1. MarkDC says

    If only Gay guys actually looked and acted Huerta instead of 1) gushing, prancing faggots, or 2) posed, masculing ACTING douchebags.

    Gaytards are so fuckin exhausting. Life is just persona in Official Gay Culture. Jesus. Stop fucking acting and just be the men you ALREADY are.

  2. MarkDC says

    @ Dan E

    Stop projecting. Does the truth upset you that much?

    Life is just persona in Offical Gay Culture. Everyone is pretending to be someone else. Especially The Gays indulging the Urban Gay Fantasy.

  3. jamal49 says

    @MarkDC: “Indulging the Urban Gay Fantasy”? WTF does that mean? Can I indulge the Country Gay Fantasy? How about the Suburban Gay Fantasy? Gee, you sound just a little on the bitter side. Someone needs to throw a handful of fairy dust your way so you can lighten up a tad.

  4. B-rod says

    JAMAL49 – LOL, well said!

    But as another “Urban Gay Fantasy” resident of DC, I just want to say we’re just like all the gays everywhere else, include Wisconsin (Milkman)….we come in all varieties, colors and flavors, with some more bitter than others, like MarkDC. :)

  5. Tonic says


    Don’t worry, Mark, you can be a man. If nothing else, see a therapist and they may help you in accepting yourself and/or developing the qualities that will help you view yourself as a man.

  6. Paul R says

    Unfortunately DC is full of gay guys like Mark (no, not every gay guy—but too many for my taste). It’s a major reason I had to move away in the late 90s. I found the atmosphere poisonous. I can’t imagine having lived there under Dubya, and I was born and raised there.

    Do these guys posing for Guys with iPhones realize that it’s a gay site? Or do they just like to be admired?

  7. Jacques says

    Lies, all lies! With more than enough experience in an auto shop, I can tell you it was never that sexy. Especially not the times we had to carry loads of tires.

  8. sst says

    the UFC are idiots for letting him go, now that he signed with Bellator, he will be their best fighter on their roster! hes gotta be one of the hottest american MMA fighters!

  9. Noah says

    Dollar to a donut that MarkDC ass clown has any number of headless dick and ass shots on all the usual suspects of gay MSM whore sites(Manhunt,Fight Club,,,)

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