the church. To see their children hurt in this way fills our hearts with grief, and it tears at the very fabric of the community."

Said DignityUSA Executive Director Marianne Duddy-Burke: "The Archdiocese of Denver has the legal right to expel these young children, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the right thing to do. We grieve at seeing these children hurt in this way, and we hope that the Archdiocese will listen to the voices of those who express their concerns about how these children are being treated.”

Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput defended the school's decision last week.


  1. Dennis says

    Sad that common sense and compassion have to be ‘taught’ to Catholics via a purchased newspaper ad…and what’s even more sad is that this ad will surely raise anger and hatred among the hardline fundamentalists who support the school’s actions…

    Praise Jeebus! (and bash anyone who disagrees!) LGBT and progressive Catholics must surely have the patience of Job…as a former Catholic myself, I think Sinead O’Conner had it right with her “Pope shred” back in the day…

    I’d be happy if the whole archaic organization crumbled to the ground…maybe then something more workable, and more honest in spirit, could form to take it’s place.

  2. Bryan says

    Let’s sort this out…

    First, we have a gay-hating cult with a legendary tradition of violence against children in its schools, which is currently embroiled in massive, multiple worldwide pedophilia scandals on a scale unique in human history.

    Next, we have two lesbians who want to turn their children over to this cult, where the absolute best-case scenario is that they will be taught to regard their parents as evil, their family as bogus, and themselves as freaks.

    And finally, we have an LGTBQ community so invested in its identity as tragic victims that no one even pauses on the way to the wailing wall to note that these women are dangerously unfit parents who’re fighting for the right to harm their children.

    What’s next? Shall we hold a raffle to send them all to Uganda Disney Land?

  3. rovex says

    Slightly harsh Bryan, although I broadly agree that they shouldn’t be sending them there in the first place. The good thing is it shows the moderate average person how awful the catholics can be.

  4. Walter says

    While we do not know why lesbians would want to send their children to a school run by a religion full of ignorance, lies and hate …. their children should not be expelled for the choices of their parents …. so would a Catholic Church have expelled a child for having one black and one white parent back in the 1950s?

  5. Kieran says

    In our rush to empathize with our fellow homosexuals, let’s all try to give our empathy to those who are actually being discriminated against – rather than those who are just stupidly setting themselves up for it. I mean, come on – this is all a bit like a Jew wondering why her kids were kicked out of the local Neo Nazi gang. The lesbian couple in question couldn’t possibly have been unaware of the fact that their church views them as immoral abominations. The fact that the Catholic school wants nothing to do with them or their children should not be surprising to anyone. Yes, they don’t like us at all. Yes, they will take out their hatred of us on innocent children. They will sink to any depth. We all know this. The lesbian couple knows this, unless they have coal for brains (which isn’t out of the question…). So if they place their children in an openly hostile environment and *shock!* the openly hostile environment behaves in openly hostile ways – who’s fault is it, really?

  6. Ryan says

    To me, it just goes to show how much the Catholic Church hates and despises gay people. You’d think they’d be more concerned about their problems than us, but that would mean they’d have to actually admit they have a problem. I was born, raised and confirmed in the Catholic Church and I consider it a well-fought journey that I ever got out. It was by far one of the healthiest decisions I’ve ever made in my life.

    How dare they say there’s something wrong with me and the consenting adults I choose to love, when almost all their authority figures are either molesting and/or raping boys, or colluding to cover it up. There doesn’t seem to be a single, solitary Cardinal of the Church, apparently up to and including the Pope, who wasn’t complicit. A pox on their house.

  7. Ryan says

    By the bye, anyone want to bet how many of the children in that school have divorced parents or parents who had their child out of wedlock? Why haven’t those kids been kicked out yet? Or kids with a parent who got caught cheating? My guess is if that school expelled every parent who was, according to that Church, a ‘sexual sinner,’ there wouldn’t be enough kids left to keep the school open!

  8. Kelly Ries says

    People need to understand that there are three parts to any religion, There is the community, there is the institution and then there is the faith itself. The first two are generally pretty inconsistent at best and downright evil at worst–why? Well, because the first two are run by people, fallable people, people with there heads up there arses, or just too wrapped up in themselves to see or care about the harm their doing. Now the faith, part well that’s a little different in that it comes direct from how a person understands their relationship with the divine beyond what the community or the institution says. That is how you have queer people who still maintain the faith even though they no longer maintain any, or very little, connection to the community or institution.
    Don’t be so ready to call these two women unfit or delusional perhaps they have their reasons that you are unaware of. So shut your trap about things you don’t fully understand or even want to.
    Signed a GAY Roman Catholic

  9. Kieran says

    The children were not kicked out of the Catholic faith – they were kicked out of a Catholic school, which is run by the community and institution you speak of. So what’s being criticized here, at least on my part, is not the faith of this couple but rather the decision they made to send their children to an institution that quite obviously will not accept them. I believe that their reasons for this decision can legitimately be called into question due to the fact that it has become a sort of media scandal and vehicle through which the Catholic institution can be criticized and fought against. Makes you wonder if that was the motive to begin with – in which case the problem would be that they used children to victimize themselves. I just don’t see this as being a matter of faith. Seems more like politics.

  10. Norm D PLume says

    I just can’t support parents who want their children to attend a school run by the official patrons of child molesters and pedophiles. The Catholic Church should burn to the ground for the millions of children they’ve raped.

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