1. RONTEX says

    The absolute ABUSE of power in the Catho-lick church is staggering and the fact that the church suddenly doesn’t know where these priests are…WTF.

  2. Paul says

    Gotta agree, Milkman. At 19, it’s not abuse. Sleazy, yes, but not abuse. (OK, I have to grudgingly admire any 82-year-old who can persuade a 19-year-old to do it!)
    Still, this shows how absurd the celibacy requirement is: Adult humans require physical intimacy every now and then. Accept it!

  3. Jeff says

    The Milkman, it sounds like the abuse lasted for years, starting when they were young (the guy filming had been molested since he was 12), so it stands to reason that the priest psychologically manipulated them as well as violating them sexually.

  4. seeldee says

    @the Milkman; @Paul

    The story notes that the abuse of the 19-year old began when he was just 15. I’m just sayin’.

    Anyway, the abuse of a position of authority is at the heart of this lechery, regardless of any of the victims’ ages. I wonder how the Catholic church is going to bury this up? Good riddance!

  5. Mike says

    @MILKMAN Yes, he’s 19 NOW but the boy’s been working for him for 4 years and conceivably, was 15 when this abuse started. The article states that the man filming was abused since he was 12 (now 21), which doesn’t rule out the possibility that this has been a 4 year long situation.

    Though I just Googled the age of consent in Brazil, it’s 14. But that doesn’t make any of this OK that the boy in the video was over the legal age of consent in Brazil.

  6. walter says

    video, tape recordings, testimony eye witness statements, victim reports yet the church keeps burying the problem. the pope keeps screaming i know nothing. nobody told him anything. what a way for a ceo to run a business

  7. JTlvr says

    Although I’m not Catholic, I was sent to Catholic school from elementary school through HS. Most of our priests, nuns, brothers and deacons were good people and gave us a great education. Many of them were probably gay or lesbian — especially obvious to us as we hit puberty and began understanding sexuality — and that was not an issue for us.

    But there were those who were not suited for being around children and/or teens. Like the brother who constantly talked to me about sex, or the priest who took his “special” boys on hiking and camping trips. They would simply disappear and reappear in other parishes or schools or at a “monastic retreat” home.

    The issue is, the Catholic church has a problem with sexual abuse within its ranks, and its leaders have always known it. At 82 years old, this priest has probably been abusing boys for decades. They have conspired to cover up abuse by moving priests and nuns from post to post, but the abuse never stops. The church is more interested in protecting their power and money, than they are about protecting children. The church is rotting from the inside out.

  8. JusticeontheRocks says

    What does anyone expect from a multinational corporation that is also the world’s largest landowner and is run by a Nazi? This is about protecting property.

    The Vatican has been morally bankrupt for centuries.

  9. says

    Hmm. I guess I just don’t know much (thankfully) about how abusers manipulate and control people who would otherwise be over the age of consent. If the kids in question were 7 years old, then it would be a more clear-cut picture. But this situation is a little more murky, with the bulk of the culpability being the psychological damage and the abuse of priestly “authority” rather than some kind of peodphilia issue. Of course the allegation of the man filming the event having been abused since age 12 is a different story, and more akin to pedophilia. I don’t know… I’m king of trying to wrap my head around the difference between a pedophile and a sexual predator, both of which allegedly this priest has been in the past.

  10. Paul says

    All the video shows is sex between two consenting adults. Priests who abuse children are pedophiles and should be locked up. Priests who have sex with men are just gay. And even in Brazil, there’s no law against that.

  11. Aron says

    All of you guys saying it’s not abuse because the guy is 19 are completely missing the point. Not only does the story say the boys were abused from ages 15 and 12 (well within the category of pedophilia), but priests are in a substantial position of power and if these males, no matter their ages, are living/working within the catholic church it is clearly abuse for a priest to be having sexual relations with them. Not to mention that the priests took a vow of celibacy!! Get your heads out of your asses. Sheesh.

  12. john says

    The only thing i find shocking is that people still attend these hipocritical “churches” and donate money to make them richer so they can live in sin.

  13. says

    What nonsense. Who ordered this scandal-in-a-box just in time to divert attention from Israel’s humiliation of Biden and the Jewish State’s attempt to “de-link” itself from a pending war on Iran? I call bullshit.
    Israel’s media minions are behind this recent spate of stories, mark my words.

  14. Stefan says

    Yes. This needs more sunlight! But, the case mentioned in the article is only the tip of the iceberg. Even the Vatican is involved in spreading notions which enjoy no scientific support other than trumped up clap-trap voodoo science. Faced with the widespread child molestation scandal what group did they single out as being ‘responsible’? Gay priests! Now, I have known a few gay priests in my 62 years none of whom would dream of molesting a child. Science on the subject is quite to the contrary. Studies have shown that sexual attraction to children (Pedophilia) or adolescents (Hebephilia / Ephebophilia) is not related to sexual orientation. Although the latter has enjoyed more acceptance historically. Further, child molestation is often more about power than sex. Yes, the children molested by the so-called ‘gay priests’ are almost exclusively boys, but, that has much more to do with opportunity resulting from the patriarchal, males only, structure of the Roman Catholic Church than with attraction to the same gender. Of course, any ‘men only’ club will be attractive to some gay men. Nevertheless, to the extent that homosexuality is involved it can sometimes be at least partially traced to the already felt, whether recognized or not, same gender attraction of the teen-aged boys themselves. (I’ll specifically exclude pre-pubescent boys – that is outright pedophilia.) I have it on good authority that far more sexual interaction between priests and teen boys happens than is reported let alone complained about. Add to that the repetitive nature of child abuse – abusers are often past victims themselves – and the Vatican response to this issue is not only inadequate it is misguided, prejudiced, scapegoating and dodging. I will hasten to add that I don’t mean to excuse any system that is set up to attract gay adolescents into an abusive existence. Even when teen-agers know they are gay that does not translate to “open season.” I think it is also important to note the slowly sliding definition of when one becomes an adult over the centuries. The Bible sets the age at thirteen. Most westerners, at least, today, would be revolted by that suggestion.

    We need to get to work stopping these lies from continuing, unchallenged, regardless of the source. It matters very little whether the source of misinformation and hate is a bogus “Christian” charlatan offering bogus ‘therapy’ or the hierarchy of the mainline churches propping up their hypocrisy and prejudice with the blathering ‘science’ of charlatans. and a few cherry-picked lines of 3,000 year old texts. All this while completely ignoring the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth whom they claim not only to follow but to represent.

  15. Kyle says

    Typical. why are we so surprised? Catholic priest in Sydney are doing it with young guy all the time..I know of several and 1 boy who was taken to a catholic house and used by several..priest and brothers..

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