1. Norm D Plume says

    Fuck the bigoted bitch Nancy Pelosi and her botox-infested “face”. She’s a living-undead example of exactly why the Democrats are as shitty as the Republicans. When the Dems are out of power, they say “vote for us and we’ll change everything.” When they are in power, they make every excuse to do nothing. Everyone who voted for this creature instead of Cindy Sheehan should be ashamed because you really fucked up.

  2. Miller says

    Wait, so is Nancy saying that being gay is being sick? An illness? A disease? Geez, and she’s from California!

  3. TANK says

    Charlie Rose has one of the few voices that can put me to sleep. It’s like a metronome, only much better sounding. I’m the last person to stand up for the democratic leadership, but no…Nancy Pelosi was not saying that being gay is an illness or a disease.

    1. Apparently he’s got terminal cancer, and that’s what she hypothesized his recent spate of bad behavior may be attributed to.

    2. This recent spate of bad behavior isn’t so recent with him, as he’s sexually harassed people throughout his life. Her hypothesis is false.

    3. I’d call someone with a predatory sexual history sick, because they are. A serial sexual harasser (he’s 50, not ninety, and was present during the sexual harassment revolution).

    4. He’s deeply closeted, and will carry his self loathing shame fueled secret to the grave. Good. Moreso, I don’t consider closet cases gay, and their creepy antics have no bearing whatsoever on how I view gays and lesbians.

    5. Even if Pelosi were talking about his behavior as sick, she wouldn’t be too far off base as a sexual predator who serially harasses people that work under him despite being made aware on several different occasions that it was unacceptable, is a sick son of a bitch.

  4. Bruno says

    She was talking about his cancer. Reading comprehension seems to be a problem around here all of a sudden. Nancy Pelosi is nowhere near homophobic.

  5. John says

    Unfortunately, Speaker Pelosi has never been any good at public speaking. She’s more of a “focus group” sort of politician who likes to stay far away from the cameras. The opposite of Obama in many ways. Though I am fairly certain that she was referring to the cancer, she immediately launched into impaired judgment which – to those not paying careful attention – makes it seem like she was talking about homosexuality.

    It is a question of being concise rather than homophobia. Pelosi is not anti-gay. But she has not been a leader on the issue either. FOX News basically forced her into admitting that she’s for same-sex marriage. When Newsom started handing out marriage licenses in 2004, she was noticeably absent from the party. And for months, she tried just about every way he could to avoid answering the question:

    – The American people are not ready for a same-sex marriage debate.

    – The California Supreme Court will decide on the legality of Newsom’s actions in due time.

    – This is state issue, not a federal one.

    – Both Bush and Kerry are opposed to same-sex marriage, so it doesn’t matter what she thinks.

    That lasted until Chris Wallace asked her point blank about *her* personal opinion rather than give the vague legal analyses she had been getting away with until then.

  6. MimiBla says

    Most of the commenters here haven’t even read the article, much less watched those clips.
    They just read the title and shallowly understood that House Speaker Pelosi -who was appointed as HOUSE SPEAKER for a couple of reasons I guess, and it’s obviously smarter than that, and if not, wiser- has affirmed that homosexuality is an ilness. What she said is that cancer is an ilness, and this is hard to argue.